Cure psoriasis easily, permanently and in just 3 Days. 「俺ははなと家族になりたい」人間の花と、獣人のサナティ。二人の間に芽生え始めた種族を超えた愛…。獣人の子供達の学び舎で真摯に働く花だったが、そんなとき災害救助に向かったサナティが二次災害に巻き込まれて…

What is Anime-Planet? i really liked the whole story which makes my heart flutter.whenever iam reading this novel i really want to become the character of heroine if god will give me a chance.the whole story which makes me crazy that i started reading at 6:00 evening and ended up at 11:00 midnight.i literally shed my tears when hero knows heroine feelings and ignored her feelings because she is younger than him.i learned a fact that age does not matter for love.only it matters both of them love eachother from bottom of their heart.i really loved when hero cares heroine morethan himself.although its a novel iam so jealous for heroine to get such a lovable and caring husband.ireally want to be the heroine and wants to feel the love and his admirable caring for i hope whoever read this novel makes their heart flutter and feels the love in iam so happy to be read this novel .

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