Search. Clean California Car! gcse.async = true; Choke: Controlled by engine temperature, carburetor air velocity and vacuum diaphragm. Year from/to. var cx = 'partner-pub-9659367955710532:8424444182'; In 2016 The Journal, brought to you by, was celebrated as the SECOND MOST INFLUENTIAL automotive blog in the world by NFC Performance. Water Pump-Centrifugal-type, sealed ball bearing-all engines. Under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, the content, organization, graphics, design, compilation, magnetic Following the success of the Plymouth Valiant Brougham and Dodge Dart SE, which provided an upscale feel and appearance to the aging but still competitive small cars, Dodge continued selling four-door SE sedans and two-door SE hardtops. Click here to get it featured on the homepage instead. Reproduction of part or all of the contents of this web-site in any form is prohibited and may not be recopied and shared with a third party. gcse.src = '' + cx; Year From .

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To enable Verizon Media and our partners to process your personal data select 'I agree', or select 'Manage settings' for more information and to manage your choices. Showing just over 16K miles from new, the M roadster was purchased new by the seller and serviced through theoriginal selling dealership for the first 10 years of ownership. Oil cap., all engines: 4 quarts; when changing filter. ownership rights to any content, document or other materials viewed through the Tires were polyester bias-ply, except with the 360 (polyglass), with steel-belted radials and polyglass also optional; the SE, Hardtop, and Sedan came with whitewalls (E78). a Dodge Dart Sport Hang 10 edition advertisement, Factory Sunroof: 1973 Plymouth Duster 340. Located in Orlando Florida, this Sport Fury is now offered for sale with a clean Florida title in the seller's name.

Cars Catalogue Homepage - Automobile-Catalog Catalogue of 610 car makes & manufacturers Most of the interior is actually original to the car. Dart Swinger 2-door hardtop has all the Dart Swinger Special 2-door hardtop exterior and chassis features, except: Same as Dart Swinger 2-door hardtop, except: Dart sedan plus Custom nameplate on front fenders, Dodge on rear deck applique, bright roof drip-rail moldings and body side molding with black paint fill.

The original color was a dark burgundy red. FILTER. $12,000.

Search automobile-catalog: this database is huge, use the search field below to find here data you are looking for: Release bearing was permanently lubricated ball bearing. Makes Dodge Models Dart trim Search.

RWD (rear-wheel drive), manual 3-speed gearbox. (Dart Sport with 318 V-8 only. fuel consumption and mileage: average estimated by a-c©: 15.6 l/100km / 18.1 mpg (imp.) All Dodge (USA) Dart 2-Door Hardtop versions offered for the year 1975 with complete specs, performance and technical data in the catalogue of cars. Thanks to Roger for sending in the tip for this one! Electronic voltage regulator was standard. A heavy duty suspension, standard on Dart 360 Sport, was optional on all models, with heavy duty front torsion bar springs and rear leaf springs, and a front antisway bar. 3) Detailed Performance Review, 1975 Dodge Dart Swinger Special 2-Door Hardtop 225 Six (man. Light pressure to the turn-signal lever allowed for flashing signals for a moment, for lane changes. For North American domestic-market vehicles, the base 170 engine was replaced for 1970 with a stronger new 198 cu in (3.2 L) version of the slant-6. I had this car fresh out of high school in 1976. (function() { There was never a Dodge Duster. / 17.3 mpg (U.S.) / 7.4 km/l, more data: gasoline (petrol) engine with displacement: 3682 cm3 / 224.7 cui, advertised power: 70.5 kW / 95 hp / 96 PS ( SAE net ), torque: 231 Nm / 170 lb-ft, more data: accelerations: 0- 60 mph 14.4© s; 0- 100 km/h 15.4© s (simulation ©; 1/4 mile drag time (402 m) 20.2© s (simulation © For 1975, the Dart continued essentially unchanged in most of its essentials.

3) Market Competition, 1975 Dodge Dart Swinger Special 2-Door Hardtop 318 V-8 4-speed (man. Muffler, Exhaust-Six and 318 V-8: Aluminized steel, reverse-flow, 3-pass triple wrapped. Normal pressure, all engines; 45-65 p.s.i. var gcse = document.createElement('script'); 2.45 to 1 economy rear axle ratio was made standard on 318 V-8 powered models. Electronic ignition was standard across the board along with aluminized steel mufflers and tail pipes (dual on360). New molded dash liner for quieter car interior.

site (including ProfessCars™ and™) are protected under applicable copyrights, trademarks and other Odometer was replaced by dodge with documented paperwork. Chrysler designed and built alternator. 4) Horsepower/Torque Curve, 1975 Dodge Dart Swinger Special 2-Door Hardtop 318 V-8 4-speed (man. Cosmetic changes were minor, with a new, less pointy grille; new lower deck trim applique and up-and-over stripes on Dart Sport and Dart 360 Sport; new fabrics (including velour), new seats (including various buckets), and new colors (silver, red, two golds, and cinnamon). Power is providedby its factory original 346ci V8 engine, coupled to a 3-speed column shiftmanual transmission. I believe it’s a 1975 if I remember correctly. 1975 Dodge Dart FULLY original and has just over 63,000 original miles. I repainted the car Dodge "Go Mango" orange and it looks excellent. This 1975 Chevrolet Corvette is finished in Medium Saddle Metallic over Saddle interior. Seat Adjustment, Front-Manual, two-way.

Maximum overall ratio, 5.39 to 1. / 16.6 mpg (U.S.) / 7 km/l, more data: accelerations: 0- 60 mph 10.5© s; 0- 100 km/h 11.7© s (simulation ©; 1/4 mile drag time (402 m) 18.1© s (simulation © Required equipment included Fold­Down Rear Seat (C73), Rallye Road Wheels (W21), D7B x 14" White Sidewall Tires (T62) on Dart Sport only, and E70 x 14" Tires with Raised White Letters (T76) on Dart 360 Sport. Located in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, this 1975 Corvette is now offered for sale with a clean Pennsylvania title in the seller's name.