Her co-star and good friend Brian Murphy[9] was at her bedside. John Daly, golfer. National Baseball Hall of Fame and elected to the Major League Baseball All-Century Team. Her mother was Jessica Revitt, a former concert pianist and singer. Joyce's high-profile roles in the two sitcoms concealed her alcoholism. Albums “ Nick of Time,”  “Luck of the Draw,” and “Longing in Their Hearts.”, Harold Ramis, writer and actor.

Judge on TV series “America’s Next Top Model: and reality TV series “The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency.”. Ewan McGregor, Scottish actor. I’ve brought up a family and been working relatively solidly for 60 years. “Dumb and Dummer To” and ”Kick-Ass 2.”, Raymond Carver, short-story writer and poet. Peter O’Toole, British actor. Peter Lawford, actor. Albums “Ripcord,” “Fuse,” and “Be Here.”, Dick Van Dyke, actor, comedian, and dancer. “Doctor Who,” “Dead Set,” and “A Bear’s Tail.”, Carson McCullers, writer and playwright. ), Shirley Jackson, writer and novelist. Films “De vier dochters Bennet,” “Willem van Oranje,” and “Laat maar zitten.”, Shailendra, Indian Hindi film lyricist. Novels “End of Watch,” “Sleeping Beauties,” “The Outsider.”, Sam Kinison, actor, comedian, and writer. TV series “Stripes,” “Night Court,” and “The Librarians.”. It makes no suggestions or recommendations about any subject. Managing Partner, Northwestern Mutual Financial Network. Anthony Kiedis, singer. Twelve seasons in Major League Baseball. Chris Cornell, musician, singer, and songwriter. It’s a subject close to my heart because I collect old movies.

Bill Wilson, co-founder (with Dr. Bob) of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). Know of any famous alcoholics who should be on this list? Spanish TV companies even sent crews over to film Yootha and me for commercials. Some of the alcoholics listed died as a result of alcoholism. The actor/comedian Kenneth Williams wrote of the performance that "...she looked as though she was crying..."[12] He also went on to mention her in a later entry in his diary (9 April 1988, just days before his death) that she was "a lady who made so many people happy and a lady who never complained". Trent Reznor, singer, songwriter, and composer. TV series “Mork & Mindy.” Films “World’s Greatest Dad” and “Boulevard.” Oscar. John Goodman, actor. Wrote “”Sunday Morning Coming Down,” acted in “Heaven’s Gate.”, Lady Gaga, singer, songwriter, and actor, dancer, and fashion designer. (Real name Mary Isabel Catherine Bernadette O’Brien.

Brian Early, executive. Baseball Hall of Fame. Betty Ford, U.S. First Lady (that is, wife of a President). (By the way, be sure to visit Alcoholic Athletes and also Famous People Arrested for Drunk Driving.). Sabathia (Carsten C. Sabathia, Jr.), left-handed baseball pitcher. “Pulp Fiction,” “Chi-Raq,” and “The Hateful Eight.” (By the way, what’s in your pocket? Films “Dirty Grandpa,” “Neghbors 2,” and “The Greatest Showman.”. TV sitcoms “Friends,” “Mr. I’ve brought up a family and been working relatively solidly for 60 years. Official Sites, Trained at Joan Littlewood's Theatre Workshop that included such talent as. ), Daniel Radcliffe, actor. She also appeared as customer Mrs. Scully in the pilot episode of Open All Hours (1973). They show classic films and B-movies on Sky and Freeview. No” and ten other James Bond films. “The Godfather,” “You Don’t Know Jack,” and “Angels in America.”, Jaikishan Dayabhai Panchal, composer. Errol Flynn actor and writer. Jim Carrey, actor, comedian, impressionist, screenwriter, and producer. Yootha Joyce Needham (20 August 1927 – 24 August 1980), known as Yootha Joyce, was an English actress best known for playing Mildred Roper opposite Brian Murphy in the sitcom Man About the House and its spin-off George and Mildred. Alexander Ovechkin, Russian winger and captain of the Washington Capitals of the National Hockey League. One of The Three Stooges. TV sitcoms “Everybody Loves Raymond,” “Two and a Half Men,” and “Spin City.” (Real name Carlos Irwin Estévez.). “Phantom of the Opera.”, David Byron, British singer and songwriter. ', Whatever happened to…? “Love Streams,” “The Dirty Dozen,” and “Husbands.”. Co-founder, chair and CEO of AmeriCredit auto finance company. Novels “Two Serious Ladies and l” and “The Sheltering Sky.” Play “In the Summer House.” (Real name Jane Sydney Auer. Fourteen seasons in the National Basketball Association (NBA). Drummer for The Beatles. [11], She appeared posthumously in her last recorded television performance, duetting with Max Bygraves on his variety show Max. ISU World Figure Skating Champion.

“Trainspotting,” “Star Wars,” and “American Pastoral.”. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Kate Moss, British supermodel and entreprenuar. ), John Barrymore, actor. This list isn’t limited to famous alcoholics. Allen Iverson, shooting guard and point guard basketball player.

