Oh god. On today’s episode of The School of Greatness, I talk about letting go of the things that no longer serve us with a world-famous comedian: Whitney Cummings. Real [inaudible]. The tectonic plates really shift in your life when something like that happens. You stick the landing. I don’t have to be mad on top of it.” It just doesn’t work. LEWIS HOWES: It might be a different level of messed up that we are. LEWIS HOWES: It’s [inaudible] simple. Am I going to like this person? You’re one step away from getting straighter, brighter teeth! Is also on Netflix right now. I’d want to share that.”. LEWIS HOWES: 80 bucks a seat? I’m stressed. Mistakes are always where the magic is and everything. I’m saying, what do you think will be all the lessons you’ve learned up to now? It was just like incest. And I’m like, “Oh my god, I wish she was here.” But I’m also like, “Wait.

It’s like you put a bunch of strangers in a room and they all agree on something. You’re drinking and you’re trying to give it to someone else. The best Christmas gifts for the cooks in your life, DIY gift ideas, wrapping inspiration and more. Am I still someone that you wanted to be around? WHITNEY CUMMINGS: That’s a really good question. And that doesn’t mean you’re an idiot, that doesn’t mean you’re stupid.

You can just be a trainwreck and still have success. And he also—I think for me, you’re never going to find the perfect—that’s not a thing.

Most people just see when it’s done in the museum, right? For your path to better, visit beamtlc.com and use the promo code greatness. It’s the only person that’s—. I was crazy. WHITNEY CUMMINGS: Yeah, but that’s so obvious. This is so hard. But looking back, I feel really lucky that I got to be exposed to so many different kinds of parents and caretakers and their flaws and their strengths. So we are the same person, this is alarming. LEWIS HOWES: You got like 7 and a half in here. I’m in the wrong business. Keep, We are driven by our beliefs—the problem is that, Share your inspiring message in the comments below, There is nothing like being around the person you, "If anyone knew who I really was, no one would eve, What is it that the most successful people in the, I always dreamed of being an all-American athlete, There is a big difference between the person who g, You can’t transform the outside world until you, You need both vision & action to achieve great thi, Until I reached my thirties, my life always felt l, There are seasons of our life that can be more ove, What we focus on expands.. LEWIS HOWES: Well, you’re amazing. Yeah, I  kind of got sent.

But just write your thoughts. And you have to fail in order to practice being brave.” I hope you’re doing something that scares you today, every single day.

Try Beam and find you path to better. (1:06:00), Why we should forgive our parents (20:00), How to change the type of people you’re attracted to (36:00), Why your relationship needs to be “boring” (41:30), The difference between interdependence and codependency (48:00), Why financial freedom is important to Whitney (1:00:00), About PC culture and stand up comedy (1:33:00), Watch Whitney’s New Standup Special: Can I Touch It, WHITNEY CUMMINGS: I don’t even know what I’m saying. I was driving over here and I was like, “God, I hope I’m a good fit for this show because I am so—” I see all these self-help stuff on Instagram and I just didn’t like—I don’t like generalizations. I think that is a thing that people should recognize the most about you. WHITNEY CUMMINGS: God, that’s such a good question. And you’re one step away from getting straighter, brighter teeth right now. It was always like, “How do I just make things easier for everybody else?” And the joke kind of—to me, it was like a magic trick. It’s time to go out there and do something great. This is all people would have to remember you by. You’re not always going to have the killer day that you want to put on Instagram. LEWIS HOWES: What’s your biggest fear now then? So make sure to check that out right now, it’s going to help you with your confidence, and get straighter and brighter teeth. LEWIS HOWES: You went back when you were 15, 16? It’s a funny one.

WHITNEY CUMMINGS: Yeah. When I’m in gratitude, that would be like yours would be that. Learn more at candidco.com/greatness. I think that because taste is changing and like what you just said—what’s funny is changing. LEWIS HOWES: These are perfect. Because this is just—you never want to be here, you want to be here. But you have one last tour and one last performance. WHITNEY CUMMINGS: In anything. That means there’s no hassle of having to go into the orthodontist’s office all the time. WHITNEY CUMMINGS: How dare you, how dare you imply that I’m talking about the differences between men and women?