It is bad enough that the Military will once more be on our land destroying it in the name of the US army.

Come back at a later date with a 4x4 pal for further exploration. amzn_assoc_asins = "1934838071,0899974139,0966497643,0966497651,1930193246,1934838195,1930193203,0929591496,1930193238";

when venturing off pavement to dirt roads. I recall that the Inyo Forest Supervisor sent a letter to these guys a couple years ago stating that proposed Adventure Trail routes on USFS land were not permissible in the absence of environmental impact statements. Can't be thankful enough. Snow patches can be decieving. When two vehicles meet on a steep road where neither can pass, the vehicle facing downhill must back up until the vehicle going uphill can pass. It opens areas of scenic, historical and geologic interest to those unable to access these places without motorized aid. I walk on public lands every day and I am continually distressed by ongoing illegal motorcycle riding activity and damage done to public ecosystems. Recent Rains: Dirt roads conditions can change with each season, as the earth's erosion continues. Many routes without a name, just a number. John McVicker - 3/30/17, After reading Eastern Sierra Adventure Trails grant applications, I see their good intentions. Use this directory to find a club in your area. The areas here are vast and personnel few-the agencies are badly underfunded and unable to protect and maintain our public lands.

view points & most of all, seclusion. The ATV community is actively pursuing ways to upgrade training, signage and proper maps of our... and I stress 'our' recreational areas. After much bitter back and forth between advocates and detractors, an agreement was hammered out with the Board of Supervisors that allowed for 7 dual use routes in Inyo County. Please respect the private lands along these roads & help keep the cattle in their place.

My comments to each of the entities was that I think it is a very bad idea to invest in an OHV economy,  the dream of the Adventure Trails project. amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit0"; I hope to see more of this each year for many many years. Steven Adler - 3/13/17, This is a very worthwhile project and should be funded. Bring a shovel, old lumber pieces or an old blanket or tarp to help get out of super soft sandy spots. Use this directory to find a club in your area. Without these projects, our trails would fall into disrepair and become unsustainable. To find out more about membership in the association and our clubs, visit this link this link, Click on any of the column heads to sort - Use the search box in the upper right-hand corner to search, © 1959-2020 California Four Wheel Drive Association | (916) 381-8300 |, Redding, Anderson, Cottonwood, Palo Cedro, Red Bluff areas, Visalia, Tulare, Woodlake, Exeter, Farmersville, Rancho Cucamonga & High desert (Apple Valley & Hesperia), Orange, Riverside and Los Angeles counties. A.T. would have the people living in Owens Valley, and yourselves, the grant readers, believe that the whole idea of the signage, maps and educational materials they are asking you to finance was to convert Owens Valley OHV use into an organized, safe, sustainable, and law abiding activity. The best scenic drives in California are often so crowded with tourists and traffic, that one can barely concentrate on relaxing. OHVs must be trailered into the B-Rd area and unloaded on the desired tributary. John Shepherd - 3/13/17, This application is of the type that enhance the taxpayers recreation activity in the area.

I understand that the Forest Service has a multi use mission. … Keep up the hard work, can't wait to see the trails this coming summer ! It will help provide guideline for users, provide guidance for users in selecting routes to their abilities. There are high mountain lakes, craters, shadowed canyons, giant boulders guarding ice-cold streams, dense forests of tall timber and austere, …

But this law is neither posted for the public to see, or enforced, and I don't find any reference to do so in any of the Inyo County applications. In my life which is not that long, I have seen areas that were if not pristine, then not over developed. Close the gate along the backroads. The damage done over the past 10-15 years in the Tungsten and Redding Canyon areas by irresponsible and illegal OHV use is a disgrace and a damn shame.

Try not to stop or even slow down in soft sandy washes. home. Also the current toilet over in Poleta is a great benefit and this grant will help assure its continued viability. Chances are you will get stuck, unless you have 4 wheel drive & then it is sometimes still questionable. Soft Sand: Don't stop in soft sand.

Lori Young - 3/9/17, Having recreated in the Eastern Sierras for over 25 years prior to moving here,10 years ago, I feel that it is in the best interest of all involved , that management and maintenance of the off road opportunities be left to the local jurisdiction.

It offers signposts and map boards so that those not familiar with the area can navigate better. Straddle a deep rut in the road. SUV or 4x4 may be required for some roads.

They are all allowing A.T. to take the lead in this million dollar aggregate request and, to my knowledge, all except Death Valley are winking at this situation. Vehicles handle a lot differently on dirt roads. The adventure trails program is a way to insure OHV access to areas in the Eastern Sierra.

We want all visitors to stay on legal trails and roads. CBD is keeping a close eye on the situation. By using and expanding existing infrastructure, this is a grant would be a value multiplier for both the USFS and the BLM as resources that would have been used for monitoring and maintenance can be devoted to other beneficial projects. A.T. fended off a lawsuit from CBD three years ago by agreeing that no new roads will be added to the seven before the end of the Pilot Program, which has now been extended to 2020. One, a statement that a large increase in OHV activity in our county is expected and the applicant needs their grant approved in order to prepare for it, and two, a promise to create, promote, and insure a respect for our land and the laws thereof. Creating 3 loop trails, with signage and maps in the Tungsten Hill/Buttermilk Trail area will improve the quality of the recreational experience for our visitors. Placing tires on each side of the trench, to prevent unbalanced driving. No speeding tho. Most really good primitive I think this is a very good project to help people recreating in these areas. I would also firmly suggest that the license number on OHMVs be larger and more visible.

This is an excellent project to enhance the recreational opportunities of this area of our state.