It is stolen the next day by Throat Explosion. Finn gets increasingly annoyed during their dance and yells at her to stand up. Rachel situated herself in front of him, tucking her knees under her as she looked at him straight in the eye. Meanwhile, Finn is seen playing the drums while performing Fight for Your Right (To Party) with Puck at a Delta Kappa Chia fraternity party, they were given critical acclaim by the president and they were both offered membership in the fraternity. Finn, to the annoyance of Rachel, loves the way Holly Holliday conducts Glee, and eagerly dances and sings with the sub. Finn threatens to quit the club because she agrees on hiring Dakota. Finn agrees. When he leaves, he throws all of the brochures in the garbage. Leaving Rachel in shock and awe, not yet replying. They all agree that he's one of the few people at McKinley High who never bullied them. He gives Finn a guitar pick and a shot glass.

(On My Way). As Finn is putting his books away at his locker, Quinn approaches to congratulate him on being reinstated on the football team. (Pilot). He says he loves her, Quinn says she loves him too, the two share a hug and walk down the corridor together.

Will tells Finn that Glee is where he belongs. Kurt, Mercedes, Puck, Rory, Sam, Santana, Artie, Blaine, Mercedes, Rachel, and Santana, Blaine, Brittany, Kurt, Mercedes, Mike, Puck, and Rachel, He breaks up with both of his ex-girlfriends in a car: first with, In wake of his death, Rachel makes a plaque in his honor with his famous quotation, "The show must go all over the place...or something," said in.

Emma is really clueless, but then unintentionally recommends them to come to school wearing sunglasses. "Sexy eh?" "Really?" He tells Rachel that she needs to apologize to the club, holding her hand in support. With this, Finn begins to jump ship with the rest of the guys and dress like Justin Bieber, which Quinn notices. She offers to meet him at ‎Breadstix that night. Finn's father, who was a United States Marine, was originally believed to have died while serving in Iraq when Finn was very young, so he was raised by his mother, Carole. Finn then tries to grab Quinn to force her to stand, but this angers Joe and almost escalates into a fight before Sue stops it.

In preparation for potential intimacy, Finn asks Puck for advice about condoms; Puck is supportive, but is otherwise unhelpful. Finn's low self-esteem has also been made central as of the most recent seasons; as he's spent most of his life attempting to fit in or to please others, he's easily prone to resigning himself to stand in the shadow of some of his more outgoing and ambitious friends; and easily feels threatened by other male characters whom he deems to possess talents that eclipse his own. (2009), Sue Sylvester, now Vice President of the United States of America, renames the McKinley High auditorium the Finn Hudson Auditorium in his honor. Artie explains that the song is for the seniors, but mainly for Finn. He accepts the help of the Glee guys. But he still does not reveal the fact that he did it to Rachel. After some missteps, Rose and Rusty decide to tell them that Emma is in her sister's house. Because of this, he goes into Sue's office, where Sue reveals that Emma's used all her vacation days, but if she knew something about where she is, she wouldn't tell Finn. He asks to honor God through music. Later in the Choir Room, Dakota Stanley is handing out customized menus, after a few insults to the fellow members, Finn speaks up, but immediately stops talking just before Dakota insulted Finn and shouts back asking what's wrong with him. He attends one of Quinn's ultrasound appointments, where the two learn that Quinn is having a baby girl. She however rejects the idea reluctantly. In You Get What You Give, Finn leads the song with the seniors and passes the glee club on to the underclassmen. Later on, Finn discusses baby names with Quinn, suggesting the name Drizzle. Rachel tells Kurt that Finn always sends her cutsie text messages, usually containing puns about her boobs. "Now, if we're going to calculate for force...". Later, Finn helps Emma with planning her wedding. The group then agrees to meet up again after six months.

He gets told that he shouldn't even do as much as flirt with Rachel since that is cheating already in her eyes. Rachel says that each member of the New Directions is that factor and that's what she loves about them. Finn struggles to make his mother proud of him and make her happy.

Finn admits that he does not want to date Rachel. Finn and the rest of New Directions finish off the year with their final assignment, Goodbye. Sam's joining comes at an opportune time, since Puck has been arrested and sent to Juvenile Hall, a fact which annoys Finn, since they need Puck's voice and bad boy image in Glee. They do the choir room and get the girls and Blaine excited about the Diva off. They all looked so adorable singing it like a little acafella group and their vocals were fantastic. He is then seen in Rachel's hallucination with Artie, Kurt, Tina, and Mercedes, as they all perform Don't Stop Believin' for the Funny Girl audition. Finn replies that he remembers yawning because they had been talking about emotional stuff, which Emma tells him was the reason for the, as she puts it, "inappropriate touching."