we've tried wild, and bred fert magmasaur eggs, both works, and PC. The difference is that genesis is an official paid DLC map.

It says not violent taming. How do you tame a Basilisk on Genesis? Taming the Basilisk can be difficult however luckily you will not have to battle it. which type of eggs did or can  you use and which version of the game are you on? Fertilized. 1st raise a drake. Guessing Magmasaur eggs but anyone know how to here? Toss a lightpet on the ground, put a metal foundation over it , switch it to block. Look at this tutorial: How to Tame a Basilisk. I tamed it by using a bloodstalker, simply climbed a wall above it (where it couldn’t spit acid at me) and threw magma eggs down to it.

save hide report. These are rapid aggressive animals so you’ll need to plan in advance. Takes 4 eggs on 3x help prevent a bad day for someone else! It's easy! Hope this was useful. How do you tame Basilisks on gen my tribemates trying to use Wyvern eggs and it doesn't work. So not sure how someone has tamed one. they still aren't eating the eggs. I've asked others on my server and the answer was no, only rock drake eggs. So I can get one on crystal isles :(, If you are looking to get a basilisk on crystal isles don’t even try without forcetame or spawn rock drakes due to the drakes not spawning. Join 3,170 players on Dododex's Discord and get 100 dino emojis! So just sit and wait. Been scrolling through tips and Haven't seen anyone say this yet.

Whoever said basilisks can eat crystal wyvern eggs is just flat out wrong. Easy.

Make sure the area is clear of anything it could Target. It'll aggro the lightpet but will be unable to kill it. RobbEJay.

So just sit and wait. magmasaur egg taming doesn't seem to work. Taming the Basilisk can be difficult however luckily you will not have to battle it. 6. Thanks for adding acid spitting snakes on the map TAHT CANT BE TAMED. Powered by Invision Community.

Yep as long as nothing attacks it while its taming so clear the area first, You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Tips and strategies on taming and knocking out a basilisk. Posted by 3 months ago. Then drop all the eggs on top of the metal foundation and lure the basilisk to the foundation. Because I'm trying to feed it Fertilized Magmasaur eggs and it's not working. As in player bred, not picked up from the overworld. We've already tamed multiple basilisks on official since update hit. Since the animal is fast, you might wish to use various other animals to quickly get away such as a Raptor. They will normally be located within Component Loss and also The Back. 2nd collect a bunch of rock drake eggs. Required fields are marked *, How to Tame a Basilisk – ARK Aberration Guide. How to Find Mondstadt’s Secret Luxury Chest in Genshin Impact, Genshin Impact: How to Find and Defeat the Guardian of Ruins, How to Find Hidden Treasure Chests in Genshin Impact, How to Optimize Genshin Impact to Run on Your PC, Your email address will not be published. Otherwise, basilisk will not eat egg. All rights reserved. Best method I've seen and tried is put a light pet down near the basilisk you want to tame, place a foundation over it and lay enough eggs to tame onto foundation then aggro basilisk towards the light pet. 3rd find a basilisk and while riding the cloaked drake drop the eggs one by one and it will eat them. On my singleplayer save I transferred a bunch of rock drake eggs to Genesis from Aberration. These are rapid aggressive animals so you’ll need to plan in advance. First off, you’ll need an abundant egg and to locate a Basilisk that is not assaulting anything or underground.