But he's sneaky, so who knows.

Itachi solos, Kisame propably solos. That's why they went out of their way to use a girl to distract Jiraya in order to face Naruto. So unless Itachi whips out that fully equipped Susanoo I'd say Jiraiya wins. Add in Kisame into the mix and you get a one sided slaughter in favor of Itachi and Kisame. Then again, I may be underestimating SM Jiraya here. Going off of feats, I always felt that Jiraiya and Itachi were pretty much equal in overall power. even Temari as a chunin was able to counter sound attacks when she knew about them. Itachi has enough to put Jiraiya down, certainly a Jiraiya who isn't in sage mode. J-Man 8/10 (Other cases are Tokutsa hits, and troublesome amaterasu's followed by killing/KOing Ma or Pa), If he doesn't start in SM, Itachi and Kisame 8/10 (The other cases are scenarios where Jiraiya can stall enough to enter SM). And no, Itachi could barely hold Susano'o for a minute and was already empty of chackra, It's way more than what he needs to blitz jiraiya. 4 months ago. Kisame can keep stealing chakra and can keep healing himself.

That translation varies a lot.

They manage to take him out. You must log in or register to reply here. Itachi and Kisame stomp this. Susano'o, Izanami and Samehada are overkill. I'm afraid that statement got retconned by shonen progression lol.Both Itachi and Kisame can solo Jiraiya, even in SM tbqh. And no, it's not that I would argue for Konohamaru in Itachi vs Konohamaru. @joshtaku: but are you sure that jiraiya wanted to hurt naruto though I mean he still has sage mode etc and one can argue that Orochimaru was going for the kill on naruto were as jiraiya probably did not even attempt to fight back all I am saying I don’t think this is a stomp.

So by extension, that would also make Jiraiya inferior to Itachi. Well he did say atleast one of them would die. Itachi said that even if they had reinforcements they steal would have a hard time beating Jiraya. Itachi however has the arsenals and the intelligence to just put jiaraya down.

MikeyM1979 3 years ago #1. Who would win? Itachi reported directly to Hiruzen, and after that only to the village elders and Danzo, You have to remember that the point Jiraiya would have even thought about going as a spy is because he knew there wasn't enough info, The village elders acted foolishly risking Jiraiya and potentially Naruto by not sharing information about the Akatsuki. Also, Edo Itachi was arguably more powerful than living Itachi, his illness was not hampering him, and while living his chackra reserves were rather low, a weakness Edo Tensei bypassed. And his chakra pools are nt that low, since even when sick he could spam susanoo and amaterasu pretty well. Itachi 4 vote(s) 28.6% Jiraiya and Kisame 10 vote(s) 71.4% Shark. I've always thought Itachi > any of the Sannin, given how easily he beat Orochimaru. I see Jiraiya killing Kisame, Jiraiya thinking he killed Itachi for him to burst out in crows 6 billion times.

The only thing hsppening to jiraya is this; The sannins are at a disadvantage the Akatsuki duo as a whole is stronger and has advantages in fighting style, Itachi is a counter to Orochimaru and Gamabunta is an easy target for Totsuka blade. JavaScript is disabled. The location of the fight is important as well, Jiraiya was only able to buy the time needed for the frog song because he was fighting in a complex city, but if he were to fight Itachi and Kisame in an open field he's got no chance. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast.

kisame said that even though itachi would be ok against sum1 like jiraya, he himself could not take a sennin and was worried. Itachi and Jiraiya are roughly in the same tier with either being able to either draw or win depending on the day. Jiraiya VS Kisame & Itachi. I honestly don't think he was Jiraiya's spy. Pein single-handedly bet an 8tailed Naruto and forced him to go 9 tails while Jiaraya struggled against 4-5 tails(I can't quite remember) despite what Pein said. Messages: 17,094 Likes Received: 2,971 Trophy Points: 2,708 Joined: May 8, 2010. The sannin will be on the defensive a lot in this battle and the akatsuki members have a lot in their arsenal that they can use to take out the sannin. Note the wording in the panel below. Most people think that Itachi only said they would both die because he was Jiraiya's spy and wanted to get Kisame off Jiraiya's back.

But under a normal circumstance where characters do not use their strongest modes/attacks off the bat, I believe Itachi and Kisame kill Jiraiya before he can summon the toads and use Sage Mode. I honestly don't see Jiraiya beating Itachi let alone both of them, but some people disagree so. That's why I say Itachi would solo this as it stands, because Jiraiya isn't starting in sage mode. That kind of a fight could turn out either way or potentially result in the mutual destruction Itachi estimated. OP didn't state he starts in Sage Mode either, so no defense against Tsukuyomi and limited defense against Ephemeral. They have an extraordinary tactician with them, and other a chakra hungry monster. And Itachi stated it wasn't to be impatient and that he had to rest his body. We have no idea what a healthy Itachi is like, just like prime Hiruzen, hype but no feats. Is that why Kisame questioned the purpose of running away with Itachi's power? Then he'd catch Itachi in the frog genjutsu (dojutsu can break out of dojutsu genjutsu, not physical genjutsu, as shown by Pain).

Zask002. And the while weakened and without Samehada he forces Guy to open the 7th gate.

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