Uncommon skins require 2k rep in a run for a 20% chance, up to 10k+ rep in a run for a 100% chance. I hope you guys get a kick out of watching these silly videos. These items are unlocked during special events. That's why I made this :) I hope you guys get a kick out of watching these silly videos. 15:11 . MX vs ATV Alive - The Hidden Bike/Quad/50cc In Free Riding! From there, the game, depending on the rep earned, will roll for a chance at that item. *MERRYCHRISTMAS gives all 4 Christmas jerseys with one code redemption, and the team jerseys are … Hey! However, the player will keep any team gear that they have already unlocked. However, they cannot be obtained during a run. These items were previously obtained by playing the game during the War Child Sporting Champions event. These jersies are unlocked by purchasing the associated real-life shirt from IndieBox. Regular price $23.99 Sale price $23.99 Sale.

Hey! The Gold Horn used to be simply called Horn and was red. When that happens, you will immediately get the community equipment set. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I'm Sam. All work with each of the three bike types. *You get the Mod.io pants and jersey simultaneously. However, they cannot be obtained during a run. There are 4 skin rarities: Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Extraordinary. 'Normal' skins are skins earned by reaching rep targets during runs and then getting lucky with the dice rolls. Items are colour-coded by their rarity and unlock method; to determine what rarity an item is, check the background. https://descenders.gamepedia.com/Items?oldid=2587, Browse the list of mods and/or download a mod, Ride to the candy bar grave in the hub and press F to pay respects, Complete the Highlands boss jump for the first time, Complete the Forest boss jump for the first time, Complete the Canyon boss jump for the first time, Complete the Peaks boss jump for the first time, Placed high enough in a Community Challenge*/Played the game on April Fool's Day 2020, Participated in the October 2017 Test Sessions (beta)*, Won the One Shot Community Challenge (circa October 2018), Won the Haybale Challenge* (circa May 2020), Participated in a Discord challenge won by Team Kinetic, and had a winning entry*, Submitted a Replay in the September 2018 Replay competition*. Don't forget to subscribe! The following items were designed by winners of the Descenders Mod of the Year 2019 competition. The Top Hat was initially classed as an Extraordinary item, but it has been downgraded to a Rare around the full release date. That's why I made this :) (Phasmophobia), THE GREATEST BIKE OBSTACLE COURSE! If you are new to the channel and like what you see, why not SUBSCRIBE? For the following group of items, one single code NATIONS gives all of these items, designed by KingKrautz. This page was last edited on 30 October 2020, at 15:55. The rest of the equipment sets that these goggles are a part of can be seen here. These equipment sets and bikes glow in the dark. These kits were designed by members of the Descenders Discord Server prior to game launch. These are among the rarest limited items to ever exist in the game, and there is no guarantee that you'll be able to get them, with some items (accordingly) unattainable. In this version of the game, there is all new gear and graphics kits to choose from, over 60 professional riders, more than 80 licensed motocross companies for authenticity, and a comprehensive tutorial section with tips for newcomers from the pros!SUBSCRIBE - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCq5cyuYBW9XRMNM0uvHAtkQ TWITTER - https://twitter.com/windham151 I have said it many times but thank you for everything everyone of you does for the channel! Extraordinary skins require 50k rep in a run for a 20% chance, up to 250k+ rep in a run for a 100% chance. For obvious reasons, these are no longer attainable. (Descenders), The Smartest Criminal Of All Time. Either way you all have yourselves that freaking outstanding day! Channel artwork by JP Coovert. If that roll fails, the game will then proceed to the immediate lower rarity and do the same procedure. 1H34SL. Team unlocks used to be unlocked by achieving a certain amount of Rep; see. You get everything except the bike. For full instructions on how to use your own custom gear, see the readme file in the CustomGear folder in the installation directory.

There are also HAOW Jerseys listed in this segment, and is the second real-life brand added to the game. Check out his channel at http://youtube.com/jpcoovert. The goggles corresponding to these equipment sets can be seen here. A lot of you may know me from my skateboarding videos, but LITTLE DID YOU KNOW I love video games too. ... Sam Tabor Gaming 818,692 views. Sam Tabor Gaming Spray Tee. To progress further and unlock more team gear, continue to complete up to 3 sponsor objectives that the game issues every day at 00:00 GMT. Sam Tabor Gaming. All Rights Reserved.

The jersey and pants are classified under the Polka Dots brand.

It's worth noting that this is marked as not being available on Xbox and PS4 for obvious reasons (the gear cannot be modded), but it is still possible to redeem the codes on Xbox only for extra blank gear. It is entirely possible to score, for example, 200,000 rep in a run thrice in a row and yet not get any Extraordinary out of it due to bad luck.

(Dirt 5), CRANBERRY JUICE GUY GOES SKATEBOARDING! Note: "Rep Total" refers to the total amount of Reputation earned in a single Career/Career-Plus run - NOT the total lifetime career Reputation. (Descenders) - Duration: 15:31. Home Gaming Descenders Cheat Codes #1 All 21 Redeem Codes included (apart from NATIONS, which I forgot) Descenders Cheat Codes #1 All 21 Redeem Codes included (apart from NATIONS, which I forgot) Fatin February 11, 2020 #TheGosket Daily Video Game Secrets, Cheat Codes, Tips, Tricks, Game Glitches, Unlockables, Easter Eggs, Achievements, Trophies and Helpful Game Info. For reference, the legacy system for team unlocks is preserved at the directly preceding link. I'm Sam. Links. All items are obtained in various manners. have Mod of the Year gear. ^Stoker Bike Park now comes with the game itself; downloading the mod is no longer necessary. Sponsor objectives gradually get harder as the player ranks up. *BIKEOUT 4* (Descenders). This kit is exclusive to Xbox One and Microsoft Store owners. (Turbo Dismount), BIKING THE BIGGEST MAP IN THE GAME! These items are unlocked by inputting a code under Extras --> Redeem Code. Log In Sign Up. Common skins require 200 rep in a run for a 20% chance, up to 1k+ rep in a run for a 100% chance.

Hey! *WARCHILD gives both the jersey and shorts with one code redemption. Once that is fixed I will for sure do some Motocross! Among the items listed in this category are #SCRAPE-branded goggles and clothing. Yoututbe; Music; Twitter; Merch; Twitch; Instagram; About.