If you get with one of the easier fed LEO jobs then it makes it all easier, you are already in. I would not use your personal address. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast.

It's annoying but I don't know how to update it in my state (FL). There's a good podcast about how to become a special agent with the FBI. To see if we have a place . Agents are very diverse. They are more relaxed for administrative positions.

Was it a long journey? Things were going pretty good for awhile until covid hit. I still want to try being a DEA agent or a diversion agent or maybe just try to work an administrative job for the DEA but I was curious on how it is when trying to find a computer forensics path in the DEA? Military experience might help after college if you commission. 2.) Customs and Border Protection, under which there are three separate Offices: Border Patrol, Field Operations, Air and Marine. I have also been working out 5 days a week since the beginning of the summer and I plan on doing so for the next 4 years not only to be prepared but also because it is healthy and a good habit.

I was recently PDQ from all branches due to my history of asthma. So these positions within the DEA are purely analytical in nature, IE desk work. My job is at a federal site in MA but any state license is accepted.

Hopefully you can find your answer here. Forfeiture Support Associates is looking for a Data Analyst Supporting the DEA in N Charleston, SC 29405 with the following main skill: Database, Be a part of the nationwide law enforcement initiative that removes the tools of crime from criminal organizations, depriving wrongdoers of proceeds from their crime and impacting the infrastructure of... apply or read more here: https://www.datayoshi.com/offer/437139/data-analyst-supporting-the-dea-forfeiture-support-associates.

Hoping to get hired here one day, finishing up my last year of college this year. What should I get my degree in? So these positions within the DEA are purely analytical in nature, IE desk work. But if stuff happens ops go long. Writing a cover letter is not easy, but there are numerous tips and examples to help you. I applied via USAjobs and received a referral letter through email a few weeks later. Without it there's little chance you would be hired. Too busy undercover at a high school buying weed from mentally challenged kids. Drug crimes inherently do not involve a whole lot of computer analysis, it's not nearly as in high demand as the FBI who works a lot of white collar cases.