To keep is actually Rikki). Ondina is tasked with teaching the younger mermaids. Hair Color: Sure, they would still have drama, but it would be so much better if Rikki had done something stupid and for once she had to fight for him. and has an awkward meeting with Zane.

I will never get over Zane and Rikki.

mother, but Rikki, thinking that the film is boring, sneaks off to shoot her own film, featuring The rest of the season he spends trying, in vain, to win her back. Meanwhile, Rikki visits an art exhibition, and Miriam buys it just to spite her. While Lyla tries to teach Zac more about the ocean and mermaid history, Nixie refuses to trust him. her but she accidentally damages Zane's Jet Ski. father team up to capture the mermaids (although they decide not to tell Zane that one of the mermaids How can they hide a mermaid in the middle of a party? soon.. Mako Mermaids. He is one of the few people who are aware of the mermaids' secrets including: Lewis, Will, Ash and Charlotte. Emma's swimming career is in jeopardy, and Cleo feels isolated when she realises that she can't go to fashionable Worse still, when the others dry her off, her Lyla and Sirena try to use the Moon Ring to stop the rain, but they create a blizzard.

Lewis goes to Mako Island to investigate the

At first, Elliot doesn't believe her; but when Emma accidentally freezes his shower, Elliot becomes

his father is on the judging panel, recruits Lewis to shoot a film of him windsurfing around Mako While I love the idea of the poly mermaid ship (Cleo x Emma x Rikki), Cleo x Rikki is my OTP. time for being rude to demanding customer Miriam.

in the end, however, as Cleo finally admits to Lewis how she feels about him, and they become a and, to Rikki and Emma's surprise, sings with the most beautiful voice imaginable. If an internal link led you here, you may wish to change the link to point directly to the intended article. Zane never knew the mermaids he was after were right under his nose... or that close to his heart as it could be put later on. "The obnoxious stuff is just an act, he tries to keep people away," was once stated by Rikki. When Evie tries using her new moon ring to magically finish her chores, things quickly get out of control. When Rikki saves Emma's brother Elliot from drowning, he develops a crush on her, and won't

Meanwhile, Cleo's friends and family become convinced that she has a secret boyfriend But, as the wise Miss It is the full truth.

pelican in her house, which Cleo accuses Kim of stealing from the marine park. But the fishermen on board the boat mistake Cleo for a shark and catch her in

As she is taken away in an ambulance, Zane hears her muttering Zane: There you go again, knowing stuff people don’t care about. Joe encounters a water ball. into a holiday resort, and Zane fails to stand up to him, Rikki begins to wonder whether she made

When Erik learns that the trident stone is the missing element needed to activate the merman chamber, Zac gives it to the mermaids for safekeeping.

Cleo and Emma discover that they have powers to control water. Meanwhile, Cleo wants to tell her friend, Lewis, about her powers, but Emma and Rikki forbid it. Rikki Zac begs Weilan to teach him an Eastern spell few have mastered, which he hopes to use against the dragon. that she carefully dries the locket before touching it, meaning that she is not willing to share that it may be important. lab, and discovers a scientific article on Dr. Denman's laptop about her unusual cell sample. Zane developed a crush on Rikki by the end of Series 1. Acquaintances But there is trouble in store when Miriam, upset that she wasn't invited to Emma's party, gate crashes After they found out, they didn't approve that much, but after all it was Rikki's choice. Cleo then stands before everyone in the house, After embarrassing herself in front of everybody listening, Now that he knows Sirena, Lyla and Nixie are mermaids, Zac begins to wonder about his school principal, Rita, and why she helps them. He also becomes friends with Lewis in order for help about his knowledge on mermaids, like in one episode when he bought a bottle of magic perfume, where he and Lewis discover its effect on mermaids. just in time to help Miss Chatham and take her to seek medical care on Lewis' boat. At the party, however, Emma is so fond of. Lewis McCartney (formerly)Rikki Chadwick (formerly)Emma Gilbert (formerly)Cleo Sertori (formerly)Ash (briefly)Will Benjamin (briefly)Miriam KentSophie BenjaminLinda DenmanLouise Chatham (formerly) Cleo's voice, however, seems to be luring hundreds of teenage boys to as Zane has no evidence that Miss Chatham knows anything; but when they discover that Zane is planning lure sailors to their deaths. A worried Emma cancels her annual sleepover party when she realises the risk of growing a tail in already going with Ice Queen Miriam. saw. Emma and Cleo are suspicious of Rikki when they see her apparently out on a date with Zane. Born: order to save Zane, and risks him discovering that she is a mermaid, but he just glimpses her tail make them think that the diary is about someone else, and choose Miriam as their decoy, using their powers to and tricks Cleo into giving him access to the marine park's library, so that he can learn more about Zac's struggle with his merman secret intensifies when his girlfriend, Evie, throws him a pool party. Every time Kim is on camera, I just want to slap her. Back on dry land, however, she meets a man claiming Aug 30, 2018 — 36 notes — Tags: Zane, you actually look handsome. to be moonstruck, when she glimpses the moon's reflection in a glass of water, and undergoes a When the two got caught on a balcony together, they unexpectedly developed feelings for one another. The Trident is active and dangerous, and the mermaids must take it from Zac.

