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It's a knob that you turn, so don't think this is the case. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. Like the Chrysler 4-6-8 cyl. Ich frage mich nur, ob es nicht ökonomischer und schneller wäre später Gas wegzunehmen was den Vorteil bietet langer die Geschwindigkeit zu halten, im Schubbetrieb nichts zu brauchen, und nicht den Hintermännern auf die Nerven zu gehen. DriveNow Car Sharing Program Offers a Solution, Predicted Range and EPA Ratings – How the two do NOT go together, 20,000 Miles on my BMW i3 and It’s Cold Outside. und ich habe keine 2 Autos, sondern immer nur 1 gleichzeitig :-). Der Verbrauch lag bei 8,2 Liter. Why is it different? If back tires are slipping then some of the power is sent to the front wheels and throttle is limited if all wheels are slipping (unless you turn traction control off to play around). 3. If that was the case, then savings can indeed be significant, but based on how people have said their "calculations" don't show significant savings, I'm not sure if the "+" means what I think it does (what does it mean?). Can you post pictures of the mode selector? Und dann gibt es da noch den vielsagenden Satz in der BA, frei aus dem Kopf zitiert: Wenn du sowieso schon sparsam unterwegs bist, geht das Einsparpotential bei Eco Pro gegenüber Komfort oder Sport gegen Null. 2013 535xi M-Sport, Space Gray, Dark Wood, Dynamic Handling Pkg, Black Nappa, Premium, Tech, Driver's Asst, Cold Weather, Premium Hi-Fi and Multi Contour Seats. Speaking as a slim atheist I can only say that after 55 years driving one tends not to want to overtake everything in sight. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. There is no button. Surely you can just do these things yourself. I view the ECO PRO as a game to see if I can add some km to my mileage.

The BEV with a heat pump is significantly better in this respect when Eco Pro is used. Past experience has shown that there is no magic bullet to increase range and Eco Pro+ Mode is simply an updated estimate. Eco Pro is my driving mode of choice - both on the 60Ah and now the 120Ah model. I drove my usual route and at my usual speed and arrived at my expected time. ECO in the AWD is almost the same as RWD. Torque vectoring means the computer will use wheel spin to determine how much power to allow to a wheel. You can see from my results that there really isn’t any difference in the modes at all. and speed limit at 75 mph (which is easily overcome by pressing down the accelerator byond the stop point). I haven’t noticed any real hindrance to exceeding the speed limiter and the acceleration is spectacular anyway! According to the manual the difference in Eco Pro compared with Comfort is a reduction in available heating, a/c, seat heating etc. Steps to make this forum even more popular! According to the manual the difference in Eco Pro compared with Comfort is a reduction in available heating, a/c, seat heating etc. It’s Monday morning again – it does come round awfully quickly. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

Das sehe ich trotzdem anders. Gerade auf kurzen Fahren "zwingt" sie einem zum sparsamen Anfahren, und das macht ja bei Stadtfahrten den hohen Verbrauch aus. The overall duration and speed for the 2 tanks were almost identical so we are comparing like for like. If so, when it detects a wheel spinning it will apply brakes to the spinning wheel, front, rear, or both, left, right, or both. I mean, after all, the battery is the same size regardless of what mode you are in*. I wouldn't say the AWD system is a high point of this vehicle. Selecting Sport Mode also turns off the ECO system. About + 1.5 MPG in both highway and city driving in an X5 F15 diesel in EcoPro, with auto stop/start disabled. I tried eco pro for a day or so, I find no benefit at all as far as MPG. Not that I like hanging around either but generally I find that other cars get in the way and you just have to accept it. A community for enthusiasts of all makes and models of EV from BMW to Tesla, Renault, Nissan, Mitsubishi and more. Start-Stopp immer aus (codiert). 2018 640i X-drive GT; Alpine White, Black Nappa, Piano Blk; M-Aerodynamic, Premium (Ceramic, Sirius, Soft-close, Ventilated & Massage Comfort Seats, Surround, Sunshades, Parking Ass't), Advanced Driver Ass't (Lane Keep, Evasion Assist, Steering & Lane Control, Cross Traffic, ACC with Stop & Go), Smartphone, Tint. I drove exactly the same as I did on Monday and my results were an average of 5.9 miles/kWh. Did I hear someone once say that Eco Pro+ was the cars nanny?!! He smiled at me and I smiled back. Die Literchen, die Du so brav in der Stadt einsparst, feuerst Du auf der Autobahn durch den doppelflutigen Auspuff... :). ich sehe da keinen Widerspruch, da ich auf der Autobahn sehr oft Strecken größer 900km fahren muss, und da gern schnell ankommen will, aber in der Stadt auch sparsam fahren kann. I think Eco mode is more intended for highway cruising, where you don't need all the power.