Carry a kettle-full of hot water outdoors and pour it liberally over the trail. Unfortunately, here in the Pacific Northwest they’re a regular part of life. Blog While Ants can be found anywhere in the home, there are a couple places that are particularly vulnerable. Ants hate cinnamon. Make sure to store in something other than an open bag, too! We’ve been doing it for over 18 years! EcoCare Pest Solutions knows Ant extermination techniques and how to eliminate them safely from Portland and Vancouver homes. Ants love rotting wood. First, set out ant traps along the trail. by Ken VahnDijk | Sep 25, 2018 | Bugs, Infestations, Pest Control. Reviews Squirrel

For obvious reasons, it's not a good solution for a trail of ants indoors. Step 4 Leave the mixture on the ants for three to five minutes, until the ants stop moving. This is a particular issue in children’s bedrooms. If there are any areas that’ve been water damaged in your home, remove and repair the area immediately with new material. It’s what every homeowner fears — getting home from a long day at work to see a trail of Ants in the kitchen. 03 of 07 Rodents Insects Clean the trail with a mixture of 1 parts vinegar to 3 parts water. Another magic cleaner, baking soda is a great tool to help remove the scent trail of scouter ants. Ant colonies work by having “scout Ants” head out in search of food. When you see this, act fast! I've done this and it works great, got rid of a huge amount of ants in my kitchen. Murphy's oil soap, or cleaners that have orange oil, are most effective. Scrubbing with a commercial cleaner is a good option to remove the ant scent trail when others have failed. Sarah Aguirre has 20+ years of experience in the cleaning industry. Depending on the type of Ant that has taken up residence in your home, your infestation could be caused by a variety of factors. Throw away any food or trash toward which the ants may be heading. Be cautious with using chili powder around kids and pets. Clean the trail area with a sponge or brush, and rinse as needed. Baking soda is poisonous to ants, so those who ingest the powder will die. Use an ant deterrent along the previous ant trails to further discourage ant activity in the area. In addition to being gross and inconvenient, they can be hard to truly get rid of. Pour one quart of the concentrated vinegar into the nests to kill the ants on contact. Even if it’s dry now, the wood has still been weakened if it’s suffered water damage, giving Ants an excellent opportunity to tunnel into your home and build a nest. This detective work often requires tasks that can be damaging to your home’s structure if not completed correctly.