I am shocked and saddened as well to hear about the loss of such a person of charming personality. I like this closeness.

Thus they come closer to one another. May God bless her soul in peace! I am shocked by the easy attitude of many in the media towards disclosing our Nation's secrets.

You mean Bender is the evil Bender? This above all, to thine own self be true.- William Shakespeare, I do not need anyone's permission to be my true self.- Jonathan Lockwood Huie, The true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible.- Oscar Wilde, If I try to be like him, who will be like me?- Yiddish proverb, A true friend is someone whothinks that you are a good eggeven though he knows thatyou are slightly cracked.- Bernard Meltzer, The true meaning of life is to plant trees,under whose shade you do not expect to sit.- Nelson Henderson, The book of life is filled with incoherent riddles.Life's true lessons are inscribed in a corner of the margin.- Jonathan Lockwood Huie, To thine own self be true.- William Shakespeare, All our dreams can come true,if we have the courage to pursue them.- Walt Disney, You do not need anyone's permission to be your true self.- Jonathan Lockwood Huie, Honor True SelfForgive with CompassionReceive ALL of life with ThanksgivingCHOOSE with Thoughtful ConsiderationDream with Powerful VisionAct with Bold CourageDance with a Light HeartRelax in the Arms of Spirit- Jonathan Lockwood Huie, Diversity is the one true thing we all have in common.Celebrate it every day.- Anonymous, This above all: to thine own self be true,And it must follow, as the night the day,Thou canst not then be false to any man.- William Shakespeare, Where there is shouting, there is no true knowledge.- Leonardo da Vinci, There are trivial truths and there are great truths.The opposite of a trivial truth is plainly false.The opposite of a great truth is also true.- Niels Bohr, It costs you nothing to make another happy -and you gain your true self through the act of spreading joy.- Jonathan Lockwood Huie, People are like stained glass windows,they sparkle and shine when the sun is out,but when darkness sets in their true beautyis revealed only if there is a light from within.- Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, Be true to thyself.- William Shakespeare(paraphrase of Shakespeare's famous quote), Only those who have learned the powerof sincere and selfless contributionexperience life's deepest joy: true fulfillment.- Tony Robbins, You are never given a wish without alsobeing given the power to make it true.You may have to work for it, however.- Richard Bach, The true measure of a man is how he treats someonewho can do him absolutely no good.- Samuel Johnson, True love is a process of co-creationin which neither feels ownership or superiority.Jealousy is a highly destructive forcefor love and relationships.- Jonathan Lockwood Huie, Know that your true self,a spiritual being,is always perfect.- Jonathan Lockwood Huie, Those of true faith don't require guaranteed security.- Jonathan Lockwood Huie, The key to happiness is having dreams.The key to success is making your dreams come true.- Anonymous, The secret of making dreams come truecan be summarized in four C's.They are Curiosity, Confidence, Courage, and Constancy;and the greatest of these is Confidence.- Walt Disney, We censor our actions, butour dreams reveal our true character.- Jonathan Lockwood Huie, True happiness... is not attainedthrough self-gratification,but through fidelity to a worthy purpose.- Helen Keller, Know that you do not need anyone's permissionto be your true self.- Jonathan Lockwood Huie, A true "moral compass" never points toward discrimination.- Jonathan Lockwood Huie, Only one who devotes himself to a causewith his whole strength and soulcan be a true master.For this reason mastery demands all of a person.- Albert Einstein, Be true to your work, your word, and your friend.- Henry David Thoreau, It is easy enough to be friendly to one's friends.But to befriend the one who regards himself as your enemyis the quintessence of true religion.The other is mere business.- Mohandas (Mahatma) Gandhi, To be a beneficial presence in the world,cultivate a conscious awareness of your unity with Spirit.Expect good in your own life.Desire good for all others as well.See and affirm abundant blessings of peace,health, and plenty for everyone.Align your thoughts with peace and happiness,and realize that these qualities are your true nature.- Kathy Juline, Compassion and generosity must be the heart of any true religion.- Jonathan Lockwood Huie, A system of morality which is basedon relative emotional valuesis a mere illusion, a thoroughly vulgar conceptionwhich has nothing sound in it and nothing true.- Socrates, True love means putting the other person before yourself,and honoring the relationship above all.- Jonathan Lockwood Huie, Every loving thought is true.Everything else is an appeal for healing and help,regardless of the form it takes.- A Course In Miracles, The most telling act of true Faithis celebrating the death of a loved onewith the certain knowledge thatthey are now in a better place.- Jonathan Lockwood Huie, However rare true love may be,it is less so than true friendship.- Francois de La Rochefoucauld, Trust men and they will be true to you;treat them greatly and they will show themselves great.- Ralph Waldo Emerson. You think the world was shocked when Nixon resigned?

He was a pioneer, and icon and a legend. The forces moving around you are out of human scale, and your nervous system doesn't know how to deal with it. Private Practice Season 5 Episode 22 Quotes. You played it for her, you can play it for me!”. It’s so sad to know the loss of yours. “It does not do to rely too much on silent majorities, Evey, for silence is a fragile thing, one loud … They are so close to our hearts and our life. It is a very sentiment matter to express your sympathy at a crucial moment like this. So, every single day, I am shocked with the hypocrisy of this country.

We enjoyed so much working with him/her and will miss him/her always. We got it back last night.”, “And you never will.