This raw steel seat base is designed to be a perfect fit for the seat triangle area on our rigid frames, but it also makes a great starting point for a seat for most other custom rigid (or Softail) applications. Please call 818 889 1896 for more information. We offer our integral risers (see above) which are welded smoothly into the bars and we also offer ‘traditional’ clamp-on risers in billet aluminum. 270-111 JayBrake clutch lever and perch, polished $210, 270-113 JayBrake clutch lever and perch, black anodize $260, 270-***1 JayBrake left-side master-cylinder and lever, polished (9/16”, 5/8” or 11/16”) $320, 270-***3 JayBrake left-side master-cylinder and lever, black anodize  (9/16”, 5/8” or 11/16”) $380, 200-***1 JayBrake right-side master-cylinder and lever, polished (9/16”, 5/8” or 3/4”) $320, 200-***3 JayBrake right-side master-cylinderand lever, black anodize  (9/16”, 5/8” or 3/4”) $380, Bore JayBrake control to clamp to 1  1/4” diameter bar. The super-clean primary drives that we use on our ground-up builds and Complete Bike Kits are a combination of the following parts: A Primo  3” belt kit, an Exile Starter Kit (or Bearing Support if kick-start only), a Motor Brace Plate, a Front Pulley Cover and a domed clutch cover (not pictured but shown on virtually every bike). MDP Monster Drag Pipes, raw steel, includes slide-in baffles with billet tips $399, MSP Monster Shotgun Pipes, raw steel, includes slide-in baffles with billet tips $399. It cannot be used unless you have a round oil tank as the shock interferes with the conventional horse-shoe style tank. All tires above 150 series are rear tires, and you must take full responsibility for deciding to run a rear tire on the front of your bike. 200 Metzeler (7.45") $1199, M16-4.25-150F 16"x4.25" Monster front wheel, satin or polished, incl. For those requiring a beefy front wheel to complement the rear Monster, we offer matching front Monsters with the same huge 1/4" stainless spokes, and polished aluminum rims: M15-5-200F 15"x 5" Monster front wheel, satin or polished, incl. TR2/4/6 Traditional risers for 1  1/4” bars, polished aluminum, hidden hardware, 2”, 4” or 6” $199, TR2/4/6-B Traditional risers for 1 1/4 ” bars, black anodize, hidden hardware, 2”, 4” or 6” $249. Some customers may save more than others depending on the options selected. Will not fit 3.5” Primo belt kits. FBHB FatBar HighBars (36” wide as pictured) $299, HighBars are 16” high, but can be made to order in shorter heights add $100, FBWB FatBar WideBars (34” wide as pictured) $299, FBSB FatBar SportyBars (28” wide as pictured) $299, FBDB FatBar DragBars (26” wide as pictured) $299, Bars are supplied in a raw stainless steel finish, but can be supplied in a polished finish (shines like chrome), a brushed finish or a powder-coat black (gloss or satin) finish add $100. We offer a variety of grips that are available WITH or WITHOUT a machined recess in the left grip to mount the Hidden Switch System. ESK Exile Starter Kit (Softail-style transmissions – not HD 6-speed) $849 A very clean, minimal billet starter-mounting kit that is confined to the transmission.

You can modify your existing throttle cable to work, but remember you will need an adjuster either at the lower end of the cable or mid-cable. There are several options that can be ordered for the cleanest bars available. These grips are open-ended (sport-style) for use with bar-ends. This is basically a reversed-spiral version of our Internal Throttle Assembly that can be used on the left side of the bars to operate a cable. These kits consist of a hollow machined steel rod with threaded end, supplied with shift knob of your choice. For each side add $150. We start from a CNC’d billet aluminum ‘rotor cover’ and then fashion the belt guard and side-skirt from 6061 aluminum plate before welding them to the billet piece. 240 Metzeler (9") $1,299, M17-7 17"x7" Monster rear wheel, satin or polished, NO TIRE (use stock HD 200 tire) $999. The front pipe has a captive nut welded in place, but the rear pipe is supplied with separate nut or bracket for you to weld in place as the pipes are fitted. TCC Twist Clutch Cable for all HD ’86-up $100, TCA Twist Clutch Assembly (= LTA plus TCC) $349, HSS-R Hidden Switch System = for use on bikes with HD or after-market electronic flasher control units   $425, HSS-B Hidden Switch System – for use on bikes with simple mechanical flasher control units   $425, EP35 Small, simple mechanical flasher control unit $45. Pulley offsets available. $45, TC-1-89N2 Tech Products 2.0KW starter motor $449, 1215-0152 Kicker kit for all 5-speed Softail-style transmissions $699, 1215-0153 Kicker kit for 6-speed Softail-style transmissions (not HD 6-speed) $699. 2” belt kits also available on request. The individual buttons control turn-signals, horn and High/Low beam. This deal is not designed to be a ‘bike kit’. We even developed a bitchin' billet cover to dress the starter and blend it with the other pieces of the drive-train. Rigid frame with axle. Exile Inverted Front Ends Available in 31”, 32”, ... You will need to supply Dyna foot controls and Dyna inner and outer primary case (if running closed primary). Wheels have been laced with up to 200 spokes. Our Twist Clutch will, of course, work with other clutches, but remember that the stronger your clutch springs the harder the grip will be to twist. Includes mounting bracket $499, HTPC High Temp Coating for pipes – Black or Silver $250. L100 Le Pera seat base, raw steel, compatible with LSSMTC and ESM $125, L105 Le Pera solo seat, compatible with LSSMTC and ESM, no skirt $189, L107 Le Pera seat, compatible with LSSMTC and ESM, with skirt $189. We now offer out Internal Throttle with a 1” twist-sleeve diameter for those who want to use it in conjunction with billet grips that have a 1” bore size. This system uses a small shock absorber under the seat to provide suspension on a rigid frame.

This makes riding a foot-clutch bike extremely easy. This means that any grips that work with the HD throttle sleeve can be used with our assembly.