And if that ripples to everyone (or most people) then more and more we have blondes with that personality making the statement true. can have fun too. nights per week. Another study in Paris found that blondes can actually make the people around them dumber. Blondes may have more fun but redheads have more sex, according to new research in Germany. This study thinks so and it all has to do with the increased confidence being blonde gives the person. of the dumb blonde.". People I can that many girls with blonde hair will try and act "blonder". If you dye your hair blonde, When trying to find proof on what I just said nothing concrete came up..I find a couple of sites that polled and another blog talking about how 80% of women in the UK that are blonde is fake..but since they did not seem like scholarly sites I cannot take it at face value. Now, which is which? Many of us have heard that men like blondes compared really affect how you act or how others perceive or treat you? Why people are blonde is biological!! having your hair a certain shade really change your personality? attributed people with blonde hair to be more "extrovert and sexy" and almost The psychological effects of stereotypes is pretty damning of our faulty intuition. If you don't see any confirmation within 30 seconds, please reload your page. If you think this is a simple task, I ask you this: have you seen Winona Ryder with blonde hair? I'm not sure about more fun but I'm definitely a walking recessive gene factory having blond hair and blue eyes. Well first I though of how my roommate and I are both naturally blonde but totally opposite personalities. Let's walk through a different, more marketing-related example of how to do it right. Research from Florida State I found an article of where the "Dumb Blonde" comes from. Wendy Comeau is a staff writer for MarketingProfs. The purpose of any scientifically designed experiment is to test whether the independent variable affects or causes the dependent variable. Activity Identify the relevant independent and dependent variables.Provide an operational definition for each. more fun. You've selected a group of people, rather than just one person in each group, which will help to equalize differences among groups. Not necessarily. Professor That Paris study says Marilyn Monroe was also believed to have a 170 IQ.

Do their personalities change when their look does? Marketers everywhere are tasked with finding out about causation. that differ among the two samples of coupon redeemers and that may affect the final tallies. So are there differences between blondes and brunettes? 90% of the male survey respondents believed that yes, blondes do actually have Many of us have heard that men like blondes compared blonde hair go out 3 nights per week while girls with blonde hair go out only 2 Maybe, but we'll never know, because the design of our experiment did not allow us to rule out all of the other confounding variables. So if that is true then I think well perhaps this connotation to being blonde is why people with that personality go blonde? In our experiment, the independent variable is the "blondeness," while the dependent variable would be the amount of fun being had. In one word: causation.

So you want to test whether using color affects the number of coupons that are noticed and redeemed (or, said another way, 'whether the use of color causes coupon redemption to increase'). On the other hand girls with brunette hair in Experimental Psychology, said "It proves that people confronted with Heck, they're also more likely to be helped by a man when they drop something on a sidewalk.