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“The Big Sleep” and “Farewell My Lovely.”, John Cheever, novelist and short story writer. The Life of Yootha Joyce, to which contributions were made by those who knew and worked with her, including Glynn Edwards, Murray Melvin and Barbara Windsor. Boris Becker, German tennis player. ), Lana Del Rey, singer and songwriter. His poem “Ha-Tiqva” (The Hope) was set to music and became Israel’s national anthem. (Youngest child of Joan Kennedy and Senator Ted Kennedy.

Christopher Hitchens, British Trotskyite, writer, speaker. Wrote “The First Cut is the Deepest,” “I Love My Dog,” and “Here Comes My Baby.” (His real name was Stephen Demetre Georgiou. Other Works For more fine print, read the disclaimer. World Tag Team Champion. “Forgetting Sarah Marshall.”. TV series “Cheers,” “Frazier,” and “Pentagon Wars.”. Modest Mussorgsky, Russian composer. Diego Maradona, Argentine football (soccer) player and manager. “A Clockwork Orange ,” Star Trek: Generations,” British TV series “Our Friends in the North.” (Real name Malcolm John Taylor.). [8], A feature film was made of George and Mildred in 1980, but this was to be her last work. Founding member and bass guitarist new wave band Duran Duran. Humphrey Bogart, actor. William Holden, actor. It’s not just the skid row wino. It’s important to recognize the signs if we or a loved one has an alcohol problem. Yootha was 53 years old at the time of death. Bernard Lee, British actor. Songwriters Hall of Fame and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Lead guitarist, co-lead vocalist and principal songwriter, Oasis and High Flying Birds. “The Sterile Cuckoo,” “Cabaret ,” and “Arthur.”, Madan Mohan, Hindi film composer. (Nickname “Pres” or “Prez”.). Formed punk rock band Social Distortion. |  British TV Series Superior to the American Version, General Stories - Billy Dainty Explains How He Stepped Over Ernie Wise to Get Into the Limelight and Jack Parnell Tells You How to Grow an Instant Beard on TV, General Stories - Yootha Joyce Explains How She Once Played a Supporting Role to a Fireplace and Mike Reid Describes How He Came to Grief Amongst 100 Egg Boxes, Stories About How They Started in Showbusiness.

Tommy Lee, drummer. Steve Clark, lead guitarist and principal songwriter for the British hard rock band, Def Leppard. Lead vocalist, frontman, lyricist and main songwriter for glam metal band Warrant. British TV series “The Bill.”, Davina McCall, British actor. (Real name William Joel. (Real name Stephanie Lynn Nicks. Film  “True Lies.” TV sitcom “Roseanne.” Host TV talk show “The Best Damn Sports Show Period.”. Phil Katz, computer program developer. “Strangers on a Train,” “The Talented Mr. Ripley,” and The Two Faces of January. Five U.S. Maurice Clarett, running back football player.

Reality series “The Osbournes,” “Jack Osbourne: Adrenaline Junkie ,” and “ Ozzy & Jack’s World Detour.”. During Man About The House, the writers said they were planning a spin-off series for the Ropers. TV sitcom “The Dick Van Dyke Show.” Films “Flirting with Disaster” and “Stolen Babies.”. “Casablanca,” “The Maltese Falcon,” and “The Big Sleep.”.

TV series “Startrek,” “The Practice,” and “Boston Legal.”, Charlie Sheen, actor. Yootha Joyce was dying, slowly. Films “Witness” and “Die Hard.” (Defected to U.S.), Bobcat Goldthwait, actor, comedian and director. She was an actress, known for, Neal Doesn't Stand Still as Earth Stops, Fascism Rises: Oscar Winner Who Suffered Massive Stroke Is TCM's Star, People who appeared on the cover of Smiths albums/singles, Ia - Justice 245 Global Film Actresses List 15, Rest In Peace - Legends of British Comedy. (Real name Leon Bismark Beiderbecke.). ), Rob Lowe, actor. Books “Hamlet with a Guitar,” “Songs and Poems of Vladimir Vysotsky,” and “I Love, Therefore I Live.”, Mark Wahlberg, actor (as young actor and model, known as Marky Mark). Films “Parenthood,” “Stella,” and “Curly Sue.”, Dennis Price, British actor. It also includes the infamous, rich, powerful, and influential. Jeffrey Dahmer, serial murderer and sex offender. Now 83, Brian lives in Kent with his wife, Linda Regan, a novelist and actress best known as April in Hi-De-Hi!. “Number 1A, 1948,” “White Light,” and “Scent.”, Alison Porter, singer, dancer, and actor. Mary J. Blige, actor, singer, rapper, songwriter, and record producer. Filmfare Best Lyricist Award three times for films “Yeh Mera Deewanapan Hai” (song Yahudi).

Visit talkingpicturestv.co.uk. After all these years, letters still arrive because the programmes are shown on ITV3. Joan Kennedy, wife of Senator Ted Kennedy. Sharjah, UAE: Bentham, 2014. Ken Caminiti, third baseman. Her last appearance was the 1980 feature film George and Mildred. Pitched an average of over 200 innings per season during career. Real name Benjamin Hammond Haggerty.).