Inside the house, she says, the staff started referring to Jagiello as “the Sumner Whisperer.” Herzer says she did not at first realize what Jagiello was doing. But he was not the same. Herzer and Holland had the feeding tube installed, “to prolong his life,” Herzer claimed, though the quality of his life would be forever changed. That same day, Redstone became “irate” about his granddaughter Keryn’s use of his credit card to pay for her move to Los Angeles to stay with him, Herzer continued, explaining that he had given Keryn permission to use the card days before but could no longer remember doing so. Holland met Redstone in 2010 through Patti Stanger, star of Bravo's Millionaire Matchmaker. (Goldberg did not respond to a request for comment.)

At that time, Herzer said in her petition to the court, Leah Bishop asked Redstone whether he wanted Herzer to serve in this capacity alone or with Philippe Dauman. “It has to be an unusual situation where a parent still at this late date puts his East Coast business colleagues ahead of an adult child, or for that matter adult grandchildren, in terms of his care,” he wrote. Fortunato, who is 39 years younger than Redstone, received $5million - $1million for every year the couple was married. “You are all invited to stay with me and visit me any time. Shari Redstone felt shut out, and she wasn’t happy about it. On tap was Steve Jobs, the film about the late Apple co-founder.

Perhaps now that Shari is back in control of her father, his health care, and who sees him, she is understandably reluctant to let that hard-fought victory be diluted, even for an hour. Manuela Herzer's House (Google Maps). He seemed very weak and emotional, and he did not seem well.” Before the movie started, Manuela Herzer wrote in a filing, she saw that Redstone was having trouble breathing because his throat was blocked. Many in the industry have grown concerned over the past few years about the power Holland and Herzer have over the aging billionaire, especially after Redstone's former driver wrote a piece for The Hollywood Reporter in May detailing his work duties.

(His house in Los Angeles is a quick hop by private jet from her $10 million apartment at the Pierre hotel, in New York City, or her house in the Boston suburb of Westwood.) Published: 14:44 EST, 9 September 2015 | Updated: 16:54 EST, 9 September 2015. Then Redstone heaves himself over the armrest of the chair, and the two women direct their attentions toward him. She ordered everyone out of the room and brought the medical staff in to suction out his throat and clear the obstruction. “I love Manuela and Sydney very much,” he wrote (or more likely dictated). The end: Sumner Redstone, 92, and his girlfriend Sydney Holland, 43, have split after five years together (Couple above in February 2014), Still good: Redstone is still close with his other female friend, 50-year-old Manuela Herzer (On left with Holland in October 2014), Mommy: Holland adopted a daughter Alexandra Red (above in 2013) while she was with Redstone, though a Viacom executive claims he has no role in the child's life.