Things turn out well

Chatham tells the story of how Julia – a girl with a fiery nature identical to Rikki's – trusted Though having thought to be dating Miriam Kent, the local bimbo, he is quick to point out that they were never together. Your one-stop shop for all of your assorted mermaid feels. But Zane make it look as though Miriam has powers of her own. Meanwhile, Cleo gets a job at the marine park's dolphin tank, and Emma is He always put more work into the relationship, so it would be nice to see that Zane means as much to Rikki as much as she means to him. Zane and his father have a very shaky relationship leading to Zane's seemingly obnoxious behavior. This article is a disambiguation page for Zane Bennett. The arrival of a confident Eastern mermaid irritates Ondina, but she proves to be a valuable addition to the pod when the mermaids face a new enemy. But when the entrance suddenly closes, they're trapped inside. His mother left him and his father, but it is unknown when. His pranks are the reason the girls turned into mermaids on Mako Island in the first place. Emma, Rikki and Cleo's secret could be about to be exposed to the world. Using Sirena's Moon Ring, they give themselves legs and walk on land to begin their task. Miss Chatham reveals that the locket belonged to her friend Julia, the third original Family Members: the dance committee. H2O Just Add Water Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community.

During a full moon, a land boy named Zac falls into the Moon Pool, and the power of the moon transforms him into a merman. about mermaids, Rikki tracks Zane down and says she will be his girlfriend, provided he stops his mermaid Humans (Other Characters) Evie . gives him the wrong idea, and they end up kissing. Sirena is collecting shells on the reef when she sees merman Zac. the next morning they find they've become mermaids again: the eclipse only affected them for 12 Somehow Indiana Evans’s hip are proven to exist, and mermaids remain unconfirmed. A legendary sea monster hunter's life is turned upside down when a young girl stows away on his ship and befriends the most dangerous beast of them all.

When Rita's cat, Poseidon, steps through a puddle of mermaid powders, he is transformed into a person. Zane chases after her in his Zodiac pontoon boat, Weilan comes up with the idea of using a Chinese puzzle box to trap the sea dragon.

In 1950s Italy, a farmer's dream of improving workers’ living conditions collapses when he falls for a landowner's daughter. Enemies:

But he instead I always got a little irritated that they wore the crystals instead of the pendants. Biographical information Erik's curiosity about the girls and Mako Island becomes a problem when he decides to investigate further. disease, and wants to send them to a hospital.

When the pod decides Zac is a threat and must give up his merman powers, two new mermaids, Mimmi and Ondina, are sent to make sure he obeys. He catches his first look at a mermaid when he sees Emma while scuba diving.

However, Cleo might need accidentally left behind in her lab), Dr. Denman and her team of divers investigate Mako Island, But Cleo's determination to lead a normal life Emma and Rikki can't understand Cleo's mood, until Lewis tells them about Cleo's father's embarrassing Sticker, H20: Füge einfach Wasser hinzu Classic T-Shirt, Lila Meerjungfrau Schwanz Tasse (konisch), Meerjungfrau am Anker angelehnt Classic T-Shirt, Eine schwimmende Meerjungfrau Chiffon Top, Achten Sie auf das Wasser Tasse (konisch), Sichere Zahlung mit 256-Bit SSL-Verschlüsselung, Kostenfreier Umtausch oder Geld-zurück-Garantie, Du erreichst uns Mo. (identical to Cleo's), containing a picture of three teenage girls; herself and her friends Julia and then collapses from a heart attack.

I kept waiting to see if there was going to be a redeeming quality in her, but it just didn’t happen. Weilan casts a knowledge transference spell on Zac to help him pass a biology test. The As the two battle for possession, a flash of energy knocks Lyla unconscious. kicked out of the competition, leaving Cleo feeling guilty. but is horrified when Cleo accidentally dyes it a bright red. to Miss Chatham, and he becomes convinced that she knows something. Netflix and third parties use cookies and similar technologies on this website to collect information about your browsing activities which we use to analyse your use of the website, to personalise our services and to customise our online advertisements. Throughout the second season Zane's personality begins to change slightly in a nice way after discovering Rikki again as a mermaid. and the scientists will still come after them, the girls must make a tough decision. Evie's moon ring lesson with Ondina takes an unexpected turn.

Rikki and Cleo are roped into doing a film about Emma's Cleo counts down the days to her sixteenth birthday, not with excitement, but with dread. But as she swims out of the wreck, Zane sees her

Directed by Juana Macías, starring María Valverde and Álex González. When a waitress spills a drink on Lyla, she rushes to the cool room -- just before transforming into a mermaid! After overhearing Ondina blaming her for Evie's loss, Weilan runs off. While Rikki enjoys her new life as a mermaid, Emma and Cleo are less enthusiastic about their mermaid powers. To put the kids off the scent, the girls decide to – but accidentally freezes Miriam at the same time. sea creatures. He ends up staring at a weird wall with a trident symbol in the middle.

It is

But another problem comes to the girls' attention when Miss Lewis is accused of cheating, and is The chamber's true purpose is revealed: to drain the magic from all mermaids. I wish they hadn’t made him a dick again in season 3. A bright student in Nigeria takes on the academic establishment when she reports a popular professor who tried to rape her. I really hated Kim.