Just wanted to share because I know we’re all trying to find that razor’s edge of performance in our rigs. So basically the miner is optimized for Nvidia 10 series cards, but should still work with most Nvidia cards that have at least 1 GB of on-board memory and Compute 2.0 or higher capabilities.

Routinely during its operation the miner will also display useful information such as the GPU temperature(s), sol/s per card and total sol/s. INFO: Target: 000b4305bb2b8b34… It uses ~1.2 GB VRAM.

Total speed: 314 Sol/s Added option –pers auto, Allow the pool to manage the personalization string. 144_5 Speed up by 3-15% depends on the hardware. Performance counters may display an incorrect speed during reconnection. INFO: Detected new work: 3411 EWBF’s Cuda miner is one of the most popular Equihash (Zhash) miners.

The fee is 2%. +———————————+ EWBF is very easy to setup. (Experemental). Total speed: 315 Sol/s Do i have hope in mining with those cards for a few dollars a week?

It is noted in the thread that disabling the fee will slightly reduce hashing power, similar to that same behavior with Claymore’s miner. Some of the more popular pools include Flypool, Nanopool, Nicehash, Suprnova among others. INFO 17:39:25: GPU0 Accepted share 116ms [A:7, R:0], Pretty weird that people get only 200-240 sol/s, because I get 400-500 (sometimes peaking at 700) with my Asus Strix 1070), I have a Kfa2 GTX 1060 6GB OC at +225Core; +700mem, Here are my stats: INFO 02:15:40: GPU0 Accepted share 23ms [A:2, R:0] SHA256: 84DD02DEBBF2B0C5ED7EEBF813305543265E34EC98635139787BF8B882E7C7B4

Version 0.1.0b INFO: Api: Disabled The latest version of the mining program itself can be found on EWBF’s Zcash Cuda Miner thread on the Bitcoin talk forum. Added support for failover servers, through config files. It uses ~1.63 GB VRAM. Anyone know how much this minier consume of internet (bandwidth and data) per month on a GTX1060. Have a PC that can support a late model GPU, usually requires PCIe 3 x16 slot, and a power supply that can power said GPU. Added new values to the api method getstat. INFO 09:39:25: GPU0 Accepted share 234ms [A:1, R:0] Essayez de maintenir vos drivers à jour, mais n’utilisez pas les drivers betas, comme leur nom l’indique ils pourraient être instable. INFO 02:15:54: GPU0 Accepted share 25ms [A:3, R:0]

Add option –config, sets the name of the config file. GPU0: 314 Sol/s

So new solver can be less stable. The latest version of the mining program itself can be found on EWBF’s Zcash Cuda Miner thread on the Bitcoin talk forum.

miner –server zec-eu1.nanopool.org –user VOTRE_ADRESSE_ZCASH.NOM_WORKER/VOTRE@MAIL –pass z –port 6666. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

7 algorithms for example: –intensity 64 64 1 64 64 will apply the intensity 1 to the device with id 2.

IMP: D92107AAC696CEC8C3688D75A6F497EC For more information, see our Privacy Statement. Writen for pascal gpus but works on cards with at least 1Gb memory, and Compute Capability 3 and higher. Temp: GPU0: 72C For now though, just keep the miner running for 30-60 minutes at default settings just to make sure everything is working properly.

Added option –algo 144_5_EXCC_D For ExchangeCoin. For now this Part 1 covers the basic setup and configuration of getting the EWBF miner running and shares being submitted to a pool. check my posts in reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/gpumining/comments/7q9807/ive_done_a_search_here_and_no_one_is_talking/. Your email address will not be published. INFO 09:39:29: GPU0 Accepted share 234ms [A:2, R:0] 192.7 is known thanks to ZERO.

Temp: GPU0: 71C

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As an example, we are showing the correct .bat file for EWBF’s Cuda Zcash below. INFO 17:39:15: GPU0 Accepted share 694ms [A:6, R:0] In this example, we are mining Zcash on Equihash.