Article from Custom Wall-Mounted 10 Bar Rack 109081-LOGO. What is the length if I cut off that last section? Awesome!!!

I’ve gotten so many requests since first building them that it just seems ridiculous at this point to not put something together about them. I will do this to store all those plates.. There, I said it. Very inexpensive, doesn't take much time, and the results are definitely worth the effort. I built four of these suckers a few years back when Catalyst Athletics moved from its first to second location, and I stupidly didn’t take photos along the way and put together a building tutorial like I have for a number of other things. Very useful information, much appreciated Greg. this is brilliant.. just made the platform, this is next weeks project. 9 Bar Storage 109085-99. They require minimal, relatively low-quality steel, and aren't exactly remarkable feats of engineering. DIY Projects. 7650. Great job and thank you. This weight plate & bumper plate storage rack pegs hold up to 120 lbs! DIY Chuckbox .. Lastly, I added a Pre-Stain then a Stain to protect the wood and leave a nice finish. For anyone looking for an inexpensive way to store and move your barbell plate collection, before, during, or after your workout, this is a great DIY project.

Keep in mind the thickness of our plates may be different from yours. Using a support, the plates are much easier to lift out of the rack. A tutorial to build quick, simple and cheap racks for holding bumper plates and change plates ... we threw together some simple racks that can store both a full set of bumper plates and the metal change. DIY and Crafts.

I just came back to this article for reference and damn, those bumpers have changed. 3- 36 1/2".

Mat Rack 109086. Under 30 bucks in material and a few hours of time. This bench handles both with style. Thanks for the article Greg!

Every once in a while I watch the daily catalyst videos and, if they're the same ones, they definitely have some character now. Rolling Bumper Post 109084A. Mind, Body, DIY, Learn Brayden Pitcairn March 18, 2016 Strength Training, DIY, Bumper Plate, Bumper Plate Storage, Crossfit, Woodworking, Featured, Upgrade, Goods 13 Comments. im tired of stacking my plates on the ground... im guna build one of these today - will let you know how it goes, Thanks Greg, great idea, I built one today for my steel plates and will build another one for the bumpers that arrive Monday. 2 years ago.

Medicine Ball Rack 109089 . Some other racks I've seen don't use a bottom support, and the plates are pinched or wedged into place. Hey what kind of paint did you use to paint the plate rack? BUMPER PLATE RACK 409058. Halfway through building I realized I wanted a bigger area to hold the metal 10's, 5's, and 2.5's, so if I did it all over again, the easiest and most effective dimensions and cuts would be as follows. I will add small wheels on it and our logo, Olympic Weightlifting: A Complete Guide for Athletes & Coaches, USA Weightlifting National Champion team Catalyst Athletics, (2) 35" lengths of 2x6" (make sure to measure what you'll need for your own plates), Drill, bits, Tape Measure, Square, Pencil. Share Tweet.

SHARES . 65. 5" Wheels- 3 Swivel and 1 Swivel with brake. Shipping. on January 17, 2015. Specs 2-45's, 2-35's, 2-25's, 2-10's each roughly 17 3/4" in diameter.

Horizontal 10 Bar Rack 708023.

FREE U.S. Good luck on your future projects and hope this helped. Built a pair this weekend, modified to hold singles in each size of plates on either side of my rack. The concept is simple: you need a place to store plates and butts. Can I use a 1x6x17 wood board for the change rack? Overview on the steps required for adding a rear-mounted bumper storage box to your travel trailer using angle iron. So from front edge to second to last 17" slat. Explore. If you have the wall space for a gun rack, I strongly suggest just buying one.It’s obviously much simpler than building your own DIY barbell rack. By DoItYourselfRV DIY, Exterior, Mods, Storage, Videos.

After cutting and drilling the pieces together, I installed the wheels, one having a brake option to keep the rack from rolling away. freakn awesome! If ever I wanted to do any work with blocks I either needed to head up north to the weightlifting gym, or stack up some bumper plates and use those as makeshift blocks. DIY Mobile Bumper Plate Storage. Cheers, I have a set of 10, 25, 35, 45. Are your measurements for these bumpers?

Leaving an 1/8" gap between the cross-member and the bumper plate, allows for easy loading and unloading of the plates. Attachment Rack 709028. ULTRA PRO ATTACHMENT UPRIGHT 709104.

Stacking plates is alright in that at does allow for easy height [...] {23 comments} Space Saving DIY Barbell Rack / Bar Storage. I can't seem to find a 1x6.5x17 piece of wood. 6' Storage …