He wed Lorri Davis in 1999, who had written to him while he was in prison. "But May 5, 1993, wasn't the day. Baldwin was the only one who had remained in school, while the others had dropped out. The case inspired two HBO documentaries, "Paradise Lost: The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills" and "Paradise Lost 2.". They have tried appealing, arguing that they weren't adequately represented in the original trial. Moreover, he rarely attended school. His ex-wife declined to comment. Celebrities and musicians funded campaigns to free the people they claim are innocent. After the teenagers were arrested in connection to the murders, their case went to trial in 1994. It was a rush to find someone who they said did this.". Following2010 decision by Arkansas Supreme Court The West Memphis three reached a plea deal with prosecutors following a 2010 Arkansas Supreme Court ruling concerning newly created DNA evidence and alleged juror abuse. 10 True Crime Audiobooks That'll Make You Cancel Your Weekend Plans. The evidence was presented to the state. Turns Out You Can Stay at Hallmark's 'Chateau Christmas' Too! They were convicted of murdering her son, Stevie Branch, and two other neighborhood boys, Michael Moore and Christopher Byers. Critics of the defense attorneys say there has been too much finger-pointing over the past 16 years.

And other parents pray the men will stay locked up for good. Their love story is quite different than others, as they began dating each without even meeting. "I want someone to put a stop to this," said Terry Hobbs.

Death Row survivor. Comedian Rachael O'Brien Has Another Podcast up Her Sleeve!

Hobbs has adamantly rejected the defense's allegations that he saw his stepson that day. His wife, Melissa, passed away in 1996. The statement from the witnesses contradicted Hobbs' statements to police and in court that he never saw his stepson, Stevie, on the day of the murder. "I'm tired of this stuff. "I think most people will tell you these affidavits are insufficient to justify filing charges against someone else," Walden said about the three new eyewitnesses presented by the defense. The case was the subject of many documentaries and created widespread controversy. Over the years, they became known as the West Memphis Three, and their quest for exoneration would come to an end when they each took an Alford plea deal in 2011. A hunting knife that had a mixture of Byers' blood and that of his adoptive father was also turned in following the filming of the 1996 documentary, Paradise Lost. "They got a hack job for a police investigation. Damien Echols was born in the United States to a poor family who receives frequent visits from social workers. West Memphis Police Department declined to comment. The three do not appear to be in contact with one another. He had been in solitary confinement and hadn’t been touched by anyone in six years. This month, an Arkansas Law Review article stated Echols should be granted a new trial based on the 2007 DNA evidence. The person we are gushing about is none other than Damien Echols. There is no execution date set. Since then the couple began writing more and more and finally the even wrote a book. Damien Echols was just 18 years when he was arrested for murder. An officer said they were told by the state's Attorney General's office not to comment on the West Memphis 3 case. The three were released with 10-year suspended sentences having served 18 years. Misskelley and Baldwin had life sentences. In August of 2011, Misskelley, Baldwin, and Echols entered into an Alford plea, which meant they acknowledged there was enough evidence to convict them but that they could continue to assert their innocence. There was some DNA found on the boys' clothing, which was found near the bodies. At the time he got arrested, Damien was working part-time with a roofing company. 153K likes. Hobbs, 51, who still lives in West Memphis, said the defense is attempting to make him the target because Echols is on death row. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

Pamela Hobbs was divorced from Terry Hobbs in 2004 because of marital problems stemming from the pain that followed her son's death, she said. The State's Attorneys Office and prosecutors won't comment about the defense's claims. Baldwin was sentenced to life in prison, while Echols was given a death sentence. Ceremonial Magician and artist living in Harlem, NYC. Not much is known about Misskelley's life in the years since he was freed. The police believed the murders were cult-like in nature, and they soon zeroed in on three teenagers: Damien Echols, Jessie Misskelley, and Jason Baldwin. It was the first time we were able to touch. The police determined the three were capable of committing murder. After failing to identify any other suspects, the three teenagers were arrested in June of 1993, and they soon got their nickname: the West Memphis Three. Into an offender in the Arizona jail system with similar proclivities to dear old dad. Her public change of heart has been supported by new evidence presented by the defense over the past few years.

Tear-stricken and angry, Pamela Hobbs sat through the original trial of the three accused teens -- Damien Echols, 18; Jessie Misskelley Jr., 17, and Jason Baldwin, 16. After the indicated, the case generated huge controversy and became the subject of several documentaries, along with his two friends, Jessie Misskelley.

The three did not have squeaky clean records either — Misskelley had gotten into several fights as a result of his temper, while the other two had been caught vandalizing and shoplifting. Why didn't the witnesses come forward sooner? Damien Echols has been against the movie since the […] A year after they were released, two of the West Memphis Three are no longer speaking … Some hope for a new trial for the three men, who have languished behind bars for their young adult years behind bars. He confessed after an untaped, three-hour interrogation by police without his parents or an attorney present. Misskelley later recanted his confession.

But by 2005, he began to question the original trial. After the trial, some forensic examiners argued those marks were animal bite marks. ET on Investigation Discovery.

At the time he got arrested, Damien was working part-time with a roofing company. Mark Byers, the father of Christopher, lives in Millington, Tennessee. He said parts of Misskelley's confession did not match up with actual crime.

He believes that it helped others see the lack of evidence tying the then-teenagers to the case. Jason Baldwin, Producer: Devil's Knot. "The worst part about it is the three real victims that deserve justice, the three 8-year-old children have not been given justice," Byers said. But 16 years after the mutilations and killings of three 8-year-old Cub Scouts, including her son, she has more doubts than ever. Todd and Diana Moore, parents of Michael, say the West Memphis 3 are guilty. Authorities discovered the three 8-year-old victims in a West Memphis, Arkansas, ditch. They said punctures and cut marks on the victims were argued to be to be part of a sadistic ritual. ", The murders of the three boys remain etched into the community even years after the trial ended. In today’s topic, we are going to bent a little from our usual stereotype and talk about a person who is best known for being convicted as teenagers in 1994. In 1993, such advanced DNA testing had not been available, attorneys said. Well, Damien tied the knot with his girlfriend Lorri Davis. So far, he might have earned some money before he went to the prism. Once a staunch believer that the teens were guilty, now she says the teens accused of killing her son in the West Memphis 3 deserve a new trial.