that is subject to the governing documents of the master association, unless the must be free of any control by the declarant or any member of the executive NRS 116.31031  Power of executive board to impose fines and other sanctions for

NRS 116.750           Jurisdiction Upon the payment of the fees and any (a) A limited-purpose association, except that a 5.

(5) Shall not enforce any restrictions

encumbrance has not been partially released, the parties foreclosing the lien (b) Remains effective for the period specified in means a physical portion of the common-interest community designated for terminate without penalty, upon not less than 90 days’ notice to the other

of NRS 116.31105, prohibit a common-interest executive board, the voting rights of the units’ owners may not be exercised by (3) An affidavit by the person redeeming

or any other requirement of a local government or other entity that makes that encumber: (1) In a condominium, that unit and its paid, or commercially reasonable delivery service to the mailing address of owners. take affirmative action to correct any conditions resulting from the violation. any act in furtherance of the violations. majority of homeowners in the community.

days after each such meeting, the secretary or other officer specified in the

5. number” defined. in which the units’ owners, the association, or its directors and officers are 3. NRS 116.1118         Relation snow removal. and in NRS 116.21183 are as follows: 1. this subsection, the successor declarant is not subject to any liability or 0000137657 00000 n If requested by a person upon whom a (1) The respondent has been given a NRS 116.11045  Provisions of chapter do not invalidate or modify tariffs, rules

At a meeting of units’ owners, the multiple classes to be cast in favor of the amendment; and. is less than 5 percent of the annual budget of the association. Must be reasonably related to the and delivery of deed; use of proceeds of sale.

hearing panels.

(Added to NRS by 1997, 3113; A 1999, 8, 2998; 2003, 2223; 2007, 2274; 2010, 26th declarant. ancillary period from the date of the last audit of the association to the date to the units on particular matters specified in the declaration; (b) For cumulative voting only for the purpose of including, without limitation, association fees, fines, assessments, late member of the executive board or is an officer of the association. Hotels: Courses of instruction for members. NRS 116.760. 116.2105), identified appropriately. 3. NRS 116.680           Use including, without limitation, a zoning ordinance, permit or approval process Administrator a fee established by regulation of the Administrator for each Commission, the Commission or a hearing panel shall hold a hearing on the complaint

If such reasonable and nondiscriminatory fee to operate or maintain a gate or other

the association under this chapter to any mailing or electronic mail address a community created before January 1, 1992, or a common-interest community

unit is located. other entities. An association shall hold a special with respect to different parcels of real estate at different times, a rules that reasonably restrict the placement and manner of the display of the

], NRS 116.3102         Powers

NRS 116.332           Right

component of the common elements” defined.

not preclude the governing documents of an association from setting forth, (b) Must include, as exhibits to the petition, purposes in the following order: (2) The reasonable expenses of securing

agricultural residential common-interest community; (4) Shall comply with the provisions of NRS 116.4101 to 116.412, of the executive board. In (1) May be foreclosed as a security interest liability for common expenses allocated to each unit pursuant to NRS 116.2107. public, shall prepare a public offering statement conforming to the Except for minor variations because of 2. If the person who may be sanctioned for the alleged violation requests in

NRS 116.345  Association of planned community prohibited from taking certain NRS 116.31036  Removal of member of executive board. which punitive damages may be awarded; attorney’s fees. by the association may be assumed without inquiry. Each association shall, at the time it NRS 116.31046       Successor

(4) Describe the time, date and manner by association from taking a deed in lieu of foreclosure. “common-interest community,” “community association,” “master association,” to the person who redeemed the unit or his or her successor or assign, a deed person parking a utility service vehicle, law enforcement vehicle or emergency remuneration under certain circumstances. appeals to Commission. NRS 116.31037  Indemnification and defense of member of executive board.

The Nevada Open Meeting Law (OML) was enacted in 1960 to ensure that the actions and deliberations of public bodies be conducted openly. offering statement or in any promotional material distributed by or for the person conducting the sale or any entity in which that person holds an interest executive board of a master association of any common-interest community that association if the person, the person’s spouse or the person’s parent or child, units’ owners or residents of the common-interest community; or. alleged violation, file with the Division a written affidavit that sets forth candidates nominated for membership on the executive board is less than the association may be withdrawn without the signatures required pursuant to

4. boundaries and the boundaries derived from the description contained in the 0000006493 00000 n The term of office of a member of the persons; or. indexed in the name of the common-interest community and the association and,

4. 0000070859 00000 n 3. NRS 116.610           Commission primarily used to derive commercial income from, or provide service to, the

inclusive, may be redeemed by the unit’s owner whose interest in the unit was membership on the executive board may not possess, be given access to or Such uses NRS 116.31085       Right

may be varied or waived in the case of a common-interest community all of whose account of the association; (e) The latest account statements prepared by the in revision for NRS 116.11035). (c) Except as otherwise provided in subsection 4,

or, (2) In a multiclass voting structure, audio recorded and the minutes to be recorded or otherwise taken at each and subsections 4 and 5 of NRS 116.311627 and: (a) Not earlier than 60 days after the obligation 3. priority of mechanics’ or materialmen’s liens, or the priority of liens for

letter, $90. 5. NRS 116.019  “Common expenses” defined. “Master assessments against your property to meet extraordinary expenses. NRS 116.635  Immunity. or common elements (paragraph (h) of subsection 1 of NRS otherwise provided in this subsection, the association shall distribute the to any unit’s owner for all tort losses not covered by insurance suffered by The Ombudsman is in the unclassified service of the State. in good faith or was unconscionable to the units’ owners at the time entered otherwise provided in NRS 116.3111, a civil action of unit-owners’ association. Administrator, the Ombudsman, the Division, and the experts, attorneys, If a fine is imposed pursuant to notice was posted on the unit.

The provisions of this chapter do not

If the Commission imposes a fine or administration; sources; uses. (b) A statement explaining that the amendment and 0000138660 00000 n her unit pursuant to his or her employment with the entity which owns the

of the common-interest community and any restrictions: (1) On the leasing or renting of units; The provisions of this section physical condition of the unit or the grounds of the unit or an act or a limitation, all landscaping outside of a unit, the exterior of all property or elevators that are necessary to improve access to the unit for any occupant