If someone asks for a refund, wait until the item gets back first. If you don't want to risk losing item + money, do NOT swap online. Or occasionally a person who makes their stuff. Every possible scam you encounter there will be very basic online scams that are easy to avoid as a buyer.

You can add your depop name to your reddit username flair here. The biggest thing is to look at when the item was posted. Don't dox people on the internet you should just report it to Depop. If their PayPal isn't working, then don't buy from them, simple as that. Unfortunately they sent me their phone number and asked me to text them. I'm new to depop and have already found some cute things I want to buy.

Keep your postage receipts/tracking codes even after the item has been sent and received. They have no items, profile pic, or reviews.

I don't want everyone to be suspicious of everyone else, but it helps to be careful. The likes are the same so is it legit or just a bug? Cookies help us deliver our Services. I've seen some chashier's cheques bouncing around in the subreddit, where they'll ask to send a cheque to you. if they say it'll take like 2+ weeks to ship it's probs a scam :p, Not a scam but drop shipper, or someone who is waiting for stuff to arrive. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

As long as you have the tracking number you have at least some protection. Things like bank transfers are almost always irrevocable and you'll lose the money forever. A lot of the times the message you receive about asking to email more details will have a lot of misspelling, so that’s also something to look out for! By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Now I get wanting to get rid of things and occasionally I will do a deep discount if something has been sitting forever. New to depop. Keeping this all in mind. The information about PayPal invoices was completely wrong. Thank you for this post! Right now it's time to talk about the complaints against Depop. Terrifying to know buyers scam as well. You can even message them before a purchase. If the seller has been online and refreshed the listing it will say posted a week ago or less at the bottom. Puffin my dude I've fucked up.

New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. I filed and escalated a PayPal claim to a seller because she sold me a counterfeit item even though she said it’s genuine do you think PayPal will give me a refund in a few weeks ? Is it still available and how soon can you ship?

There are tons of small potato scammers on Depop, because teenagers. That way it cannot be changed as easily, and you are better protected if someone tries to change the description. I have also found scammers often want to push a sale pretty quickly and will come down on price a ton. They’ll “accidentally” send too much money and ask you to return the amount minus what the product they bought costs. Ok so I've been seeing a lot of people getting scammed on Depop on the internet. Shameless plug ☺️: @cboersema. There are scams on any site. I've been a seller on other platforms for a while and am familiar with scammer M.O. Apparently Depop can close down your business, even legit ones for no good reason. So many posts over scamming... Never answer any emails asking you anything. I sell on depop and haven’t had any complaints I have less reviews than sales but all of my reviews are 5 Stars. Use common sense to protect yourself against possible fakes, as well as taking screenshots of the items and their descriptions for proof if you do decide to risk it. Depop states an average shipping time on the sellers home page which is a good indicator of seller reliability. If you lost the gamble all you can do is leave the a poor review to reflect your poor swap experience.

electronics are banned, do not buy them thru depop at all to be safe! Most of the time they are the typical scams to get you pay outside of Depop through Paypal as friends/family rather than goods/services.

All they’ll do is … Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. But this one phone from a seller keeps getting marked as sold?? Don't buy items on Depop with payment methods outside of the Depop App or a Paypal Payments and Services Transfer if you want to risk going outside of the app. If the price is amazing and they ask for anything other than something with guaranteed Buyer protection, don't buy it. Depop takes 10% on the whole sale price including shipping, whether you or the buyer pays for it. There lots of scammers using various techniques nowadays, so you can’t really make a list of all scams as it will be outdated after a month. Do NOT post other people's personal addresses here. Here's a general guide on how to NOT get scammed on Depop and indeed anyother market place.

Press J to jump to the feed. Cookies help us deliver our Services. As it has been said, use common sense and don’t let to fool yourself. (Posted a day ago, etc) Also you can message the seller and see if they respond quickly and say something like hi, I’m interested in this item. Bummed my first contact was from one. For the most part it’s very easy to spot scams so just pay attention to what you’re doing and only purchase/sell inside the app. Check out their page, reviews and the last time they were online/ listed an item. How do you tell if it's a scam or if it's actually legit? Then you don't need to manually type it out in your comments. Will reply immediately thanks!” They’ll go in and say that they don’t have access to PayPal and offer a cashiers check. PayPal's refund period is 180 days, meaning that you can chuck the receipts wayyy too early. Don’t be afraid to buy off a first time seller. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. If you get into a weird situation, post on here again and someone will walk you through which steps to take. Thing is the check they send is fake and you basically just gave money away. Screenshot the descriptions and pictures of stuff you buy and sell. If the seller asks you to pay without using the Depop App, don't do it except for with a PayPal Purchases and Services Transfer(NOT FAMILY/FRIEND TRANSFER), or services which you know GUARANTEE buyer/seller protection. My teen daughter also sells on depop and she gets really excited about sales so will drop her prices and seems a little pushy at times so that’s not always a sign of a bad seller. raina6006 described a cashier cheque scam a while ago in a post: It’s a person messaging usually along the lines of “I have some questions about this item, please contact me at soandso@gmail.com. Press J to jump to the feed. PayPal Invoices are a bit of an unknown to me, therefore I cannot advise on using them as I have. They seem to be a method of sending payment requests to buyers, however I would advise against using them and would instead point you towards buying on Depop or through Items/Services on PayPal (if you want to risk going outside of the app) :), Unless you know what you are doing, stay inside Depop for everything, especially payments. You’ll always be covered by PayPal so the worst thing that can happen would be you waste your time and have to wait a couple weeks for the refund to spend the money on something else. As long as you have the tracking number showing delivery scammers cannot claim money back from you. Do not give out your personal details if people ask for them through email or the Depop Messenger. I added it to my bag and it was marked as sold. This can avoid incidents where the buyer creates a ridiculous claim after 2 months or so. I usually ship next business day. Keep your postage receipts/tracking codes even after the item has been sent and received. Added it again and it was marked as sold and then once more. Depop is your little shop in your pocket. Depop is your little shop in your pocket. Make sure that if you are paying for shipping, you've accounted for that in your list price. look at the seller's reviews.