The M4 comes equipped with the following attachments: With many different customisation options it can be easy to get confused with what the best attachments are to equip and which attachments suit your style of play the best. A lot of players like to equip M4 to their main loadout because it is easy to use with the help of foregrip and stock you won't be noticing the bouncing recoil when you fire. Find Echo best attachments, perks, and skins here. The COD Mobile best guns tier list in Season 11 is out now. This loadout with the no stock attachment is perfect for when you want to rush to a point and you do not want to use an SMG. Name: Enchanted CarbinePrice: 1680 CPWeapon skin advantage: How to get M4 Enchanted Carbine: Unlock M4 Enchanted Carbine in Toy Soldiers Bundle of Season 5. An alternative to Vulture is Toughness, which will reduce the flinching effect when shot, making your shots more accuracte. © 2020 Gfinity. With attachments they have the following performance increase: As the M4 already packs punch and has little recoil, there's no need to use attachments such as foregrip. Cannot be target by enemy AI-controlled scorestreaks. Here in COD Mobile Best ICR-1 Gunsmith loadout attachments, we have varieties of ICR-1 class setup with different performance to help you find which one fit your playstyles the most. Attachments in COD Mobile will improve the weapon's statistics and performance in-game. Name: Silver GhoulPrice: N/AWeapon skin advantage: How to get M4 Silver Ghoul: Unlock M4 Silver Ghoul in Silver Ghoul crate of Season 7. Class 1 – M4 Free For All.

Cookie Policy. Finally, Stock will allow you to be more mobile while moving.

The recoil is quite easy to control with the right attachments. Now for the loadouts.

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If you liked this M4 loadout, you might also going through our picks of the best assault rifles in COD Mobile. With the clunky nature of mobile FPS games, being able to aim down sights and extend your time shootings will be very beneficial. Note: This is a fresh stats for M4 which means that 0 attachment is being equipped to the weapon. Our cookie policy reflects what cookies and property of their respective owners. Echo is in shotgun class of COD Mobile, Echo has very high damage, good fire rate, with good accuracy, and low recoil. This is our guide of the best M4 loadout available with Gunsmith attachments in Call of Duty: Mobile Season 10. This M4 class is setup for close range slayers who prefer close range action gunfight against the enemy. Rear Grip: Rubberized Grip Tape. M4 anniversary code : CODMobile. Weapons in COD Mobile come with different weapon skins that will make your gun look nice and provide a few advantages: Read More: Call of Duty Mobile: Tips And Tricks Tutorial To Improve Your Multiplayer Gameplay For COD Mobile On iOS And Android Devices. For As one of the most used weapons in COD history, the M4 is a very good all-rounder assault rifle. Name: Fashion PurplePrice: N/AWeapon Skin Advantage: How to get Fashion Purple M4 Skin: Unlock in Royal Crimson Weapon Crate. Name: Living RustPrice: N/AWeapon skin advantage: How to get M4 Living Rust: Unlock M4 Living Rust by reaching Tier 35 in Battle Pass Season 8 premium. Increase movement speed slightly for a little while upon respawning. Echo is very powerful when using in close range combat. click a link from one of our articles onto a You need to reach player level 2to unlock M4 assault rifle. Here in COD Mobile Best M4 Gunsmith Loadout attachments, we have varieties of M4 class setup with different performance to help you find which one fit your playstyle the most. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

This is down to personal preference, for a class like this it's good to have an aggressive set of grenades to compliment your class. The M4 requires 3-4 shots to kill from close-medium range. Below are our top three class setups for the M4 in COD Mobile.

Here in COD Mobile Best AK117 Gunsmith loadout attachments, we have varieties of AK117 class setup with different performance to help you find which one fit your playstyle the most. retail website and make a purchase. Find the best guns in Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 here. Find the best attachment for Fennec smg , perks, and skins here. This has really good ADS, it is super accurate and it has decent mobility. tracking technologies are used on GfinityEsports. of publishing. 36 votes, 17 comments. This class is great for players who love to run solo in Free For All. Much like its Modern Warfare equivalent, the M4A1, COD Mobile's M4 is one of the best assault rifles in the game. Fennec has good damage, and extremely fast fire rate with good recoil control. You can use this gun like an SMG and push into buildings with it or you can use this like a proper assault rifle and hold angles with it. Read More: Call Of Duty Mobile: How To Use Your Controller On COD Mobile Tutorial.

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