As the Spartan made his way through the temple, he encountered both Artemis and Hades, from whom he gained the Blade of Artemis and Souls of Hades, respectively. Back on Mount Olympus, on the outskirts of the city of Olympia, Helios rode by on his chariot and threw some fireballs at Kratos, prompting him to give chase. However, when Zeus strikes Gaia with a lightning bolt and she falls from the top of the Mount Olympus, the wound caused by the Hippocampi is not seen. The oracle cursed Kratos, forcing him to forever wear the ashes of his dead family on his skin. Kratos rarely personalizes people. Kratos tells his son to leave, with Baldur agreeing he'd do the same. Despite their annoyance, Kratos has shown his respect to pirate captain spirit reminding Kratos of his leadership to his fellow Spartans.

Kratos survived Poseidon's assault, only to be contacted telepathically by the Sea God via one of his broken statues, warning him that he would pay for what he had done to Atlantis.

Kratos breaks free of her sludge trap and snatches the Eyes from Alecto, who retreated back into her sanctum before she realized they were gone. As they are about to retrieve the Black Rune, Kratos gives Atreus a second knife, from which he told them that he crafted it with a mix of metals from his homeland and Norse metals and that the power of warrior comes from within, but only when tempered by emotions, as being a god has a greater responsibility. As he shouted to the heavens, the statue's falling hand crushed him, knocking the Blade of Olympus out of his grasp. After defeating more enemies, the trio overhears voices of the demigods Modi and Magni. Baldur explains that the boy has the brains now with Kratos being a nuisance. Following Erinys' defeat, Kratos returned to Sparta, killing the Piraeus Lion and a Dissenter before entering the Temple of Ares (then in the process of being converted into the Temple of Kratos), where he would find the key to saving his brother. His appetite for glory and merciless tactics in battle won him acclaim from his superiors and fear from his legions of foes, and over time he gathered his own army under the banner of Sparta. Following this further tragedy, Kratos enveloped himself even more deeply in constant warfare, deciding to conquer the city of Rhodes with his Spartans without seeking the counsel of his fellow Olympians. To get the box, he created Pandora who was needed to pacify the flame, but in time he saw Pandora as his daughter and couldn't bear the thought of losing her. Callisto | This marked the beginning of the Titans' Second Great War with the gods. Kratos and Atreus overhear the mysterious man who attacked their house earlier is revealed to be the god Baldur along with two men who are talking to a man trapped in a tree. Kratos attempted to hold onto Gaia's back with the Blade of Olympus, but after calling for aid, Gaia refuses. Titans Soon all will know the glory of Sparta!

When he succeeded and returned Helios to his rightful place in the sky, Helios was grateful and even wanted to help Kratos when he was found weak after the journey but was denied by Athena who knew he would live. After avoiding many traps and fighting enemies, they manage to break the chains holding the temple in place and Kratos was able to flip the temple and manages to recover the travel stone. While Gaia was ascending Mt. Now, after the ensuing avalanche of sequels, prequels and side stories, the saga of Kratos’ star-crossed life has become as tangled and complex as the mythic tales that inspired the world he’s inhabited. But I must face Zeus. In addition, while he admitted that he doesn't like it when Sindri talks about his brother, he was nevertheless absolutely disapproving and reprimanding of Atreus when he coldly told Sindri to shut up about it, even going as far as to look almost apologetic to the Dwarf. Stheno, God Of War: Chains Of Olympus He cited the destruction of Olympus and the world as proof of Kratos' need for atonement before expressing absolute horror at his son's actions, telling him to look around at what he has done.