They are all for arguments and tend to want to keep their families and loved ones safe. There is a second method, colloquially called Initiation (洗(せん)礼(れい)()()()()()()()(), Senrei—lit. Many Transmuters rely on techniques that give unique and unpredictable properties to their Nen that reflects their personalities. [46], Tsubone[147] and Morena Prudo[148] may utilize this type of sub-ability as well, the latter in party form. [18], Gyo (凝(ギョウ), Gyō; "Focus") is an advanced application of Ren by which a Nen user concentrates a larger than normal portion of their aura into one specific body part. (source : [110] In some cases, users have shown the ability to recover emitted aura; thus far, this has only occurred when Manipulation was also involved. [54], Many Hunters are proficient Nen users, with Isaac Netero, the 12th Chairman of the Hunter Association,[55] being revered as the world's most powerful Nen master in his prime. [103] Similar to Emission, constructs created via Transmutation are pure aura, therefore they are invisible to individuals incapable of using Nen. "mutually cooperative type"; or 相(そう)互(ご)協(きょう)力(りょく)型(がた)()()()()(),[46] sōgo kyōryoku-gata).

The high-ranking members of the Kakin Empire army are completely unaware of it,[50] although Prince Benjamin Hui Guo Rou, the Military Deputy Adviser, can use Nen and commands a squad of Nen users. But, because of their natural charisma that draws others, they are always surrounded by many people. [13], It is unknown whether the Royal Guard Shaiapouf, who has the ability to create copies of himself out of his own cells, could be considered a double user. A student of Nen will place their hands around the glass and perform Ren[5] (or focus a greater than normal amount of aura in their hands, such as through Gyo).

If in the same instance as before the Conjurer used a Limitation worth 2 MP (Mystery Points; ミステリーポイント), his defense would become: In this case, the Conjurer would be able to block the Enhancer's attack without suffering any damage. [46] For their part, Nen users tend to avoid attracting too much attention in order to prevent society from spiraling into chaos. [25], Of the many possible effects that can occur during a Specialist's Water Divination,[5] only three have been shown so far: Neferpitou's aura caused the leaf on top of the water to dry out and crumble;[127] Tserriednich's caused the water to boil and a putrid smell to be released;[84] and Kurapika's caused the water to change colors and the leaf to spin.[25].

Observant (S) / Intutive (N): Observant individuals are highly practical, pragmatic and down-to-earth. [75] Once the student manages to maintain Ren for three hours, they will still have to hold it for that amount of time once a day. After that, however, Kurapika became more and more level-headed as the series went on, an INTJ characteristic. [84] The resulting effect from one's aura contacting the glass will determine a person's aura type. The Divine Script has the power to strengthen the Nen abilities of the one who drew it, provided it is charged with their aura and the user remains in its proximity;[47] the latter inscription was noted to have similar properties to Nen and the ability to reinforce whatever it is applied to, but cause it to break as soon as it comes in contact with aura. [70] This might play into why most Enhancement Nen abilities in the series appear to be mere applications of basic and/or advanced Nen techniques at first glance due to the lack of requirement to manage between pros and cons on an overall scale during their development. [95] Then looking at the category chart (see above), one has the potential to be 80% efficient at using aura types adjacent to one's primary type, 40% efficient at the opposite or farthest category, and 60% efficient in the two remaining categories.

[16] A good Nen ability reflects a person's own character, regardless of its complexity; one can never truly master Nen if they only copy someone else's abilities. What category do you think an ISFP would fall into to?

Debut Conditions can be imbued into conjured objects to make them stronger. [49] Just like the Divine Script, this inscription appears to require aura to function.[28]. Her students train in all accessible Nen types, as, on top of granting them more flexibility, this allows them to progress in their own category more quickly. Official descriptions used in the Anime and Manga were merged into the 'Official Personalities' category.

For example, one could use Shu to extend their Ten around a weapon, which would strengthen and protect it. [28], After acquiring a working command of the basics, a student is introduced to a series of advanced techniques that often combine and/or derive from the four Major Principles. [62] Upon hearing of cards that could cure all ills and restore one's youth, billionnaire Battera used his influence and wealth to hide the details of the game from the public and hired scores of players to clear it in an attempt to save the woman he loved.[64]. [5], It is best to base a Nen ability on one's individual aura type. Technique for (Supernatural) Use/Control of Life Energy* And this system proved correct when I did character analysis: *Killua Zoldyck: INTP (Transmuters as xNxP), *Kurapika (RED EYES): INTJ (Specialists as IxTx), *Leorio Paradinight: ENFJ (Emitters as ExxJ), *Hisoka Morow: INTP (Transmuters as xNxP), *Chrollo Lucilfer: ISTP (Specialists as IxTx). This is reflected in their Nen as enhancers typically rely on simple and uncomplicated Hatsu techniques. This state can be found in some victims of Manipulation Nen as well as in the bodyguards of Halkenburg Hui Guo Rou, who reached it through the latter's Guardian Spirit Beast. Specialists are independent; that is, they don't play by anyone's rules but their own.

