Click that speech bubble to the right, and you’ll be taken directly to the Hack Chat group on it’s even easier to eavesdrop on the non-restaurant pagers. We have enough of these part for ~300 HackRF only. The downside is that it will amplify everything you throw at it, even parts of the signal you don’t want, such as spurs and harmonics. You don’t have to wait until Wednesday; join whenever you want and you can see what the community is talking about. We are a professional EMS/OEM company; provide one-stop contract electronic manufacturing service for PCB&PCBA.

After the installation steps in the list above, it is as easy as opening up GNU Radio Companion and following the steps laid out by Michael to create your first FM Radio.

Join us on Wednesday, February 26 at noon Pacific for the Hacking USB Hack Chat with Kate Temkin! Website dead! The only major hiccup that I found was that in the demonstration was that his sample rate was 20M s/sec, this was much too fast for my PC and had issues keeping up. Next time, bust out the HackRF and follow along with [Tony Tiger] as he shows how it can be used to easily fire them off. This co-channel plugin could be a game-changer for DXers, allowing them…, Hi from SDRplay. HackRF One From Great Scott Gadgets Getting started with Software Defined Radio (SDR) has never been easier thanks to GNU Radio and the various SDRs available. This week we’ll be sitting down on Wednesday, September 18 at 12:00 PM Pacific time. We hope to see more from the project soon, and wonder if this FPV racing drone tracker might offer some helpful hints for expansion. From the cheap dongles originally intended to watch digital TV on a laptop to the purpose-built transmit-capable radio playgrounds like HackRF, SDR has opened up tons of RF experimentation. The first 10 people who buy from the Kickstarter will have a heavy discount, only pay $75! They are all good quality. Finally, he wrote a Python script which generates packets based on which pager he wants to set off. Our Hack Chats are live community events in the Hack Chat group messaging. Our Hack Chats are live community events in the Hack Chat group messaging. With nothing but an AirSpy Mini and a rubber duck antenna, [Tech Minds] was able to reconstruct a readable black and white image of his screen at a range of a few inches; a better antenna and some fiddling might improve that range to several meters.

By using a HackRF SDR and a simple whip antenna, they found that the wallet radiated a distinctive and relatively strong signal at 169 MHz every time a virtual key was pressed to enter a PIN. Next step: put together a training set. ( Log Out /  Now a new budget HackRF is in the works and it is aptly called the “Budget HackRF”. Kate also contributes to and maintains a number of open-source projects, including the FaceDancer project.