Michael Scott: Woah, woah, woah, woah! — CC. Tags: You want to do that?'

gym, fitness, running, workout, race-for-the-cure. Maybe a little in college.

The camera stays on Jim.

Just ‘cause I studied Shakespeare doesn't mean I can't do improv comedy. Each purchase supports an independent artist.

I think they coach ball.

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Darryl Philbin: Yeah, this isn’t happening. caricature, tv, tv-shows, schrute-farms, office. "There was a kid in class who wanted to be an actor and was like, ‘I'm going to go to Juilliard,’ " Denman remembers. We all knew it was going to be like this.

They call it that because of the electri-city. pic.twitter.com/dI8l18pIY5, — Bring Hockey Back (@BringHockeyBack) November 2, 2016, A good reminder that Steve Carrell played hockey growing up and that Toby is the worst. Estimates include printing and processing time. dwight-schrute, michael-scott, dunder-mifflin, schrute, dwight. Please check your email for a confirmation. the-office, kittens, cats, kitten, kitty, Tags: Throughout the episode, Jim and Roy go head-to-head on the court.

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Except ... "Everyone forgets the fact that Pam cheated on Roy," Denman says. Tags: Baumgartner plays the office's slow-talking accountant, Kevin Malone. pam-beesley, steve-carell, rbrow, tv, sitcom, Tags:

"John, a hundred percent," Denman says. Michael Scott: Well, let's just say whoever was ahead won. And in high school. And they're all a basketball family. And the only place there was to get out of the house was this basketball court. Let’s count them all down: It’s the storyline that puts a strain on Jim and Pam’s marriage — hence why we ranked it last!

It is on the same floor as Dunder Mifflin Scranton. In 2004, he got a call from a friend living in New York. tv, jim-and-pam, rbrow, jim-halpert, bears-beets-battlestar-galactica, Tags: But more importantly for sports fans, it’s been 14 years since Michael Scott —  the delusional regional manager of Dunder Mifflin, played by Steve Carell — challenged his warehouse crew to a friendly game of basketball.

So I don't think John liked me the first couple of years.".

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jim-halpert, jim-halpert-bears-beets-battlestar-galactica, michael-scott, bears-beets-battlestar-galactica-the-office, bears-beets-battlestar-galactica, Dwight Schrute Bears Beets Battlestar Galactica, Tags: That’s the perfect way to introduce For The Win’s tribute to The Office, the NBC comedy that celebrates the 15th anniversary of its premiere this week (March 24, 2005). It’s fun to see Jim geek out over meeting his basketball idol.