Danny Hodge, former boxer and pro wrestler, crushing an apple with his bare hand at 80 years old.

Hodge was born, grew up, and still lives in Perry, Oklahoma. He says his strength is due to having double tendons in his hands. This appears to be a state courthouse— so you’ll see these sort of novelty acts during halftime— whereas a circuit court will generally feature an animal act or a magician. But the big ticket acts are in the Supreme Court. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns. Hodge was born, grew up, and.

I was thinking he had to reenact what he did to the burglar he found breaking into his house. It was really a great event, he even signed autographs and spoke for about half an hour. The Dan Hodge Trophy, named after him, is the amateur wrestling equivalent of the Heisman Trophy. Posted by 2 months ago. Ive been looking around the net and one thing i seem to come across is Danny Hodge being wrestlings toughest man, even good ol' JR swears it bar none - Haku, Finlay, Angle & Race included.

Grew up in Perry, Oklahoma, Leon "Tarzan" Baxter Retired Springsteen played during their last session. Imagine if he was there for a jury duty, and then an argument broke out about who’s stronger, and he whips out an apple and just crushes it with his bear hands for funnzies, After college wrestling he did some professional exhibition wrestling as an entertainer. Skandar Akbar, Charlotte Flair could be out of action until 2021. As a professional, he had a reported record of 8-2, although only 7 wins have been documented. Hodge was born with double tendons in his hands, which gives him the ability to crush things, like an apple. Danny Hodge was known for having the strongest hands in the wrestling business due to supposed double tendons.. Danny Hodge and his wife, Delores, have been married for over 50 years and live quietly in Perry, Oklahoma.. March 18, 2005: Danny Hodge was in St. Louis accepting the award as one of the 15 greatest college wrestlers of all-time, as was. Debut He also serves as chairman of the Oklahoma Professional Boxing Commission, which regulates professional boxing, wrestling and mixed martial arts in Oklahoma. Reality tv stars aren't good enough any more. On March 29, 2005, Danny Hodge was honored by Oklahoma state lawmakers as an 'Oklahoma Sports Hero'. As a collegiate wrestler for the University of Oklahoma, Hodge was undefeated at 46-0, with 36 pins. ?, 1966); NWA (Tri State) United States Tag Team titles w/Scandor Akbar defeating Togo Shikuma & Chati Yokouchi (October ? After two Olympics appearances, Hodge placed 5th in 1952, and won the Silver Medal in 1956, in Melbourne, Australia.

The collegiate wrestler would make his professional wrestling debut in 1959. Hodge became McGuirk's principal headliner, and by 1962, Hodge was making upwards of $80,000 a year. May 13, 1932 (1932-05-13) (age 88) Hodge was a perennial NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion, holding the title eight times for a total of over ten years. As a collegiate wrestler for the University of Oklahoma, Hodge was undefeated at 46-0, with 36 pins. (Hodge is only one of two three-time NCAA Division I champs to have done that, the other being Oklahoma State Earl McCready in 1928-1930.)

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He said his strength was due to having double tendons. (Proceeds to crush apple with his bare hand), Someone was like "hey you're not so tough.". Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Danny Hodge He said his strength was due to having double tendons in his hands. The records are also unclear as to which NWA affiliated promotion or promotions Hodge wrestled for when he won the championship on those two occasions. Trainer

He would become a huge commodity in the National Wrestling Alliance and … He was eliminated on May 2 by William Smith. After a short break they took it outside the courtroom where he crushed a watermelon, a pineapple and an intern's skull before heading back to Oklahoma. I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Most torsion-spring grippers only offer 1 level of resistance, like a typical gym dumbbell. Born in Noble County, Oklahoma Weight Danny Hodge walks away from a car wreck. Savoldi required seventy stitches at a local hospital, while Hodge's father was arrested. September 30, 2006: Danny Hodge was honored in Paris, Arkansas where the city made it “Danny Hodge Day” to celebrate his life.. September 30, 2006–Bill Ash’s Mid-South Wrestling: The Legendary Danny Hodge made a special guest appearance at the show. Ellerby v. Virginia set forth a precedence that all American courts shall include a halftime show. He is the only amateur wrestler to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated as an amateur wrestler. He was a three-time Big Seven conference champ at 177 pounds (1955-1957), and won the 177-pound title at the NCAA championships those same three years, pinning all three of his finals opponents. Close. Danny won the 1958 Chicago Golden Gloves at Heavyweight, then won a Chicago-NY Intercity bout in October, beating Charley Hood. still lives in Perry, Oklahoma.

Why is this happening in court?! He worked as a professional wrestler for eighteen years, and was a 5-time USA Tag Team Champion, with Skandor Akbar, among others. This was one of those gimmick feats of strength things that he was known for because he has such large meat hooks for hands. Judge: I'll allow it, Objection your honor! Danny Hodge is famous for crushing apples with one hand, a feat which he demonstrated live on ESPN during the 2006 NCAA Wrestling Championships.

March 10, 2007–Mid South Wrestling: Among those there as special guests were Danny Hodge and Tom Jones.

October 6, 2007–MSW: The Atomic Dogg (with Danny Hodge) defeated Prince Al Farat (with General Skandor Akbar).. June 14, 2008–Mid-States Wrestling: Stephen E (w/General Skandar Akbar) defeated Jason Jones (w/Danny Hodge).. October 15, 2009: Danny Hodge was inducted into the. It probably helped that Hodge was born with double tendons, possessing unbelievable strength in his hands and forearms.