This was about 31% of all the recorded Nadig's in the USA. Bhattacharya is a noble title bestowed on those who were involved in sacred rituals. Namboothiri is a Vaishnavite Brahmin community native to the state of Kerala. Ojha or Jha surname is a diminutive of the Sanskrit word “Upadhyaya,” meaning “teacher” or “Vedic priest.”, Shandilya is a Brahmin clan with Rishi Shandilya as their progenitor. Kurukkals are said to have originally belonged to the Kingdom of Travancore of Kerala. There are surnames that suggest an occupation or are indicative of a location, thus toponymic. A surname comes from the Sanskrit word “Vyasa,” meaning the “compiler.” The surname would have been associated with those who worked as compilers of ancient texts. Use census records and voter lists to see where families with the Nadig surname lived. Telugu Castes Names Like 1.Brahmin 2.Kapu 3.Kshatriya 4.Kamma 5.Reddy 6.Velama 7.Komati 8.Madiga 9.Balija 10.Mala 11.Yadava 12.SC/ST/OBC And Many More Castes in Andhra Pradesh. They are Srauta-Smartha Brahmins, most of whom follow the Advaita philosophy. Dubey or Dwivedi is a Brahmin surname, which means “versed in two Vedas” in Sanskrit. This was about 31% of all the recorded Nadig's in the USA. Nadig family history, genealogy, and family tree. All rights reserved. It is a toponymic surname referring to those who originally belonged to the village of Airani in central Karnataka.

A popular Bengali Brahmin surname, Ghoshal, is likely derived from the surname “Ghosh,” which means a “cow-herder” or a “milkman.” 25. that have a birth and death date listed. Baruah was a title given to Buruk clan members, who held significant military positions in the historic Chutia kingdom of the Assam region. The surname was likely used by a subgroup of those with Sen surname. In 1940, Farmer and Teacher were the top reported jobs for men and women in the US named Nadig.

Nai Sikh is a well-respected caste in Punjab and they are called Raja (king) Sikhs there. Have information to share?

*We display top occupations by gender to maintain their historical accuracy during times when men and women often performed different jobs. We don't have any information on the nationality / ethnicity

Age. Kannada Brahmins are Kannada-speaking Brahmins, primarily living in Karnataka, although a few of them have settled in other states like, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Tamil Nadu.. The surname is a combination of the Sanskrit words “Mukhya,” meaning “chief” or “head” and “Jee,” a short form of “Upadhyaya,” a Sanskrit word that means “priest” or “teacher.” he name thus referred initially to a chief priest or headteacher. Pujari means “worshipper” in Sanskrit. It refers to a rishi (hermit or saint) from whom the eponymous clan has descended.

Simply start with a family member and we'll do the searching for you. Chatterjee/Chattopadhyay has its origin from the elements “Chatta,” which refers to the name of a village combined with “jee (from Jha),” a short form of “Upadhyaya,” a Sanskrit word which means “a priest/teacher.” Chatterjee/Chattopadhyay, thus, refers to “a teacher/priest hailing from the Chatta village.”, A Bengali surname common among the Mahishya community, Das, has its origin from “Dasa,” which means “a devotee,” or “one who has surrendered to God.”, Common among the Bengali Baidya, the surname Dasgupta is an amalgamation of “Das,” and “Gupta.” Individuals with this surname were believed to be “Brahmins who practiced Ayurveda, an ancient Indian medicine form.”, A common Bengali surname among the Bengali Kayasthas, Datta/Dutta, is derived from “Datta,” a Sanskrit word which means “a gift.”.