I was sl 70 or so when I got to him, and I used melee only. Then right around 30% he'll split. Do what you need to get two attunement slots. I found some videos where he is weak against fire, but I heard that he was extremely patched because of that. May 10, 2014 @ 10:45am You could just.. not kill him, seeing as he's optional. (Johnnyharpoon): Now, my build is a Quality PvP build, though I have 2 ATT slots just for some quick pyro punishes in case anyone tries to estus. Tried in my default setup wore my +5 Heide's Getup and Zwiehander.

Killing the three old hags and innocent maid from the beginning will net you 9 of them! (credits: Forum_Pirate), May be loosely modeled after the Four Kings from, The projectile moveset of this boss and the fact it can clone itself is however a throwback to Nineball from the original, The Soul Greatsword is also a reference to Laser Blade from. The copy is identical to the original, and both can use any of the Darklurker's attacks and spells at any time. < > Showing 1-15 of 20 comments . Souls Use spells like for example Lightning Spears, Great Lightning Spears, Great Fireballs or Great Combustion, to bring his health to 50%. I went there as a hexer for the first time, blind, with dark claymore, and it was hell. So, after completing the three relatively difficult dungeons with abyssal spirits, I was preparing for what is supposed to be the Grand Finale. In the end I had to do the last half of his health with fireballs.

You can also farm effigies near the Tower of prayer. Dark Souls Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Then, just spam Great Combustion while he tries to Mitosis, and he dies before he can even split. Took me about 15 tries though without watching any videos. The hex only lasts 30 seconds and he will likely hit you with a soul sword whilst being cast. Darklurker easy Method. I saw that he used Dark Torches, Elisabeth Mushrooms and a good armor against dark, but I can’t believe that’s all? A good spot to farm them is the puppy pit down the ladder near the bonfire by Belfry Luna. When he uses Soul Greatsword, dodge it (or just walk behind him), 2H your weapon and do 2-3 attacks (depends on your stamina. How is it possible to get nearly no damage. Engraved Gauntlets is also a very good item to equip, as it works on every enemy. Archived. As always, Lions Mage Set plus Clear Bluestone Ring helps a lot. A spear here and there while dodging will do more than enough. Note: always save enough stamina to do at least one roll). Using those five spells with at least a +9 Dark Pyromancy glove will take way more than half his health. No, I don't own it. Dark Souls II Soundtrack OST - Darklurker-0.