Arisa finally saw him walking by and talked with him. The Ox is the second member of the Zodiac animals, as the Rat was able to take advantage of the Ox in the zodiac legend to become first himself in the Zodiac because the Ox was stupid. Fruits Basket Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community.

In an author's note, Takaya described him as … Akito says that before her and Yuki, “God” and the Rat hadn’t been reincarnated in a very long time. This drink made sure that every single one of them would be reborn, and no matter how many times they were reborn, the bond of their friendship would remain.[1]. So when they feel self-hatred and that the bond is a curse, they can look at the Cat and think “Thank God. A new possessed Sohma can only be born if a previous cursed Sohma passes away.

His most usual suit and consist of a black vest, with an unbuttoned grey shirt underneath without any tie, along with black trousers and a pair of brown shoes. Mickey, Donald and Goofy: The Three Musketeers,,

Shigure in particular has many theories about the weakening curse and has stated throughout the series that he hears the sound of “something breaking”. He seems to get along with them and are on speaking terms with them, but they aren't particularly close. Despite being freed from the curse, Kureno says he misses being able to fly. When Kureno asks her how she feels, she admits that she'll get lonely without Tohru, but she is happy to move forward with her own journey. His blood type is ?? Yuki's family received special treatment and began living a life in luxury, and Yuki received a special and different education from the other Zodiacs due to being deemed as an important and special existence within the Zodiac - just like the God. He took her out for a meal. In connection to this, he explains that he lives life following a particular pattern and that doesn't do "unnecessary" things very often, such as taking strolls or going out to buy things. He tells Tohru that the four who knew were Shigure, Hatori, Ayame, and himself. Her natural yellow-golden hair- and eye colors are influenced by the Tiger's spirit. Whenever Hatsuharu is hugged by the opposite sex, or if his body goes through a great deal of stress, he transforms into his Chinese Zodiac form; a black and white Ox with brown eyes, piercings, a necklace, and Hatsuharu's human hairstyle. When Kagura was young, her parents used to fight all the time due to her being possessed by a Zodiac animal's spirit. While having lunch, they learn more about one another and Kureno reveals that he is not able to go outside much; in fact, the first time he met Arisa was the first time he had been to a convenience store as well. Arisa describes Kureno as the kind of person who could step in dog poo and not notice. When Akito Sohma found out that his chinese zodiac curse had been officially broken when he was only 16 years old, she kept Kureno confined in her house for most of his life, and at one point, had an sexual affair with him to keep him there and for him to want her as a woman and not just as the God of the Chinese Zodiac. Kureno apologizes, but Akito just stabs him in the back, whereupon Kureno collapses and is sent to the hospital. He feels it is his duty to be by Akito's side, as he also feels guilt at being the only member of the Zodiac to be able to enjoy absolute freedom, while the rest are still burdened by the curse.

She later got her all of her memories of Momiji erased, and as a result, Momiji became estranged from his mother and sister by his father, and they are not aware of their familial relationship, except Momiji and his father. Kureno is noted to be very much like Tohru Honda; kind, polite, slightly scatterbrained at times, and cares more for others around him than for himself. After giving Akito some advice about her behavior, Akito stabs him angrily in the back, whereupon Kureno collapsed and was sent to the hospital. Whenever he transforms into his animal or reverts back to his human form, a green smoke surrounds him.

Being under the influence of the curse, Yuki's relationships with his family were almost non-existent; his father is never mentioned; his mother, who although never rejected him, used him as a tool for her own benefits; and his older brother ignored his pleas for help to protect himself. When he sees Arisa break out of her character and scream out in frustration because she wanted Kureno to see her, he is taken aback and is reminded of how lonely he actually is. His natural dark hair- and eye colors could are also influenced by the Dragon's spirit.

For example, Kureno Sohma had a dream about a still transparent Akito when she had just been conceived, and she told him that they would be able to meet soon. He has straight, short, auburn-reddish hair (brown in the anime), which reaches down to his nape, with two cowlicks sticking out from the top of his head. Tohru nonetheless quickly gives him Arisa's contact information, and her sincerity and determination in her actions make Kureno laughs, and he decides to safely let Tohru go away. Kureno is the one who releases Isuzu from the cat compound after her imprisonment. When he transforms into his animal or reverts back to his human form, a violet-colored smoke surrounds him. He was the first of the cursed Sohmas to have his curse completely broken, while speaking of his broken curse and how he felt "free, no longer in a bird cage" without the presence of the cursed spirit.