You pick the spot where you want to ball to land. You can win golf club cards, gems, and thousands of coins. And the event mode is named as the lucky shot mode. • De nouveaux trous attendent d’être joués. This is because when you start the game you will have the most basic loot, so it will be impossible to open a rare chest and get anything worse than what you’ve already got. Yeah, I’m thinking of using 500 gems to get a VIP club, but am wondering if it’s worth it.

Play online with friends in new arenas! You just drag the ball, aim, and shoot. Miniclip SA Speed or precision? This will not only change your name, but it will reward you hundreds of gems for free.

Home; Tips & Lessons. Is there any way you can gift me some coins so I can play more and learn to play better. You can also challenge friends. I have a 3 for accuracy yet I seem to be overshooting, How are places allocated in the event of a tied score. Everyone has the same camera problems, you shouldn’t use it as an excuse for bad shots. Which is better? you get 2 vip clubs & each club is 2x, hence it gets upgraded to lvl 2 It is an online multiplayer golf game in which you golf battle against random players from all over the world and challenge to the friends in custom matches. You should adjust the power according to the situation. Miniclip’s latest sports game Golf Battle has just been released for Android on Google Play Store. This means that the more you play the same levels in Golf Battle, the better chance you’ll have at avoiding a penalty. I do see a difference in Power, though, which I am grateful for. See, you guys think Golf Ball's rigged votes were made by demons, but think about it, what if Basketball's votes were rigged, you guys would LOVE that! So these are the top Golf Battle tips, cheats & strategies from our side. What about your short game?

Utilise des pouvoirs, améliore tes personnages et deviens une légende du foot . Head to the customize tab and there you can see the list of golf clubs. The last three players would not get any reward except EXP. Also, see – Top new Android games list. Don’t let your opponent beat you in the race. The more upgrades you apply to your putter the further you can hit the ball. Both the modes feature the same golf courses. Learn To Play Golf; Golf For Beginners; Golf For Advanced; Golf Fitness Quickly drag and fire the ball and get to the next course. The golf battle game features two main game modes and one event mode. Figure out the traps such as sand, ramps, gaps, obstacles, and then aim and strike. @Daphne That’s a weird problem. You can check the remaining time at the top of the screen.

Take as many turns as you can and put the ball in the hole asap. If you play these game modes over and over again, you will learn the map easily and you should be able to outlast the opponents in the fast-paced golf battles. In this mode, the player has to send the ball in the hole’s radius to get the prize. On the next screen, you have more options also; watch the video ad to get 150 coins, 300 coins, 1 chest, and gems. You earn gems upon leveling up, from the chests, by watching video ads.