Maybe they’ll use it in another episode. The Tal Shiar has been featured throughout Star Trek and is infamous for their plots and deceptions. Both Laris and Zhaban decide that indigenous aliens are Romulan citizens, too, and that the Tal Shiar and the Empire is betraying its principles by leaving them behind. They capture one of the assassins. The assassin yells, “She’s the end of all! Star Trek: Picard's first two episodes have introduced us to Laris and Zhaban, Romulan refugees that Picard lets work on his vineyard. Laris uses Tal Shiar criminology tech to help Picard piece together a holo recreation of the Zhat Vash’s attack on Dahj’s apartment. While it may surprise some that he’s spending his golden years in the care of Romulans, once counted amongst his most heated adversaries, it is comforting to see that he’s being tended to by people who understand just how special Picard is. The story concludes with Laris saying that Yuyat Beta has been their home “but now, we can never return.” And so Picard says, “I do know a secure location…you’re welcome to stay there as long as you wish… but tell me, are you still interested in wine-making?”. And we know that Picard has been off his game during the time that Laris and Zhaban have been staying with him. Star Trek: Picard will be on Amazon Prime from Friday, January 24. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this site’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Laris was a 24th century Romulan female who worked as a housekeeper in the service of Jean-Luc Picard alongside Zhaban. He was a close confidant and advisor of Picard, and they held each other in high regard. Laris was a 24th century Romulan female who worked as a housekeeper in the service of Jean-Luc Picard alongside Zhaban.

Because Zhaban is so impressed with Picard’s desire to protect the non-Romulan aliens on the colony—the people Zhaban has been making wine with—that he goes against his Tal Shiar orders. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Star Trek: Picard's Anger At Starfleet Means More Than You Think, Stranger Things' Pandemic Delay Resulted in a First for the Show. (Well, thus far.) He’s already helped the colonizers to act against Picard and now his orders require him to betray Picard at the last moment. Male In “Maps and Legends,” it’s revealed that the two are former operatives for the Tal Shiar, an intelligence agency the Federation naively referred to as the “Romulan secret police”— a designation the couple finds humorously redundant. Characters die too frequently in modern shows. Who are they? All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Helping Picard from the beginning of the series has been the duo of Laris and Zhaban, played by Orla Brady and Jamie McShane. He’s likely from a different Zhat Vash cell.

Why would two former Tal Shiar secret agents end up as wine vintners on Earth? Zhaban’s mother was also Tal Shiar, and served as Laris’ handler when she was a young agent. When the natives revolt and rescue Picard and Musiker, the pair are taken to meet the ones responsible for their rescue, Laris and Zhaban. She’s the Destroyer!” He kills himself by biting down on one of the green acid capsules, spitting some of it onto Zhaban, and no one else, as if he were the real target, and then disintegrating. The Romulan colonizers seek to have Picard save only themselves, but abandon the indigenous species to the supernova. We can hypothesize from the great age and secrecy of the Zhat Vash and the fact that Narissa and Narek are siblings who seem to have been raised as part of the spy group that they recruit from among the families of their agents- the better to keep the circle small and secret. To that end, the action of the comic series mostly takes place on the colony of Yuyat Beta, a Romulan-controlled planet that is also inhabited by 10,000 non-Romulan aliens, all of whom the Romulans are willing to let die.

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Laris uses Tal Shiar criminology tech to help Picard piece together a holo recreation of the Zhat Vash’s attack on Dahj’s apartment. The series, written by Kirsten Beyer and Mike Johnson focuses on Picard’s attempts to evacuate the Romulans from their empire before the Romulan star went supernova.

But Laris and Zhaban are much more than the humble vintners they present themselves to be. I’d like to see Zhaban and Laris again. However, the two were moved by Picard’s efforts and defected. They remain two of my favorite characters on the show. The governor refuses to allow him to help the natives and takes him and Musiker hostage while she plans how to take over the ship. Zhaban reiterated three times that one of Picard's conditions for agreeing was that the interview would not address his resignation from Starfleet. It might feel like it should be a sitcom, watching them take care of the estate known as Chateau Picard, but these two Tal Shiar and Zhat Vash experts also clearly know all about the darkest corners of Romulan society. She was the one who originally told Laris about the existence of the Zhat Vash. Together, they must find a way to leave the planet and prevent the Romulan governor from stealing the ship and abandoning the natives to die. He is one of the few Romulans to sport a beard. Affiliation: - The Super Powered Fancast Episode two of Star Trek Picard has already aired on CBS All Access and the second episode of the series is all about the Romulans and a new conspiracy that reaches right into Starfleet Command. New episodes of the series premiere every Thursday on CBS All Access. Romulan At this point, Picard is hopeful that he can evacuate not just Romulus itself, but a ton of other planets in the Romulan Empire. With the scene cut, the characters survive. I hope Laris and Zhaban live peacefully on the vineyard until the end of the series, with occasional forays into the action. Laris calls Zhaban and a Zhat Vash agent with similar ridges a "Northerner."