Why? He returned with a compliment, which backs up that Armin is quite fond of Annie. Shingeki no Kyojin / Attack on Titan healthy... ish fan community with memes, shitposts, arts, news, discussions for true titans. They are both similar in many many ways. i think more likely the meaning of armin talking to annie is to remind us that she's coming back soon, and anyway armin and annie always got along. Cuz if so, that doesn't mean there can't be anything between them. There are a few hints that Annie did spend time with Armin during the Cadet Corps.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. There's no evidence that Armin had romantic feelings towards Annie pre timeskip and the same for Annie no matter how shippers try to mold their few interactions into something romantic. Obviously she does, he let him live twice in episode 17 after her father's objective was to kill ALL humans. Armin got a good look at her face, he knew who she was, Annie knew he knew, and she let him go anyways.

Why do you guys are still fixating in explaining feelings with logic ? When it comes to AruAni, I believe that Annie likes Armin a lot more than he likes her. Annie is always known as cold hearted, she doesn't care about what people say or think about her, but she cares about Armin. Which would give her more experience with him to solidify a crush. There are many times in the series where Annie is very, Very, cold to both Reiner and Bertoldt. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. I believe that it could possibly be cannon, as both of the characters seem to have at least some sort of a romantic interest between one another. AruAni is my second favourite ship in the AoT series. Which, I'm assuming is on purpose. I doubt they somehow hit it off in their trainee days. We don’t know. at the sound of his soft voice, she reluctantly looked up, he waved at her. I know what you're going to say, "But she has Bertoldt and Reiner! The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. I don't understand why Annie likes Armin either. Annie knew that she was going to have to betray her friends and purposely kept her distance.

This is shown a few times, but I'll get to those scenes a little later. As Annie is trapped in her crystal still and we have no clue whether she is actually alive or not. However I do believe that Annie is not finished yet. At first, Annie was very reluctant to help him, but Armin is a manipulative person and was able to blackmail her by using her feelings for him against her.

After returning to the wall, Armin was fully aware of who the Female Titan was and reported Annie to the head members of the Survey Corps. It's also shown that where Armin is, Annie is not far behind him. The relationship feels forced as of now, and that’s just sort of the reality of it. The ship could probably be written off as sunk. It was just a small scene after all. You’re not the only one with this question. I always had in mind that Armin had some feelings for her, in the first part of the manga, before shes reveals herself to be Female titan, but now, i kind feel like Bertholdt memories and feelings are effecting him right now, and i wont be surprise if Bertholdt love for Annie is now moved on to Armin, and he is IN FACT in love with Annie right now. I would even go as far as saying that she strongly resented Reiner and Bertoldt for what they were doing.

Armin has her wrapped around his finger, she's at the point where she knows she can't resist helping him. He hints at it, but he never comes right out and says it. Just as Armin is smart, Annie is very smart as well and she knows how to play on that. I don't think it has (nor should have) anything to do with romantic feelings, though. Eren and Mikasa are among the few Attack on Titan ships fans actually believe could be canon, as it’s clear Mikasa has feelings for her lifelong friend.Eren certainly seems to return the sentiment, at least, once in a while. She also knows what he is trying to do but she goes along anyways. I don't exactly dislike anything about it, but if I had to pick something I would probably say it's the fact that as I said it has the possibility to be canon, but it also has the possibility to have a very very depressing plot. Anyway, after all, Mikasa is clinging to one of the worst possible persons so. going by that porco should be crazy in love with historia. It was obviously an afterthought if it doesn’t play into Bertholdt’s memories influencing Armin as we at least have that theory from Eren to base his feelings off of. He sees himself as kind of sociopathic, selfish and inhuman, because he can formulate plans where lives are used as pawns, and he's willing to manipulate others to achieve a desired result.

It's shown very clearly in the Anime. It is possibly the first time that Annie actually worries about someone other than herself in the series. They are constantly shown together, and I do not take this as a coincidence. The only person who would have been able to identify her, and she let him live.

You know that Armin had to have felt guilt for this. However, there's a difference with the way that Annie looks at Armin. Cookies help us deliver our Services. I don't Think Armin is in love with Annie. She felt like dying.

By "an eren thing, which isayama debunked" are you referring to how Isayama said that Eren and Annie's relationship was more of a student/mentor relationship (or whatever it was)? Annie sacrificed her mission, just to spare Armin's life. Armin has started to slowly spiraled downwards into almost insanity. I think Armin only fell for her during the time skip somehow. Armin laments that the world beyond the Walls did not match his and Eren's dream, but he tells Annie that he still chooses to believe that there is a part of the world yet to be discovered. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. He literally is one of the causes why she ended up trapped in a crystal for 4 years, his behaviour of talking to a crystal for 4 years indicate quite awful things (it stems from his failing friendship with Eren, and it's creepy behaviour).

