By using our website you consent to our Cookie Policy. I bought a Microtech Makora last September, then sold it in January, and then bought another new one in March. It is available in Wharncliffe, double edge, and serrated blade styles with a variety of finishes, including the ever-popular stonewash, black, and satin. and features the standard Ultratech glass-breaker in the handle. halo v butlerfly knife swayboo folding scre paodin888 edc knife karambit knife 440c spyderco microtech makora 2 This product belongs to Home , and you can find similar products at All Categories , Tools , … Production models such as the Halo and Ultratech , along with the Socom Delta and Socom Elite are some of the most well-made and well-priced high … An ergonomic, contoured handle and a variety of blade shapes and sizes make the Troodon an excellent tactical OTF automatic. Check out Marfione Custom Knives here. Microtech's first dual action out-the-front automatic, the Ultratech is slim and lightweight. Microtech's tactical and stylish EDC pen with a lever-style design and compact form factor. Check your local carry laws if you are considering this knife for EDC. The smaller size of the Microtech UTX 85 is designed to fit perfectly in your hand for better grip and maneuverability, making it the ideal blade for EDC and concealed carry in jurisdictions that allow it. Microtech Switchblade Knife PARTS & TOOLS. Approximately 95% of all parts are fabricated by us not for us. The black anodized aircraft alloy handle features a bronze push-button automatic opening mechanism and handcrafted bronze hardware accents. The SOCOM was built to be adaptable to any situation. The SOCOM weighs in at a hefty 5.4 oz. It’s no wonder why Microtech continues to win the hearts and minds of knife enthusiasts worldwide. Even with its small size, it still carries a bit of heft for more control and precision. “The difference between involvement and commitment is like ham and eggs. The SBD Dagger, from Microtech and Borka Blades, is an impressive combat knife with an intimidating look and simply superb ergonomics.

by OleRod » Sun May 27, 2012 3:56 pm, Post $399.99. It's not that bad but I like the extra force needed to open my OTF's. The Microtech OTF blade is four inches of M390 steel, which provides a high-performance cutting edge. The Dirac was Microtech’s first knife with an automatic side-firing slider. Microtech® is known for it's bold Out-The-Front knives starting with the legendary H.A.L.O.® in 1995 and the Ultratech® in 1999. and features a 3.42-inch blade. by wazu013 » Mon May 28, 2012 12:04 am, Post

The beauty of Microtech knives is that they are essentially machine-manufactured knives that offer custom knife quality. What began as Microtech’s flagship folding knife model has evolved to become the go-to knife for the Armed Forces and a beloved addition of any knife enthusiast’s collection. Microtech knives have had a devoted following among collectors and enthusiasts in the knife industry for years, but it is only recently that they have gained mainstream attention due to their use in the John Wick film franchise. Microtech Knives has earned its reputation as a top tier production knife manufacturer for good reason.

This is the ideal spring for replacement on the Airbourne-Thrasher and the Airbourne-Avenger and Lightning models.

The Iconic might be the perfect karambit. Shop for Products Featured On Instagram Here. The contemporary design of the SOCOM Elite includes a 5-inch aluminum handle and 4-inch stainless steel blade in Tanto or drop point styles that is deployed with an automatic push-button opener. These new models come with fitted kydex sheaths with Tek-Loc. At an overall length of over ten inches and a weight of 5.36 oz. Another example of Marfione’s knife mastery is the custom Hawk Auto. It weighs in at a mere 1.25 oz. At an overall length of nine inches and a weight of 4.6 oz., it is comparable in size to the Combat Troodon, with a 3.75-inch dagger or serrated blade and a 5.2-inch aluminum alloy handle.

Microtech HALO 5 OTF Auto S/E Orange Handle Black DLC blade The Microtech HALO is lance of a knife, when people talk about spring power this is the knife they talk about-trapped behind the firing button is a massive blade with perfect grinds grooves and gussets that are backed up by the famous single action speed this knife brags about. Hello friends! The TAC-P emergency tool is equipped with a hollow sharpened spike, proprietary glass breaker, and Kydex sheath with Ulti Clip so it's always ready to go. Despite its good looks, the Microtech Dirac is a highly functional tactical blade that has been engineered with high tolerance features, such as proprietary hardware, a high-tech glass breaker, and quick-release spring-loaded firing. The deployment mechanism has been refined to fire more smoothly than the original Ultratech for an easy-to-use knife that is ideally suited to beginners and knife users with small hands. Only USA manufactured parts, material and labor. Anyway, the first one had a really heavy spring that required two hands to open. As strong as the dinosaur for which it was named, the Combat Troodon is an upgrade from the standard Troodon model and is the largest OTF knife in production at Microtech, weighing an impressive 5.8 ounces. Shop Now. The contoured aluminum handle features a glass breaker for use in an emergency. Switchblade Knife COIL SPRINGS. The Munroe-designed handle is 5.6-inches of finely milled aluminum, which features unique grooves along either side for incredible grip. I have sent in two knives . I bought a Microtech Makora last September, then sold it in January, and then bought another new one in March. Although the Cypher OTF knife has been in the Microtech range for years, it has achieved new heights of fame, thanks to the new John Wick: Chapter 3 film. Ending Nov 8 at 6:12PM PST 5d 1h. Their go-to steel for the majority of their production knives is ultra-premium Carpenter CTS-204P steel, which is manufactured in Philadelphia.

