I was stoked, to say the least, I could finally play all of those old games of my youth that I hadn't touched in at least a decade. Eventually, one of the players' uploads was accepted and the option to upload anything further disappeared.

Information found on the website on the third day could then be used by readers, either through online methods such as emails or by submitting videos of users playing specific songs from both The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, to unlock an alternate path on the first day after the website reset. Alyss seems to be good at calming BEN down in times when he feels really pissed to the point where he would do something reckless.

Kelbris, who similarly died under uncertain circumstances, is now seen within the cult as evidence of his own, successful 'ascension'. He is a party-loving pot smoker who is prominently very lazy and addicted to video games. Like storytellers before him, using paintings or ink to craft the tale, he uses the devices of our advanced time to make something that the kids of the nineties can latch onto. Colonel Blackheart | He then claims that the game has been reverted to its pre-Jadusable state, and that BEN — which he explains to be the Behavioral Event Network — is a hive mind consisting of both the souls of Moon Children who have been successfully digitized and of various artificially intelligent programs from Majora's Mask which he believes gained sentience either from a lack of input or by some sort of trigger, with the entity being named after the original Ben as a tribute, due to their soul having been the first human soul to have been successfully digitized. There was no sound, just him floating in the air above me, and the background music which was regular for the area (but still creepy).

Reading through the summary, this sounds morbid - resembling my dream from two nights ago except on a far more sadistic scale - these Moon Children, there's something more to them, almost as if they're another entity from Ben.

His outward appearance was, for lack of a better word, displeasing.

The Strider |

Now I definitely, definitely need sleep. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

It eventually told me to go to Ikana Canyon, where the game would end and it would stop haunting me, anxious and desperate to end this nightmare I played the song of soaring and ended up there. For you Zelda enthusiasts these are all symbols of honesty and trustworthiness and I would hope that one of you may have picked up on the reference. True to his word, BEN uses Black Stuff multiple times over the course of the series to save himself and his friends. To my dismay I found no one, but as I turned to leave the statue cornered me in the cubby in the back. I arrived at Ikana Canyon and saved my progress at the owl statue. This fifth day will be my last day, I'm going to burn the cartridge and then come back to destroy my laptop. By this point, it was obvious the game didn't want me to leave, but I had no idea why it was keeping me here.

From Waverly Hall, Georgia. But I suppose that's partially to blame because I am the genius who picked to live in a single, I suppose someone to get ahold of me and save me before I got too immersed into this game would have literally saved my life. King of Serepentis Link's body was distorted - his back was cocked violently to the side where his posture was permanently disfigured.

He specializes in drug-dealing, hacking, gaming, and watching TV. He is 15 right now, but in 20/20, he will be 16 on April 25th. As I expected, the car was still gone and no one was home. User: BEN drowned.

The arc titles also generally have double meanings.

Ben Drowned (originally published as Haunted Majora's Mask Cartridge)[2] is a three-part multimedia alternate reality game (ARG) web serial created by Alexander D. "Jadusable" Hall.

Reminded of my first encounter with the Skull Kid on top of Clock Tower, I pulled out my Ocarina (to which the game played the ding sound when you're supposed to play your Ocarina) and tried a song I hadn't played yet - the Happy Mask Salesman's own song and the song that had been playing on loop back in Day 4 - the Song of Healing. I've been trying so hard but the harder I try I just get more restless. Hobby

I started playing the game again last night, getting the Lens of Truth and working my way towards completing the Snowhead Temple. Unknown User: Oh really?

This was probably the account that I shared with a friend of mine last summer, I hope he doesn't mind me using it to upload this. Shortly after his parents moved, and despite any further attempts to talk to the man to get more information, he wouldn't divulge anything else. As a Proxy, BEN seems to be almost always high. I did what you guys told me to do, I played the Elegy of Emptiness song at the first prompt by the game I was given, but I think that's what the game or Ben (Jesus Christ, I can't believe I'm even humoring the absurd idea that he exists in the game) wanted me to do.

Link grabbed his head, and the screen flashed for a brief moment of the Happy Mask Salesman smiling at me - not Link - me with Skull Kid's scream playing in the background and when the screen returned I was staring at the Link Statue from playing the song Elegy of Emptiness. Do you know ben drowned?Hi. Originally an innocent 12-year-old boy, BEN was drowned and subsequently killed by an unknown old man.

There is no mention of Ben existing outside the game.

[5], The series has been favorably compared to the similarly-popular creepypasta series Marble Hornets. The two save files told me his fate. Now it made sense why the statue appeared when I tried to go to the Laundry Pool - the game must have anticipated how I would have tried to escape the Day 4 Clock Town. [24] An independent film adaptation of the series titled Darkland: Ben Drowned, produced by Mind's Eye Entertainment and starring Jonny Clarke, began filming in 2015, but ultimately was not completed. Perhaps the most chilling thing was the music - it was the Song of Healing, ripped straight from the game itself, but played in reverse. 7:18pm - BEN called me to Cleverbot again. Places where he shouldn't be - I'd be scrolling down and suddenly I'd be staring at a picture of the Elegy statue.

User: You are.

Had no problems opening the txt document from my "infected" computer in my email, either.

BEN, likewise, loved his deceased mother dearly, so much so that he was willing to recklessly attack X just because the demnon was mocking his mother's death. I got butterflies in my stomach as I realized what a coincidence this was and asked him how much he wanted for it.

I couldn't wake up. Septim |

I discovered that this old man had never been married, nor did he have any children or grandchildren through adoption.

**It was submitted by Stormie, 37 years old. To this day it maintains a very high level of viewership which peaked at over 2 million unique visitors in March 2020,[11] nearly eight years after completion of the first two arcs; upon its launch, the series garnered over 100,000 views in its first two days of publication.