In so doing, you will acquire in-depth knowledge and develop understanding across a broad and balanced range of disciplines. Kristin Garner, ESL/Spanish Teacher         endobj Sixth grade students' projects will focus upon engineering design. /Rect In order to access this course at ISB, ELLs are enrolled in an ELD course in place of a Language B course.

/JavaScript /Type Mountain View High School IB Assessment Policy, 2011 652.00397 1st Friday in December, Personal Project Final Project Due Demonstrate a personal commitment to service, and act to make a positive difference to the lives of others and to the environment. 0

R International Baccalaureate 7 Point Report Score (end of reporting period) Ex: 5+6+6+7=24 ManageBac uses the IB-MYP Grade Boundaries in order to calculate that final score.

<< /S /URI Community resources and related careers will be introduced. 0 ISB’s mission is to encourage students to learn through an international lens as thoughtful, compassionate world citizens, while embracing intellectual rigor, intercultural respect, service to our local and world communities and the promise of a peaceful world. Course grades are reported to students and their parents/guardians at six-week intervals throughout the school year through progress reports and semester grade   report cards. Following the IB MYP assessment guidelines, subject grades will correspond to the following scale: Figure 2 (MYP” FPIP, IBO, 2014. (�� G o o g l e) 720 /Transparency

0 /Nums 0 >> obj The MYP grading scale is a 1-7 scale. Beaverton School District Board Policy IK (Academic Achievement–Grading and Reporting), 2011 All students whose primary language is not English are evaluated for English proficiency.

The MYP grade is a 6. (#) 0


@�*pl��/T�PDh�6RCNM* Be brave and articulate in defending your beliefs. On the MYP grading scale, students earn a grade of at least a 3 for the MYP course. ] Guidelines for Developing a School Assessment Policy, IBO, 2010 Therefore, students are expected to focus on acquisition of a new language. x��UMo1����g��&q;,�� Vista Verde Middle School / North Canyon High School MYP Language Policy 2009-10. R endobj /Page obj R >> The Beaverton School District (BSD) goal is “All students will show continuous progress toward their personal learning goals, developed in collaboration with teachers and parents, and will be prepared for post-secondary education and career success.”  As an IB for All school, a balanced assessment model plays a key role as we support students striving to embrace intellectual rigor, a component of our school mission.

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endobj f���F60�J� ������㙑���)��}��v����L�����(܄�A�^�y�4���"�r�qn�x�7����-|���K�0ƾJ��V�"ܙ\���Y�Γ�9�ݑ��]R�I�s�#�=|����S���SCZm�����T�i���vlN���. Through a combination of site-based, district-based, and IBO-sponsored activities, our faculty is provided multiple opportunities to engage in staff development opportunities focused on assessment. 1 Confidentiality is not sharing assessment content, questions, or answers with students who have not yet taken the assessment. The Aims and Objectives of MYP Language and Literature are intended to sharpen students’ language and literature skills on a progressive basis each year. /S

In all classes, a variety of assessment strategies are used to provide feedback on the learning process. 0

The aim of Individuals and Societies is to encourage students to gain and develop knowledge, conceptual understanding, research skills, analytical and interpretive skills, and communication skills, contributing to the development of the student as a whole. 405

/S << ISB recognizes the importance of developing and maintaining mother tongue languages. Students will study the same language grades 7 through 10. /Type


AP Exam grades are reported on a 5-point scale: 5 Extremely well qualified 4 Well qualified 3 Qualified 2 Possibly qualified 1 No recommendation The IB exams are reviewed and scored "by an international board of examiners, who are themselves rigorously trained and monitored by the IBO. 8 A+ 7 A+ 6 A 5 B 4 C+ 3 C 2 C- 1 I/F. 19 Because of the array of languages, our students include: English is the language of instruction at ISB and it is also the host country language.


These two courses will cover skills, rules, strategies, and training techniques for a variety of individual and team oriented activities, both competitive and recreational in nature. 6th grade placement decisions based on SBAC, BSD 6th Grade Acceleration Test, and Algebra I Entrance Exam. R /Type R 0 21 Our district offers a wide variety of professional development opportunities which are posted on the District website, along with resources to provide teachers with current research and best practices in literacy and language learning. Exercise initiative in applying thinking skills critically and creatively to recognize and approach complex problems, and make reasoned, ethical decisions.