Microtech Knives - All Models the Most Reviews. It doesn’t have the heft of some of the other knives in the Microtech series, but the slim, lightweight frame makes it an agile blade ideal for everyday use.

FAST 'N FREE. The Microtech SOCOM series was another of Marifone’s earliest designs and has been reproduced in several variations over the years. Designed and engineered by experts –aiming to meet and exceed customer, Life time limited warranty of all MICROTECH products. If you have any questions about any of our products, need help accessing any of our web sites, or if you need more information in general, or if you need press materials or information, please contact one of our representatives below: Microtech Small Arms Research  5201 Lad Land Dr, Fredericksburg, VA 22407 - 800.338.6799 (Phone Orders Welcome). If you have accessibility or usability difficulties related to this 3rd party content, please call 800.338.6799. This streamlined design adds to the already sleek, modern style of the knife, which is reminiscent of the HALO series but offers a more refined aesthetic. The Microtech HALO is lance of a knife, when people talk about spring power this is the knife they talk about-trapped behind the firing button is a massive blade with perfect grinds grooves and gussets that are backed up by the famous single action speed this knife brags about. Microtech HALO 5 OTF Auto S/E Orange Handle Black DLC blade. My wife has trouble with them though that's why she packs a Hubertus Lili-Put. The Dirac Delta maintains the same slim profile with the double-action side slider but has been reengineered with a more ergonomic handle to compensate for the added size. It weighs 3oz., and the handle is heavy-duty aluminum alloy. The blade is retracted using a unique charging handle.

The Cypher, designed by DC Munroe, is a stylish OTF Automatic with a ridiculous amount of reach and fantastic streamlined shape in a very lightweight package. Shop Now.

Owning a piece from this storied collection is a once in a lifetime opportunity to enjoy, share and be a part of the preservation of these amazing pieces. $2.87 shipping. $291.00. $10.00. This collection was a very special treasure trove of knives and related gear built by Marfione from the mid 90s to 2018 and contained many prototypes and one offs in addition to the coveted serial 003 knives. This piece is part of the legendary Marfione House Collection.

The first of the variations on the Ultratech measures just 85% of the original size. Designed in collaboration between Bastinelli and Microtech Knives, it is a compact fixed blade that packs an incredible punch. Microtech’s specialized firing mechanism minimizes wear and tear by allowing the firing component to remain “at rest” when the blade is both open and closed. I think they have come to value customer service a bit more lately most likely due to social media .. whatever the reason I wouldn't hesitate sending it in . by dark2023 » Mon May 28, 2012 6:37 pm, Post The entire collection totaled over 1500 pieces. Cheap Tool Parts, Buy Quality Tools Directly from China Suppliers:OTF Disassembled Microtech Ultratech spring Disassembled Ultratech Knives Parts & Accessories Enjoy Free Shipping Worldwide! Microtech has been developing superior-quality knives for more than 25 years. The HALO has been in movies and television series since its inception nobody can deny the cool factor of this knife the HALO is single action OTF allowing the launch spring to be terrifyingly powerful, unlike the dual action OTFs there is no track for the blade to fall off of once the button is pushed and the blade released its coming out.

After the individual components have been machined, every knife is carefully assembled by hand to produce high-performance knives that demonstrate an attention to detail that is unrivaled in the industry. Switchblade Knife COIL SPRINGS.

TO MAKE THE BEST POSSIBLE KNIVES. The 3.4-inch blade comes in a variety of versatile styles, from double-edged to tanto, to drop-point. The biggest and baddest OTF Microtech offers is nearly 11" overall, yet slim and lightweight enough to carry daily. Here are some of the top knife models available from Microtech: Widely considered to be the out-the-front knife, the Microtech Ultratech sets the standard for every other OTF blade in the industry. With continued openings the spring lightened to the point where I could use one hand, but it was still pretty stiff by the time I sold the knife. The classic combat folder has been given a modern update with a sleek profile and improved functional features. Italian Stiletto Switchblade … So I had my Microtech utx-70 apart because I felt like it, and I lost the dang spring in the process! The handle is constructed from 6061 T6 anodized aluminum with milled grooves to give the knife an aggressive design that complements the rugged, hard-wearing Carpenter CTS-204P steel blade. by Monkeyleg » Fri Jun 01, 2012 2:58 am, Post Microtech never compromises on the quality of their materials or their construction. The biggest and baddest OTF Microtech offers is nearly 11" overall, yet slim and lightweight enough to carry daily.

The Exocet is the first of its kind and offers a unique combination of double-action OTF knife and money holder. We research and test only the highest grade of Tool Steel, Aircraft Alloy and component pieces – all developed by USA Manufactures. The KnifeCenter offers the best Microtech knives for sale. Our goal is to attain and maintain extremely high quality knives throughout the evolution of growth and change. It's that spring that goes under the slide/button! Even though, we produce thousand of specialized knives, the quest for quality remains our primary focus.