This subreddit is dedicated to the Japanese manga and anime series Hunter X Hunter, written by Yoshihiro Togashi and adapted by Nippon Animation and Madhouse. as 強) is the ability to use aura to increase the natural abilities of an object or one's own body. In, Despite Izunavi stating the position of Specialization in the Nen chart is due to the fact that Conjurers and Manipulators have the highest chance of becoming Specialists later in life (, Kastro is a double user as indicated by one of the terms (in, In Japanese, the acronyms MAP, PAP, and AAP were written as MOP, POP, and AOP due to the. If an Enhancer and a Conjurer who possess equal physical strength and who have maximized Nen reinforcement were to clash, and the Enhancer was the one attacking, his attack power would be expressed as: For the Conjurer, who has the same physical strength but whose proficiency in Enhancement would not exceed 60% even if maximized, his defense power would be: Thus the Conjurer would suffer 40% of the damage even if he managed to block the attack correctly. Hatsu is used to project one's aura to carry out a certain function, creating a special and unique paranormal ability[5] that is colloquially referred to as a "Nen ability" (念(ネン)能(のう)力(りょく)()()()()()()(), Nen nōryoku),[81] or simply "ability" (能(のう)力(りょく)()()()()()()()(), nōryoku). Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Should she have more than one student, she makes them compete amongst each other, and the slower one to respond is penalized with physical exercises. [14] Next is Ren, which in turn leads to Gyo and other techniques. [63], However, while said Conjurer could potentially create the same ability as a Level 4 Emitter, his effective output would pale in comparison with the Emitter's. [62], Some conditions are deeply tied to the user’s emotion, to the point of being implemented simply because they "feel right". [40][41] The Royal Guards[41] and the King[42] were able to freely control their Aura Nodes and flow from birth. [73] Furthermore, if Zetsu is utilized within a certain range from a Nen user, that Nen user might notice their presence disappearing, especially if the Zetsu user's aura is powerful. The difference is that Transmutation allows the user to mimic the properties of a substance with their aura, whereas Conjuration changes aura into the actual substance. [151], Being a product of the mind, Nen responds to the goals, strengths, and desires of individual users. [6], Episode 15 (2011) (Used by Illumi) Episode 27 (2011) (Term) Episode 28 (2011) (Concept), Nen teaches one to control their own aura flow and utilize the energy. [4] Because one can craft a great variety of para-psychological abilities through Nen, it is considered a dangerous power that is kept hidden from the public at large[5] to maintain balance in society. Notable diffusive levy type ability users include: A double or doppelganger[58][13] (分身(ダブル)/ダブル, daburu; ドッペルゲンガー, dopperugengā;[58] or 分(ぶん)身(しん)()()()()()()()(), bunshin) is a conjured copy of the user which is then controlled via Manipulation. "Baptism"), achieved by forcing the Aura Nodes to open via an influx of aura. Notable users of compound type abilities include: Counteractive (迎撃型(カウンタータイプ) counter type—base kanji lit. Prospecting individuals will take the time to learn about someone before judging them. [91], There are also conditions that do not regulate the manner in which a Nen ability is to be used, but which impacts the user negatively in return for use of the ability. [29] An example is provided by Kurapika, who swore on his own life not to use an ability on anyone but the Phantom Troupe. Used by [16] The amount of aura surrounding the user's body during Ken is about 10 times higher than during Ten. One can train their Ren to extend its duration and increase the amount of aura at their disposal. Manipulation is the only category of Nen that none of the protagonists fall under. On the other hand, when it comes to pursuing their own goals, they do not listen to what others might have to say about it. Many transmuters rely on techniques that give unique and unpredictable properties to their Nen that reflects their personalities (they can generate substances like electricity, fire or even a mix between rubber and bubblegum).

[5] Abilities of this type are especially feared since the fight can be brought to an end as soon as the conditions are met. For example, if one consciously decides something along the lines of "I will only use this skill on Thursdays" or "I will only use this skill against short people" and manages to abide by that rule, that particular skill will become stronger. Transmuters are whimsical liars and they're prone to deceit. [8] In Shingen-ryu kung fu, the Ten step in the Nen of the Flame is also utilized as a way for the student to polish their mind and thus the flow of their Ten. [12] On the other hand, skilled Nen users can also regulate the flow of their aura so they appear to be beginners or regular individuals.

[103][150] Notable examples are Franklin’s severing his own fingers to use his Double Machine Gun[155] and Gon’s chant while preparing a Jajanken attack, increasing risk through a long wind-up and leaving himself unprotected for a few seconds. [85] Alternatively, Conjurers can create abilities whose constructs are invisible to non-users[81] and even specific Nen users,[27] to the point that only one person may be able to perceive them.