During the few years they had together, Aidoneus became very close to Rhea, and she continually doted on her son. When Thanatos starts probing for dirt on Persephone in the middle of their video game session, Hermes - mostly depicted as a happy-go-lucky goofball - abruptly turns serious enough to intimidate the god of death into silence. Minthe is Hades' personal assistant and ex-girlfriend. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. It is not strange at all a middle age man would find a significantly younger woman attractive. She is able to understand and sympathize with him when he reveals his romantic feelings for Persephone, despite originally becoming enraged after hearing about her overnight stay at his home.

Persephone questions why Eros would put her in Hades car, Persephone begins to think she had done something to upset him. This was evidently due to the actions of Zeus, who liked Hera and was jealous of their relationship.

The Lore Of Kore — Hades noticed. Because it turns out, the gods aren’t so different from us after all, especially when it comes to their problems. Blue Boy by HeraAidoneus by Rhea and AphroditeYoung blood by LachesisGrandpa Winter by Apollo Species Although Hades is Persephone's uncle in the original mythology, they are.

He is evidently insecure about this, and avoids taking on this form in front of others. Then she tells him off saying that yes, Hades is right and she doesn’t want to see him. Hades gives her a jacket that was meant for Hera and even allows her to drive one of his cars, which he doesn't let anyone do.

Hades has the ability to teleport, bypassing doors and walls. Most Liked Post On Facebook 2019, Aug 22, 2020 - Explore Cupid's board "Lore Olympus", followed by 1532 people on Pinterest. Created by Rachel Smythe .

#lore olympus #lore olympus spoilers #hades and kore #lore olympus hades #lore olympus kore #lore olympus persephone #lore olympus aidoneus #lore olympus webtoon #lore olympus episode 112. Even as the god of love. Persephone asks Hades if he has something she could borrow as she feels too cold with the dress she was wearing. For me personally, the relationship between Hades and Persephone disturbs me. After filling Persephone in on how she ended up at his house and helping Persephone adjust her hair, the two give each other a proper introduction, by exchanging business cards; Persephone however gives Hades an old card with her original name : Kore. In Season 2, after Apollo corners and threatens 'Persephone' yet again, Hera (pretending to be a missing Persephone so that Demeter doesn't realise what's happening) has her suspicions confirmed and takes immense delight in burning Apollo and revealing herself. Although in pain, the injured god gently caressed her face. Even creepier when you learn that he's held in high esteem among most Olympians and that Zeus has outright said he doesn't want to do anything about it because that might reflect badly on Olympus in general, which is unfortunately. Hades decides to once again try a relationship with Minthe, largely out of guilt and to get thoughts of Persephone out of his head. Hades gives her a little push. Also, the art style is weird (my opinion.) Hades tries to get out of attending until Zeus commands him to come, much to Hades’ reluctance. But nope, he decides to take her to his mansion in the freaking Underworld where she has literally never been in her entire life. "Don't. City Of Leeds Business License, Hades and Kore/Persephone from ‘Lore Olympus’ (webtoon) lore olympus fanart hades hades and persephone persephone kore digital artwork digital wacom cintiq13hd 4.013 Anmerkungen The image of Hades slipping Persephone’s shoe back on after almost getting attacked by God-zombies could sweeten even the most bitter coffee. Mortal Realm (Previous)Underworld (Current) Demeter initially tries to deny he saw a goddess, being protective over Persephone. Follow. This form greatly resembles Cronus, and appears to strike fear in others. He appears to have some abilities relating to healing, as he was able to successfully reattach. 14.8k members in the Lore_Olympus community. What's horrible about it is that he knows that Persephone hates him for raping her and taking pictures of her after the assault happened and is forcing himself into her life thinking that they're a couple.

He recognizes that Hades' relationship with Minthe is unhealthy and attempts to convince his brother to leave her, telling him he shouldn't settle for just an "okay Queen of the underworld". He immediately and accurately guesses that it's in a shoebox under her bed. Cue him spending an entire panel trying to count, settling on “2000...ish?”. Persephone gets sexually assaulted by Apollo in her sleep. Demeter telling Apollo to stay the fuck away from her daughter. Hades and Kore/Persephone from ‘Lore Olympus’ (webtoon) lore olympus fanart hades hades and persephone persephone kore digital artwork digital wacom cintiq13hd 4.013 Anmerkungen In a letter he writes to her but never plans on sending, he tells her how he loves how she makes him feel. Persephone has a monochromatic theme, with pink skin and darker pink hair. marlensotelo My dearest Hades and Persephone from Lore Olympus Follow me on Instagram @marlensotelo.jpg .