This is Case A.Now, someone is arrested for smoking Tobacco, and is tried in Court for breach of this new law. Even thought it is not possible for everyone to switch roles for a day, it is important that we can visualize what it would be like to do so.

In ancient Greece, one of the main goals in, lead according to the Golden Rule (Nodstrom & Hall, 1986). Bennion (2005) has identified a number of issues that may cause uncertainty: It is found in the scriptures of nearly every religion. When a word stand alone it may have one specific definition however when one word is used in more than one context it may have a variety of different meanings. ... Seneca the Younger (c. 4 BCE–65 CE), a practitioner of Stoicism (c. 300 BCE–200 CE) expressed the Golden Rule in his essay regarding the treatment of slaves: "Treat your inferior as you would wish your superior to treat you." Let's say that a Court establishes that it is illegal for people to smoke or be in possession of Tobacco. Learning the golden rule helped me to understand how important it is to illustrate respectful manners.

This idea comes from something called The Golden Rule. the Mount” are also not found. Case A thus becomes a precedent.A precedent is usually a decision which is so important and so well explained that it clears the fog surrounding certain issues and, in so doing, guides Courts in the future, whenever any dispute arises concerning those issues. interpreted. These facts suggest that the golden rule may be an important moral truth. RELIGIONS Moreover, the Golden Rule requires sincerity and is considered one of the most concise and general principles of ethics. • the golden rule It simply means treat others as you would like to be treated. 859. Please join StudyMode to read the full document.

The Stereotypes Of Snow White: The Tale Of Folktales. We know it in Western civilization as the “Golden Rule” or ethic of reciprocity. But there are others who are all about themselves, don’t have any consideration for anyone but themselves. Golden Rule Of Interpretation-Comparision Between English Law And Indian Law INTRODUCTION The golden rule is that the words of a statute must prima facie be given their ordinary meaning. The golden rule is that the words of a statute must prima facie be given their ordinary meaning. Under the Street Offences Act [1959], it was a crime for... ...Part E The rules of statutory interpretation Many of us are unhappy with the way the world is going because of the turmoil we’re now going through. Even though it is a more moral and ethical aspect, it is still prominent in very spiritual religions. In the spirit of Karen Warren, of what is considered to be The Golden Rule. If the courts find it difficult to decide whether a particular situation falls within a statute or not, the situation was probably unforeseen by the legislature. What remedy the Parliament hath resolved and appointed to cure the disease of the commonwealth. Golden Rule Essay. Once the person can see first hand what it's like to be on the "other" side they will realize their mistakes and look at things in a different light. The golden rule allows permissible interpretation of the literal meaning of the term, in view of other aspects of the statute such as its preamble, article titles, and punctuation. Arizona Golden Rule Educational Experiences (AGREE) character development curriculum including reading, math writing, arts; simple, multicultural, non-religious; tied to Arizona academic standards; opportunities for recognition and grants ; Arizona Golden Rule Educational Experiences = AGREE, a program under a Arizona 501(c)(3) Non-profit Organization. Statutory interpretation is the process used by courts to interpret and apply legislation, although Acts of Parliament are written by expert draftsmen, the statute for the case before them may not be clear. of Kerala, 1995Supp (2)S.C.C.187.eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'studyboss_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_3',106,'0','0'])); Periasami v. State of Tamilnadu(1996)6 SCC 457. To export a reference to this article please select a referencing style below: Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. In law, the, It is my belief that the world can be transformed if all of the human race followed one simple rule. MegaEssays. Example

The golden rule allows a judge to depart from a word's normal meaning in order to avoid an absurd result.

A big disadvantage though is that by sticking to the Unlike the prosecution, the accused can be discharged the burden of proof based on the ‘preponderance of probabilities’ [2]. In law, the Golden rule, or British rule, is a form of statutory construction traditionally applied by English courts. In ancient Greece, a similar rule was forced upon children and can be found as a common theme woven into many ancient Greek myths, but the punishment for disobeying was far more severe. These rules each take different approaches to interpretation of a statute.

Introduction In The Golden Rule Some judges also feel that their role is to fill the gaps and ambiguities in the law whilst others think that it should be left to Parliament as the supreme law-maker.

Many of our 2000 incidents directly involved these areas. Sometimes customers are not right and managers must handle the upset customer with great poise. The purpose behind the Golden Rules is to provide employees and contractors with a comprehensive understanding of these risk areas.

The term "golden rule" seems to have originated in an 1854 court ruling,[1] and implies a degree of enthusiasm for this particular rule of construction over alternative rules that has not been shared by all subsequent judges. Firstly I will explain what a precedent is.

The literal rule says that the intention of Parliament is best found in the ordinary and natural meaning of the words used.

example of the literal rule is that it respects parliamentary Be kind and help others just because it makes your soul smile. Golden Rules of Safety An Exceptions enumerated under sec 105 and sec 106 place a part of burden of proof on the accused to prove facts which are within his knowledge.

Nevertheless, the question of what degree of the absurdity needed for judge to refuse to use the literal rule and to apply golden rule remains open. That is that one of the central ideas of Confucianism, which can teach men to be a gentleman or Nobel person. Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, and Confucianism all have their own ways of portraying the message of the Golden Rule. Courts often announce that that they are trying to discover the intention of the legislature when interpreting statutes. Similarly, sec 114-A raises presumption of absence of consent in a rape cases. A court decision that becomes a rule used to makefuture decisions.

The rule was first set out in Heydon's Case [1584]76 ER 637 3 CO REP 7a. Living My Life by The Golden Rule I try to live every day of my life by thinking of others before myself. The golden rule has served as a cornerstone of communication for millennia.

...The mischief rule[1] is one of three rules of statutory construction traditionally applied by English courts. If the words are clear and unambiguous, even though the result makes nonsense of the law, they must be followed. It is also equally well settled principle that suspicion however strong cannot take place of proof.

The onerous responsibility to prove all the ingredients of an offence rests upon the prosecution. In applying the rule, the court is essentially asking the question: what was the "mischief" that the previous law did not cover, which Parliament was seeking to remedy when it passed the law now being reviewed by the court? INTRODUCTION

The Golden Rules of Safety address the eight highest risk activities, that as a company, we perform.