A lid that won’t open also severely limits the ability to monitor a nest box – which occupants are there, are there any egg shell fragments, what types of bedding is inside? Thus it may be many years before appropriate nesting / roosting sites are available for many species. Further information on protecting your property and ornamental plants from possums can be found on our factsheet Living With Possums… Without Going Nuts! This avoids vandalism and disturbance from humans, and minimises the risk posed by domestic and feral animals, such as dogs and cats. Kookaburras), where such resources are lacking. I hope I have inspired you to build the best birdhouse ever using my unique bird house plans. Learn[...], © 2020 Sustainable Gardening Australia. To make this DIY job even easier, you can have the timber for your nesting box pre-cut for you at selected Bunnings stores. Larger tree hollows are occupied by owls, brushtail possums, ducks, larger parrots, Kookaburras and larger glider species.

The typical species you may attract to the Kookaburra Nesting Box include Laughing and Blue-winged Kookaburras.

For my location near Canberra that has low rainfall, very low humidity, and few termites, pine nest boxes often last many years if painted well (outside only). Bat nesting boxes are designed specifically for insectivorous bats, and are undesirable to other pest species (eg: Mynas, Bees), due to the entry located at the bottom of the box. Treated pine is timber that has been permeated with a chemical solution to preserve it outdoors. Cats can actually learn to stalk birds and other native animals without making their bell ring… so fitting multiple bells to your cat’s collar is a handy idea. This can become a real issue when humans move house or go away on holidays, as the “reliable” food source has disappeared. One of my resident ringtail possums enjoying this deep layer of pine bark. Location of feeding areas within the nesting territory of many birds and animals disrupts their nesting activity, as nest guardians are busy defending their territory from other species encouraged by the food source. Lastly: Keep an eye on your cats and dogs; they can cause some real hassles for our native mates. Competition is another problem, where a large animal will force a smaller animal out of a hollow home. Increasing the length of time that a nest box will survive in an ecosystem I believe, is an important task for the nest box maker, or the nest box installer to complete. Please do not varnish nest boxes, or paint them with oil based paints, or use other treatments that you would not want to eat. Ten species of Kingfishers are found throughout Australia.

Wire mesh can be problematic, with small feet of chicks and birds particularly at risk of being trapped, damaged and at worst, unable to be freed, causing a slow and quite horrible death. Smaller birds need smaller boxes with smaller holes; for instance a tree or house sparrow only needs an entrance with a diameter of between 28 mm and 32 mm. It mimics natural hollows and provides wildlife with a comfortable and safe place to rest in and raise their young.

Please use pale colours, as this will prevent the nest box from absorbing heat from the sun during warm weather. Also please choose colour/s that blend into the habitat where the nest box will be installed. With the right plant species you can provide wildlife with a food source all year round, which isn’t only important for the animals using your nest boxes, but all of your native wildlife visitors. However to effectively drain this water out, a nest box needs to have drainage holes at each of the four corners. Ringtail Possum Nest Box: A 400, B 240, C 200, D 70; Brushtail Possum Nest Box… Native gardens can attract native wildlife and encourage them to use the nest boxes. Painting the exterior of your nest box with a water-based under coat, and a good quality water-based exterior paint (2 + coats), such as Dulux Weathershield will extend the life of your nest box by a couple of decades at least. With fewer natural tree hollows around, you can help native wildlife by installing a nest box. However brushtail possums seek out a hollow to shelter throughout the entire day, before they leave and go exploring at night. This can be done with a power saw, a hand saw, or even a chisel.

The simple birdhouse plans you use for these pretty little birds can also be shallow (about 120 mm high), and even smaller than those a kookaburra is likely to inhabit. Ringtail possums, although not as familiar as Brushtail possums, are common and an important element in locally native food webs. If it’s too late, and the possum’s already made your roof its home, here’s how to politely evict it. Your choice of wood materials used to construct a nest box will affect the insulating properties (thermal mass) of a nest box, and also durability out in the elements. Bees can’t attach their wax to the carpet, and so won’t bother to invade the nest box. The different parrot species compete with each other also for nesting hollows, often with the larger species winning over a smaller species. Some of which are quite destructive! I positioned my A-frame birdhouse on a 6 m-high pole nestled alongside a fully mature cypress tree that is more than 15 m high and provides both shade and vegetation for garden birds to hide in. Spotted and striated pardalotes generally burrow into banks, so they prefer tunnel-like entrances to birdhouses. Regular inspection of the box (weekly after placement) is recommended to avoid unwanted species moving in and displacing locally native wildlife. I had some fun with this larger parrot nest box. With less older trees, it means less natural hollows. Here is a diagram with nest box key design features. For bird nest boxes, I would recommend not adding the stick, as this will make access easier for possum species that are predators (e.g. Please don’t use bedding such as straw or sugar cane mulch, as these provide very good homes for parasites such as lice, mites and various blood sucking critters – as poultry breeders such as myself well know. If MDF is exposed to rain or water, it will rapidly turn to mush. There are thousands of more intricate and detailed and exciting plans, here’s a simple plan to help you get going: Step-by-Step Instructions to Build a Birdhouse. She is sitting on two tiny eggs inside this little nest box. The lid needs a hinge (nice to have, not essential). Here’s how you can win tickets for your whole family. Medium sized birds such as the many different parrot species including lorikeets and rosellas, will only nest in tree hollows. Formply is not recommended as a material to make nest boxes from. Do ensure that the cut edges of your plywood and timber nest boxes are thoroughly coated, so you can’t see the wood beneath.

Many native birds and animals used to this repeated feeding will perish in these situations. If you are unsure about birdhouse plans and the exact materials, here is complete set of woodworking plans. Cut and attach a piece of carpet to the inside of the nest box lid – so that the lid still closes completely. Have a nest box installed away from the house as an alternative den, and once their access to the roof is blocked, they will take up residence there. This entrance size prevents raids by Kookaburras, Currawongs, and Brushtail Possums.