The extra compartment in blue supply bins can be opened by pressing the interaction button, revealing two more supplies (excludes. They still emit a blue light when unopened. Blue bins are found randomly replacing ordinary bins. I blew off my own legs. 4,635 notes. A/N: I had this idea kinda pop into my head last night (Sept 7th, to be exact), because I recently moved. ", "Keeping an eye out here! He can be unlocked using 750 or 12,000; or by buying the Champion Edition. ", "We just killed the Kill Leader; okay, what now? Tha-THUM. Reblog. You cannot double jump while healing or when you're downed.

For 6 seconds, normal movement will be 30% faster while sprinting will be 40% faster. ", "Gotta make it to the Ring in forty five. If you ask me, it doesn’t matter what side they were on. ", "Wow, that was intense. This Legend can be unlocked by using in-game currencies: pay 12,000 or 750; or by buying the Champion Edition. Call in a drop pod with a combination of 3 high-quality attachments, consumables, and/or gear. Fan of the show so of course most fans will immediately think that, but in actuality the manga/anime is actually referencing an old Latin quote.

", Octane Loading Screen Text "Record Breaker",,, Apex Legends’ new hero Octane was inspired by a record-setting Titanfall 2 speedrun,, Every Legend in Apex Legends Explained By Respawn | WIRED,,,, Lifeline is a drummer of Flyer Liar band. That was the last one in the squad. ", "Big up to us. Best grab what yuh can. apex legends: a slideshow presentation . PLAY FREE NOW *Applicable platform account and platform subscription (sold separately) may be required. I could have used a good run. Press the jump button to double jump. Eyeing it. Post navigation. ", "Got some health here if you're feeling weak. ", "This skill takes experience and strength. ", "Going to raise hell over there. Content is available under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 unless otherwise noted. ", "We got one minute, and the Ring is far. However, his dad does not care about him enough to give him stim, so he just takes it. No one is truly innocent, so we all deserve help. ", "Why so slow? ", "We're the champs, they'll all be coming for us now. )", "Just wanna give a shoutout to all my fans watching. ", "Might be good stuff over there, I'll be quick. Generates a shield wall in the direction Lifeline is facing whenever she is in the act of reviving a teammate. ", "First blood, oh we got to do that again. Time to take down the champs. They never do. ", "You're lookin' at a fighter. Other people: *picks out important pieces of information from the trailer*, Octane getting lit for the live cams in king’s canyon while his squad is getting gunned down just out of frame. ", "No treats for you compadre, better luck next time. ", "Enemy reviving here! Octane is a high-speed Offensive Legend as the name implies. A Recon Legend, Crypto takes to the skies with his Surveillance Drone, revealing enemies for both Crypto and his teammates, thanks to Neurolink.

It's comin' for ya. The shield wall blocks bullets, grenades, and explosions, but does not impede player movement.

His Stim is great for closing in on opponents and covering large distances. Come on now. The pad will not launch you further though, no matter your current speed or speed boosts. Octane had the option of waiting for his legs to heal up, but chose to instead have his legs replaced with robotic ones. ", "Enemy fence here.

According to writer Tom Casiello, when Octane was 11, he asked for a puppy for Christmas.

Damn. ", "How awesome was that rush!? That didn’t sit well with Octavio, who turned to an old friend for help: Ajay Che, who he guilted into forging an order to replace his legs with bionic ones. ", [when Solo] "Is it mah birthday already? But everytime I hear it in MHA I just imagine a Spanish All Might... hmm, Its a anime released in 2016 and its still an on going series. This Legend can be unlocked by using digital currency: pay 12,000 or 750; or by buying the Champion Edition. ", "Use the pressure. After the war, many people were left with nothing. Who got the Key?

Gotta treat yo' self. ", "This place is somethin' else. apex legends octane lifeline apex dot twt shut up mike. By the time you see me coming, I’ll be going and you’ll be gone. ", "What are you waiting for, an invitation? One day, Octavio Silva was bored. ", "I can see all of you in the rearview mirror.

All posts. Too bad I'm.. ", "You hear that? ", "Champion, challenger, means little if ya die. If you bounce a launch pad off another launch pad and jump right where you should, adding extra mobility to travel distances quicker. Drone should generally be used liberally to help recently revived allies recover their health faster, or to conserve their. That's good for you. ", "Moving up the ranks fast! Caustic is a Defensive Legend with a slower playstyle, he excels in holding down the fort and breaking down enemy attacks. Through goggles. ", "Finally hit Diamond rank! No. ", "Sixty seconds until the Ring closes, no sweat for me, can you keep up? Quote. Don’t worry about my legs getting tired, I made sure that would never happen again. The secondary compartment will always contain some mixture of health items, weapon attachments, and knockdown shields. To get the most of this ability, try to revive teammates behind/near cover or in conjunction with. ", "Not too quick on the uptake, are you? Apex Legends - Octane all voice lines and kill quips - YouTube

", "Minute to go and the Ring's not close, let's do this. Come on, lighten up, "Never saw me coming, didja? ", "I've only got to worry about half the squads now. to continue the revive, giving you the capability to revive another teammate (albeit without the shield) or defend the teammate being revived. ", "My legs are ready to go!

But what a rush, am I right? ...on top of a rez beacon or a downed ally so you can heal while channeling to revive them. (laughs) Wake me when we're champions. My legs are ready to go, parts are not included. Most players won’t be able to hit you and you will have given yourself the upper hand. ", "I could run circles around you all day. Sometimes if the launch pad is used, most notably at a certain spot at the Broken Coast, it will not send the player anywhere. Just a little bit further, "Our target's right here, so close I can taste it. Lifeline is a Legend that is free and is unlocked immediately in the base game. boring. ", "I do this for the rush. ", "Who got the Key? In fact, he was bored most days. ", "We gotta find that Key, come on already. ", "Man, you even die slow! Get in the Ring, "We're outside the Ring, awesome! I don’t know what it was used for but Charles V probably used it in the same air as All Might. Heals 7.5 health per second up to a maximum of 150, and lasts 20 seconds. ", "Door's open, someone could still be here. ", "Ring's right here and I've still got a minute left. It'll do you good. Tha-THUM. ", "Look, Dropship out there! Okay, hurry up, I have stuff to do. Apex Legends Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. ", "Oh look, someone wandered into our safe space.