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I told him that i don't give it to him and wrote an E-mail to i'm waiting.... Ich schecke mal mein Paypal-Konto. Visa Check Card PAYPAL *INFO 35314369001 GB MC.

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If you still don't know who bought something using your account, let us know by filling out this form , we'll investigate further. I use a debit card from O2 with my paypal account, you get a text every time you spend with your balance etc. i just visit your website, end i really like the product you're selling.

My compliments for you beautiful website what you have made.

Would you like completely free advertising for your website? but today because I had enough money, I wanted to order it from you now, but I can not find the product anymore in you shop, Hmmm means in that case paypal not checking that it was legit deal.

My package was damaged for the second time.

protects a 200 foot diameter. For more information just visit: Lots of people - including me - had unrecognised transactions "PayPal 35314369001" and something else on bank / card statements.

We cannot understand why. tengo un cargo en mi tarjeta de 5,07 euros el día 17 de enero.


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“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” Albert Einstein. Buenas tardes, alguien ha utilizado mi tarjeta visa para pagar algo por importe 170euros el dia 05/08/2014 a las 00.00, lo unico que tengo es : PAYPAL *TEJIDOSMALA ( 5714-5714-ALFOMBRAS). If you haven’t tried this yet, you’re going to want to add this to your morning routine

: Iv had two £31.00 taken out of my account saying paypal facebookire 35314369001, looks like they hact in to my daughters facebook were i paid for a game on will never trust paypal, about time some one should stop this Freud.

Reply here:, TRIFECTA!

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for the past few months i've been getting subtle charges on my card with this exact reference.

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