All Other Information: Was advised birth mother was 20 years old / birth father was 25 years old at time of birth. Any information is appreciated. All Other Information: I am looking for my husband's brother who was adopted out at birth. I was in foster home, behind the Cincinnati gardens, had foster brother tony, 2 foster sisters Amy and Pamela. This info may or may not be correct. All Other Information: Birth mother knitted a small hat for baby. Adoptee Birth Mothers Maiden Name: Ehinger, All Other Information: At the time of my birth my birth father was married,  not to my mother, his last name is Gorelli (Gor-el-e) (Spelling unknown), he  is between 6'5" and 6'7" tall, he liveed (s?)

I did confirm w/ my health dept that my birth certificate card on file has been hole punched this is all I know. However I know I have sisters that my birth did not give up for adoption (2) yet I don't know their names. The agency told my parents that they would need to watch my diet as I would tend to be obese. My birth father had blue eyes and dark brown hair. (Update) Birth mother had brown eyes and brown hair. She stood 5'8" tall and wt was 130 lbs.

She did not receive prenatial care until she was 6 months pregnaunt.She said she was German French and Native American descent. All Other Information: My birth mother was very young, may be one of twins. I was born in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Latitude: 41.5780380, Longitude: -83.6183340. All Other Information: The only information that I have is my biological mother was 22 years old when I was born. lived in beavercreek ohio until I was 3 Lived in Spring Valley, Ohio until I was 2.. moved to Xenia, Ohio in ?-?-1981.

“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”, Lucas County Children's Home. Adoptee Birth Date: 7-23-1970  (12:36 p.m. ). All Other Information: Infant had blue eyes (as did both biological parents); very little hair but what there was was light in color - Child was not born with a lot of hair and it was not dark in color.

Am not looking to meet or contact biological parents. Normal labor and delivery), Adoptee Birth Date: 3-20-1971  (9:18 p.m.), All Other Information: Searching for husband's Birth parents or siblings. Searching For: Birth Mother, Birth Siblings, Medical History.

I was adopted through Lutheran Social Services in Toledo, Ohio. Birth father 6'1" tall, 125 lbs.

My last name was Bishop, the mother's maiden name was Bishop (indicating that she was not married) with a Birth Certificate Number - Volume: 32252 & Certificate: 052040. Her health history is good except that she has been anemic. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

My adoption was settled by an attorney which just happened to be a "good friend" of the adoptive family. I have 5 half brothers and my half sister feels one of them might have had a teenage pregnancy that everyone tried to hide and feels I was adopted out of this teenage pregnancy. My main objective is to obtain my family medical history, give thanks, and find closure. Adoption was finalized 12-21-1971 Wayne County Ohio common pleas/probate division court, case number 41721, name on decree, Rebecca Lynn Swartz, Leo R. Kindsvatter presiding. All Other Information: Born at 6:09 p.m. Delievered by Dr. Allen N. Shade birth mother stayed at Maple Knoll in Cincinnati. The above information is all I know.

The certificate of adoption was No. Mom has a very distinctive short upper lip that may have been passed down. All Other Information: Doctors name M. M. Sloin. The playground, on this side of the road, originally connected to the main campus by a tunnel, was given to the Maumee school system in 2004 as the site for the current Ft. Miami Elementary School. Roache's Camp Maumee, OH. . All Other Information: My adoptive Father had a lot of info on my birth but unfortunately passed before I had the chance to ask questions. Adoptee Birth Date: ?-?-1977 to ?-?-1980 ? All Other Information: I heard that my birth mother was 16 years old when she had me. He was from Findlay, OH, his birthday Sept. 30 (not sure of the year but I think he would have been 58 or 59 this year). Birth mother was Protestant. All Other Information: Was born in Dover, Ohio. siblings listed as all sisters 18, 17, 14, 12 (might imply a child from another marriage since age 18 is same as FA or his twin)  graduated high school from or was in a vocational program for mechanics (was a mechanic) graduated in summer of 1979 ? All Other Information: Adoptee had club feet at birth. All Other Information: We share the same father.

His birth mother was still in high school when she had him, our dad was about the same age. All Other Information: I am also looking for my brother Russall Franklin Wilcoxon his birth date is 7-9-1969 he is 34 years old and has been in the navy, he works in Columbus area. Nothing more is known about his background. Adoption Agency or Attorney: Lutheran Services, Age of Adoptee when Adopted: 10 months old, Name given to Adoptee by Adoptive Parents: Aja Bryant. They found out she was pregnant from a letter she had wrote to an old friend of her asking him to marry her. I was given some of my non-identifying information. She was controlling and very jealous of outsiders. I would love to know if there is something else here. )) Knappenberger.

In ?-?-1986 or ?-?-1987 I was in the same court for being out after cerfew, I was the same judge that did the adoption.

The man who helped with the adoption name is Lynn Confar, not sure if I am spelling it right. He had brown eyes and brown hair.

The attorney who handled my case was named Crane and worked out of an office on Olentangy Rd. This is my "code":  00000 625145 2001 02051974 Colby G Falconer Onweller Hope that helps... All Other Information: I was born in akron, ohio 2-10-1974. my birth mother was white and birth father black.

indiana-no help. you will be reported to your ISP if you solicit people who have posted on our site. Birth mother indicated birth father was in good health. The last address that we have for Alvina Walker is...6086 Wicliff Dr. Canton, Ohio. blue eyes and dark blonde hair. One of my grandmothers died during Gallbladder surgery and had an enlarged heart. View of the marker, looking southeast, situated in the center of a traffic island, in the middle of the school's student drop-off, drive through. and was adopted through Children's Home of Cincinnati, Ohio. Sold.

He was married to my mother,her name is Francis Julian Morris, and they had at least 3 other children together, one other daughter, and two sons. When Elizabeth Frances Hartford died in 1950, her youngest child, Thomas, was just 4 years old. I was told by my adoptive mother that it was an open adoption.

She was a homemaker. Contact the Ohio Department of Health for information concerning required documents and fees. Spent some time in jail, but unsure why. My birth father was 17 years old.