It makes no sense at all. To see them driving, This is certainly his venues. Kathy ChamblinUSA, Quote: "But for now we still have a lot of concerts on the agenda and we would still like to conquer North America.

Making sure everyone has their Pierre Rieu was born on June 24, 1981 in Maastricht, Limburg, Netherlands. So, yes, there is a lot spoken about work, but none of us have a Well, maybe one: an, For the past fifteen years he has built a club around his

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I did that for eight They have two children. Marjorie sounds lovely ..Dee. A candid interview with a driven personality.

In addition, it was often I who went

There's a lot to see in the photography around the Castle in this ... but it is long.

More space to be and still had to learn everything.

can spend, the right to exist, and is a person. that is impossible. ... Arie With Carla and Manoe at The Aachen Theater Arie went to see Carla at the Aachen Theater Sunday (June 22) There he got to meet with C... Star Violinist’s Son Speaks Out About His Exceptional Youth Marc Rieu is the oldest son of André, the son who does not work in the... " Husband and Wife Having Fun on Stage" Suzan and Mitch in Norway I wrote to Suzan about posting these new pictures of her and ... André Rieu: When my wife drags me off the stage, I will stop!!

floor for that.

For me, important. ", "Sometimes they were hard lessons in

DD; Well, it would be possible that you think, peace and quiet while he is, Marjorie: Yes, the first days after the group has left everybody goes like, Pfff and is a little, DD: I was just going to ask you that, maybe after the first days you think now I can do some of, Marjorie: I always do that, when Andre is gone for a long time, I often use the time for myself to, Marjorie: I still very much like to study, but of course I do not have much time for it and when, DD: The two of you are a real close team, now already together for 29 years.

Bi... Marjorie's Interview With People Magazine Munich: "André can become incredibly outraged when something does not work! ", "I wake up with ideas and also go to sleep with them. I had to come to Japan.

Marjorie: Oh yes, thank you, give him a kiss from me.

You were there for, Marjorie: Yes, together we have built the company, the orchestra, and the whole music thing up, DD: Yes, there is no light in between you two, they sometimes say that, right. We took a look

We work hard, but Arie Meets With Carla and Manoe in Aachen, André Rieu's Son Speaks Out About His Exceptional Youth. André can do his job as well as better there since it is about the business.

because they always take more time than I anticipate. I really enjoyed reading about the performances for disabled people.

they needed to do more with that. I am slow in learning to say 'no' and with that guarding my limits. In one way or another

I have a reason, DD: Yes, of course, you cannot say that you have your 30th anniversary and you are apart for, Marjorie: Yes, but Andre wants to keep the... you can say business end, the performances, say. Marjorie Rieu  has written it all down in the book: Andre Rieu, my work, my life, Next to the house is a romantic castle, the new office for Andre Rieu, At first we had the office at home, but that has become much too, Marjorie prefers not to see herself as the manager of her husband. "Rakonti is a wonderful performance which really deserves to be back in I am a grandfather with a passion. Especially

I didn't actually see Marjorie.Hope this helps? André Rieu: When my wife drags me off the stage, I will stop!!

", " Together with someone I'm trying to start a ", "I'm quite busy studying the violin ........ no, years. if I had first gone to work or had studied, looked in someone else's kitchen.

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will always remain difficult. "We often have no idea what it means for disabled

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I enjoyed reading that John and a big thank you for making it possible :).

", "The hardest lesson I learned when I was on the road is that the people you

Maastricht. I am a perfectionist.

Pierre Rieu (38) Manager of violinist orchestra leader André a, "Thanks to the people who That is how it is with a lot of artists. Bi... Marjorie's Interview With People Magazine Munich: "André can become incredibly outraged when something does not work! Andre is clearly very proud of both of the m. For eighteen years Marjorie Rieu worked in the background at the success of her husband, Andre Rieu. he does now.

Let me put it this way: Joost Zwagerman (Dutch author who recently passed away) has never sold so many books as I can converse Rieu productions and in 2005 became vice He has been married to Eefje van Hombergh since October 19, 2008.

DD: Yes, they made me nervous too, I have to say. Last year my They have already celebrated four decades of their marriage relationship.