Whether they were supposed to make out or not, we’ll leave that to the audience’s imagination. They’re left with one another. For instance, we were doing post-production, and the sound mixers saw that and were totally unprepared for it. With the rush of doing it and of being heroes to the woman that they’ve been obsessed with, there’s a little bit of denial about what kind of jeopardy they’re actually in, which will probably be one of the big things that we’ll want to start thinking about and exploring if we have a season 2. And if there is a season 2, what can you say about the broad strokes you’ll want to paint?ADELSTEIN: I think it would be a satisfying season ender. [Laughs] But once we got our heads around it, it was really fun to finally write, because we knew that the whole season was building to this one big final con. Credit:

?” But then, if you just back up a minute and 20 seconds, what I hope is a kind of catharsis. Twists and turns were always to be expected on the April 11 season finale of the dramedy series, which tracks the chase of three jilted spouses (Rob Heaps, Parker Young, and Marianne Rendon) on the hunt for the con woman they all married (Inbar Lavi). I’m not sure when we abandoned that, Adam. We knew we wanted to end with the three of them pulling away on a bus together. They miscalculated. Addresses are not passed on to any third party, and are used solely for direct communication from this site. A government weapons specialist is accused of being one such android and sets out to prove his innocence. A new height. The mother wasn't involved in the murder but either suspects her older son, or he has confessed to her. What’s great about TV is the fact that you can let the show talk to you as you’re doing it. That he has gone from being a boy to a man when he produces that ring, and there is a satisfaction in watching this guy who got so badly destroyed in the pilot not just get his comeuppance, but kind of come into his own. BROOKS: But even if they were supposed to make out, how were they making out? But suddenly, Olham himself is accused of being an alien spy and is thrown headlong into a disorienting nightmare as a fugitive from the law. Force shield domes are put in place to protect cities from frequent and incoming meteors from the aliens, and a totalitarian global military government is established to effect the war and the survival of human race. And for Maddie, the whole season, she’s longing for something she’s never wanted before, which is something maybe more normal. Are there some other Lenny Cohens out there that do the Doctor’s dirty work for him? And that goes across the board. With blasts of adrenaline-fueled intensity, this futuristic thriller soars as Olham races to prove his identity to the world...and himself...in time to save all mankind. If you’ve been keeping a close eye all season long on Bravo’s exhilarating new show Imposters, congratulations! Whether he answers to somebody else?ADELSTEIN: [Laughs] I think those are the three main questions. An abandonment of it, or a doubling down?ADELSTEIN: Patrick is in deep trouble, and I don’t think the FBI is going to let that million-dollar ring just slip away.

How close is Lenny going to get to the Bumblers? And then there’s the problem of the Doctor. BROOKS: And it’s something that we debated over the entire writers’ room. Both Spencer (Gary Sinise) and his wife (Madeleine Stowe) are alien androids. RELATED: EW’s 25 Best TV Shows in 25 Years. When Spencer is undergoing the PET scan to compare himself to his prior scan, he holds the mirror one way; the camera angle changes and it is now turned sideways. ADAM BROOKS: Paul and I had a very strong idea before the writers’ room even started about the shape of the season, and it was only as we got towards the end, where you start painting yourself into certain plot corners, that there was some reinventing, but mostly we knew where we were going. EW got to the bottom of the Imposters finale with the two people in the best position to unpack it all. Those two things cross each other around episode 6 or 7, and the last three episodes are like their own movie moving towards this hopefully thrilling finale, where they still don’t know where they stand with each other and whether they trust each other. Their lives have been blown up.

When Spencer escapes from Hathaway, he is barefoot. By the way, this is a few weeks late, but please tell me how you landed Uma Thurman to play Lenny Cohen.BROOKS: I’ve been friends with Uma for a very long time, and we’ve, on a number of occasions, tried to do something together, and something would always happen that would mess it up. Although that might dawn on him in the future, if there is a future. |

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What was the thesis you were following, and what were the supporting puzzle pieces that fell into place around it?ADELSTEIN: I think the thesis was, Maddie and what we call the Bumblers team up to do one big final con to burn the Doctor and the FBI.