They are made by a local tackle shop and I think I paid like $130.00 each for 4 of them. I like this rod because it has a great backbone. I have been pier fishing for most of my life but more recently I have seen people start to target Goliath Groupers for Sport. Usually we adjust the drag to 30 percent of the rig’s line strength. These hooks wont rust, break or bend.

El Rio Negro Sport Fishing Lodge Playa Reina, Mariato, Veraguas Republic of Panama, Central America, US +1 (562) 295-7175 CAPT ALEX 011 (507) 6206-0721 LODGE 011 (507) 6936-1121, We recommend that you use a center tail weight jig when you’re fishing for Yellowfin Tuna, Amberjack, broom-tail  grouper and Corvina. The correct set up of your rod and reel is important. BryanC Senior Member. by Chuck Muth and Citizen Outreach Foundation. Because this information can be used in a variety of ways to fit various purposes, Chuck Muth and Citizen Outreach Foundation will not be responsible for any damages (including, without limitation, indirect, consequential, special or punitive damages) suffered or incurred by any person arising out of such person’s use of or reliance on this publication. Because of the physical style of this type of fishing, small light reels are important if your going to be saltwater jigging for a large portion of the day.

It takes much longer to get to the boat but,  gives the fish more opportunity to take the fluttering jig on the way down and up.

That is, if you are fast enough yourself. This set up allows me to fish with my drag close to maximum as well as being able to pull fish out from underneath pilings and piers. The knocker rig is a common snapper rig but can work well for any fish that is likely to dive for cover, including grouper. looking to upgrade and get a more heavier duty rod and reel set up for Big grouper, any of you wanting to get rid of a set up.

Key to the setup are parabolic rods, compact reels with high retrieve rates, heavy drags, and no-stretch braided lines.

You’re NOT Alone…, Website Designed and Maintained by Virtual Ally. GARRIGA Senior Member. and have been doing for a long time. Explore them all to see what you prefer and you may reel in that fish of a lifetime with these saltwater jigging techniques. No portion of this publication may be reprinted or reproduced in any way without the author’s express written permission.. The four most common types of jigs we use are flutter jigs, slow-pitch jigs, vertical speed jigs and diamond jigs. How to Navigate These Corona-Troubled Political Waters, 4 Lessons You Can Take Away from Super Tuesday, Trump’s “You” Messaging Trumps “Me” Messaging, February’s Psephology Today “One of the Best Ones Yet”, 7 Things You Can Learn from Trump’s SOTU Speech, How to Write about THEM, Not You, with 2 Simple Words, Read This Only if You Ever Have to Give Public Speeches, CASE STUDY: McSally and the “Liberal Hack”, Tongues Ain’t Wagging over Milquetoast Messaging, What You Can Learn from a Pair of Billionaire Boneheads, From the Department of Redundancy Department, Some Cheerful News for Under-Funded Candidates, The Art of Persuasion and the Rule of Reciprocity.

The top 10 jigs we use for saltwater jigging are (in no particular order): Probably the most critical part of landing a big fish is your jig rigging. They have bullet proof construction and great drag ratings for the size of reel.

Keep checking your tracks to confirm your drift direction. Mistake #3: Not Having The Proper Rod & Reel A high-speed reel is mandatory for offshore snapper. It allows me to pitch baits out without having to worry about my FG knot getting caught up in roller guides.

As equally important when jigging is the technique used and the position of your drift over the reef. How to get more votes, more donors, more volunteers and more media coverage!

We keep pre-rigged leaders with a swivel and clip on each end ready to go in the jigging box.

The rod is rated for 80lb line. This is why we sometimes call this type of fishing “vertical casting”.

getn bent, Jun 19, 2018. getn bent, Jun 19, 2018. Ditto above; the rods we use for grouper fishing with bait are pretty much broomsticks. A bristol knot can also be used to make this connection, others just use terminal tackle and clips if the leader is short.

They also move horizontally. Then let drop again on the bottom bouncing it and retrieving up until you pass over the high spot.

Drop and repeat in a tight compact circular motion, and remember cadence is key. A helpful tool to find your drift direction is to turn “panning mode” off on your GPS. The Rod of choice is a Star Rods Aerial Boat 7'6 and 50-80lbs with Foul Proof guides. Welcome Super User! There are few reels and rods that can take the abuse and sadly some of them aren't available like the shimano Trinidad 40 narrow. Using a center weighted jig, drop the jig over the target and let it flutter back and forth towards the bottom. I have this reel spooled with 500 yards of 80lb Bullbuster braid and a 50 yard top shot of 400lb grander leader. Running Against the Boogie Man Simply Isn’t Enough, What You Need to Know about Twitter’s New Ban on Political Ads, Viguerie: The Only Media the Left Can’t Control, How to Rot the Brain of Rage-o-holic Trolls, Case Study: A Huge Direct Mail Fundraising Letter Boo-Boo, Simple Way to Explain the Electoral College on the Campaign Trail, A Simple Yet Powerful Way to Win Friends & Influence People, A 27-Year-Old Lesson on How Not to be Political Roadkill, Subject Lines that Don’t Suck: Another in a Series, Media Scorpion Stings Conservative Frog: Film at 11. New grouper/snapper reel & rod advice. The 400lb mono acts as a shock leader and it has superior abrasion resistance. The correct set up of your rod and reel is important.

On the retrieval, crank the jig up 10-15 feet then let it flutter back down 5 feet, then retrieve back up 10-15 more feet in a rhythmic motion and repeat. Does Insulting the Intelligence of Your Donors Really Work? MikeF, Aug 9, 2012. Aug 9, 2012 #6 . The Reel I use is an AVET 30 narrow. With a fair number of short fish being hooked, it is good practice anyway. Bait or jig? Welcome Ambassador! Typically we like to go 20-30 meters in front of the hi-spot, shut the engines off and drift over the reef. possibly got a Spj rod and cash to trade for. Alutecnos gorilla, and some other very high end reels can take it, if you can take the price. These are both effective and will catch a lot of fish.

Another important factor to jigging is finding the correct drift over the reef based on the ocean current and wind conditions. what you got. Using a light reel either spinning or conventional with a heavy drag rating, around 40-60 pounds.

The bait of choice is a live jack crevalle, ladyfish or moonfish. When it comes to Fishing Central America, having your jigging arsenal on point can make all the difference. 6,011 1,065. Jun 19, 2018 #2 .

grouper rod and reel setup.

They are not terribly expensive when bought in bulk and they are a great investment. We hope that you enjoyed this article on the Bullbuster Community. Guys, I live in the Clearwater/St Pete area and fish offshore in 30 to 150 feet for grouper, snapper, amberjack, kings, cobia, etc.