In Season 3 Hannah is recruited by the CIA. Designated Survivor Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Posting on Instagram, Maggie thanked the show's fans as well as the cast and crew, and gave a shout-out to creator David Guggenheim. Profession Fan-favourite character Hannah Wells, played by Maggie Q, was killed off in season 3 episode 7. A few moments after the Capitol explosion, Hannah made an attempt to call her partner, Scott Wheeler who was a member of Congress that died in the Capitol bombing, but was sent to voicemail. With a number of people aware that Kirkman did nothing with the information he had, this decision could have fatal consequences for him in season four. Hair color Last appearance First appearance I want to thank everyone who has stuck with Hannah throughout her journey on @designatedsurvivor. During the events of the first season, Hannah was the one to eventually find that Peter MacLeish, the survivor of the Capitol bombing, was hiding in a bomb shelter beneath the Capitol and that he was involved with the conspirators responsible. It has been such a pleasure to take this character on. Designated Survivor season 3: Who plays Sasha in Designated Survivor? [2] [3]. I want to thank everyone who has stuck with Hannah throughout her journey on @designatedsurvivor," she wrote. Designated Survivor season 3 is streaming on Netflix now. She had worked on an investigation into the murder of Eric Little, who was bribed by Alex Kirkman's mother.

Hannah Wells was born in Oceanside, California to a father who worked for SEAL and a Vietnamese-American mother. Jake Epstein as Chuck Russink, an FBI analyst. While there Hannah killed Valeria and at Amy's behest, brought her back to American. We will use your email address only for sending you newsletters. Hannah definitely will be missed.”, Other fans lamented how she died: “The way you died was kinda an anticlimax to what your character did for this show.”(sic), A fourth fan agreed: “My favourite character from the show.

“But my GREATEST thanks goes to @davidguggenheim our show’s creator. Designated Survivor season 3 ending explained: What happened? This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. When They See Us: What really happened to Korey Wise's sister? Status Eye color

Want up-to-the-minute entertainment news and features? Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. "But my GREATEST thanks goes to @davidguggenheim, our show's creator. She had publicly humiliated Andrea Frost by accusing her of these actions and sabotage against President Kirkman, after the president told her to find concrete evidence and Frost admitting to a private conversation at the Cabinet hearing against Kirkmans mental ability to remain in office. Designated Survivor season 3 finally launched on Netflix earlier this month, but not everybody made it through the season alive. Designated Survivor star Benjamin Charles Watson has described the third season's major death as a "total, total shock". However, the firing was just a setup since the model car in the office was bugged by Kirkman's close friend Dax Minter, also known as Gamine. After seeing the plumes of smoke rising from the Capitol in the distance, Hannah got in her car and drove to the flaming wreckage. Hannah Wells After the fact, these actions seemed to have gotten Hannah fired by President Kirkman in the Oval Office. However, Kirkman decided not to speak out, which definitely helped him to win the election. It was his vision and dedication that won me, and I am forever grateful to him. It was his vision and dedication that won me, and I am forever grateful to him. Female Designated Survivor season 3: Hannah was killed by a racist virus, Designated Survivor season 3: Maggie Q announces her exit, Umbrella Academy season 2: Showrunner sends fans into turmoil, Lucifer season 5 spoilers: ‘I’m torn’ reveals boss Idly Modrovich, Designated Survivor season 3: Tom was reelected as president, When They See Us: Director reveals why series name changed. See today's front and back pages, download the newspaper, The building the science lab was in then caught fire and engulfed Hannah in the flames. Didn't like the way they killed Hannah off, it felt like an afterthought to be honest.”. However, in episode seven, season three, of the Netflix series she was killed off after being exposed to a flu virus that attacks people of colour because of the pigmentation in their skin.

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order back issues and use the historic Daily Express Which in the end, Alex Kirkman won but then killed by a car accident.

In the season finale, Tom Kirkman (Kiefer Sutherland) finds himself re-elected as president after a fairly dirty campaign. The season ends with Hannah watching a video obtained from Valeria which contained a scene where Emily Rhodes hands some documents to Valeria. In the episode, titled #truthorconsequences, Kirkman speaks to his therapist about his turmoil over some of the decisions he’s made. Season 3 premiered on June 7, but there's currently no word on whether or not it will be renewed for a fourth run. In the end, Aaron Shore and Hannah Wells were together at a bar when Hannah Wells pulled out her White House ID and her FBI badge and laid them next to him, signifying her resignation. One fan replied with their sadness: “But you were the reason why I started watching this show.”, Another added: “Nothing better than a badass female character and you perfected that.

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Biography. The character departed over the course of the Netflix show’s third season, as she was killed off amidst an investigation into a harmful bioweapon. Hannah (played by Maggie Q) had been a firm fan favourite on Designated Survivor as the CIA agent determined to fight evil.

She is portrayed by Maggie Q. Designated Survivor June 17, 2019 Following three seasons of Designated Survivor, Maggie Q and her character of Hannah Wells are officially gone. "It has been such a pleasure to take this character on.". Portrayed by Deceased Under Tom Kirkman’s authority, Hannah became the lead investigator into the terrorist attack that killed everyone present at the Capitol (with the exception of Peter MacLeish, as was discovered later). She also discovered the identity of another conspirator, named Catalan. She worked on an investigation into Andrea Frost, who she thought to be the hacker known as, "Gamine," that was responsible for hacks into NASA, the Power Grid of Washington D.C, President Kirkmans therapy tapes, and other hacks, which resulted into multiple deaths including Damian Rennet. The series was picked up by Netflix after US TV network ABC cancelled it after two seasons. Brown She fails to hold up her end of the deal and Luke is later found dead on a river bank. Margaret Quigley (Maggie Q) Basic information

Now, star Maggie has taken to Instagram to thank the show and share how much she loved playing the character: “Holy binge watching! Kiefer Sutherland leads the cast, with Adan Canto, Italia Ricci, and Kal Penn also among the stars. She is later killed by Atwood after she pulls out a gun to kill either Hannah Wells or Atwood. Designated Survivor is available to watch on Netflix. Hannah Wells was a former FBI agent who investigated the US Capitol during President Richmond's State of the Union address. The CIA agent uncovered a hidden biolab, but was exposed to the poisonous gas produced there that specifically targets people of colour. "It has been such a pleasure to take this character on, and in leaving her behind, I have only incredible memories of a cast and crew who I love with my whole heart.

Brown At the end of Season 2, Hannah arrived in England to search for Damien's daughter Amy. But my GREATEST thanks goes to @davidguggenheim our shows creator. Ultimately, she was able to expose the conspirators who dubbed themselves as the True Believers and thus led to their downfall.

While the FBI and emergency services dig through the rubble, they find an explosive commonly found in the Middle East, but was later deemed dysfunctional.