In this scene there are numerous hints that Armin knows Annie has feelings for him. There's few chapters left I don't care.

I genuinely don’t dislike the ship but the way it was executed has been very off. Pretty much everytime they start to talk to her actually. Her mind bounces between how she feels for him. As her character itself has a lot to do with the possibility of the ship becoming canon.

Armin pities her.

Because she could not bring herself to kill the person she cared about most. This part really hit me. Definitely humans! Armin's probably the first person who saw her in that light and it probably ignited feelings of respect and regret. It's also shown that where Armin is, Annie is not far behind him. When Eren finally realizes that Dina was the smiling Titan, he starts crying. He is her only weakness. And Annie couldn't kill him in FT arc because she also liked him. Annie could never hate Armin and Armin doesn't hate her either. She purposely blinded herself from the fact that he could be against her. :black_small_square: The Moment It Started :black_small_square: I am 100% positive that Annie's feelings for Armin started during Armin's speech to save the lives of Eren and Mikasa. This is shown multiple times, she keeps herself differentiated with them. He sees her as the enemy, but he doesn't see her any different than what he did before. :black_small_square: Where I Think The Ship Is Going :black_small_square: As Annie is now in her crystal, and her status is unknown. Always remember, even though to everyone else Armin seems like an adorable, precious kind violet, he doesn't see himself that way. Armin and Annie have a very complex and sweet relationship, and it is emphasized quite often throughout the series in very subtle ways. Armin saw that beneath Annie's facade she was secretly a kind person no matter how distant she was. Nah, we shouldn’t have to assume anything in this case. This is shown a few times, but I'll get to those scenes a little later. After...everything she did, he probably figured she had a reason for doing it. Along with being impressed, her face also shows a dramatic sense of worry. I think the main factor that caused me to ship it was the way the two characters connect with eachother. As Annie freaks out at the underground entrance, Armin is now reassured that Annie is infact the female titan. This sort of proves that he does have feelings for Annie and chose to withhold evidence of treason to protect her. Which is mostly the reason why she and Eren get along well. Annie is very drawn to characters that have strong personalities/reason's to fight. Perhaps Armin distanced himself from his friends over the years and couldn’t confide his woes anywhere else besides an unresponsive rock, feeling comfort in the fact that he could share with Annie if no one else. This proves again that Armin is someone that Annie does want to be close to.

She felt her heart rate spike. Even when her character is officially introduced to Eren in the anime, she is alone. She was fuming, this was just adding insult to injury, rubbing salt into her wounds...but then, Krista stood up, and Armin beckoned Annie to come over. No, so we should just acknowledge it as a small flaw in the writing and move on to other aspects of the story that are well written. Those are the eyes of someone who carries regret and guilt. The Titan’s enormous size and incredible strength add to the advantage.. 5. Annie's feelings towards Armin never changed after their last confrontation. Annie knows what he means, and even though she hates herself for it. This was the moment where Annie finally put someone before herself, and that someone was Armin. When it comes to Annie and Armin, both of them know when eachother is trying to manipulate the other. Do I think it major enough to affect anyone’s experience with the story? As in Armin was kind of friends with Bert and thus may influenced by his memories and feelings but porko only knew Ymir as "the girl who ate my brother" so he may not be able to see much of her memories not to mention her feelings. Her coming out will probably create a lot of drama on Paradis and Armin will surely be a major player there.

:black_small_square: Personal Analysis Of The Ship :black_small_square: Personally, I feel as though this ship has a strong potential to become canon. Unfortunately, this is also the scene where Armin realizes that she was using Marco's ODM gear for inspection.

They then came up with a plan to trap her, but this plan required Armin to try and trick Annie into thinking that Eren, Mikasa and him were going to try and escape the Survey Corps. Into Attack On Titan? From the beginning I have already seen something between them I hope Armin will end up with Annie because they could make a nice relationship. Armin reminds her that he does not like being called a "good person," noting that he has killed many people and chosen to betray his own race. :black_small_square: The Gear Inspection :black_small_square: I know you're probably wondering why I'm adding this scene to the favourite. Because she could never leave the one she loves stranded. Her face when he confirms his choice of the survey corps proves that she is saddened by it. It ultimately doesn’t matter though. I mean, this is how I assume Armin saw the situation, its not really how I personally feel (although if Annie was real and I had the opportunity...I'd def let her kick me into a tree). MANGA SPOILERS SUBREDDIT! As a Titan, Armin possesses an explosive transformation and the ability to emit steam hot enough to roast someone in the vicinity. We can’t really fill in his blanks like we did with Annie. It’s just a flaw. Mikasa Ackerman. People like to try and stretch all their interactions pre-time skip (all 3 of them) into something romantic, but no, Isayama obviously didn’t plan for Armin to have feelings for Annie pre-time skip.