Reading Bowie biographies I have the impression that emphasizing and exaggerating his bisexuality was heavily influenced by his relation to Angie. If it was meant as a marketing ploy …it worked so what this says about the USA is anybodys guess. I really am on your side.” At a time when Reagan was in office and AIDS was rearing its head he decided he was going to cash in on his white, male privilege and put a distance between him and his stigmatized fans and by doing that, he basically said, “Okay, I am the dick that you love hating. Armed gang crawled through sewers to rob bank in Milan. What a typical mother's son (I guess I really am impressed by the basic conundrum Bowie faces in the early ’80s – that he’s got multiple cohorts of disciples frantically chasing up every possible hybridization of his back catalogue in both sound and visuals. I’m not aware of any homophobic utterances he made at the time, all he did was distance himself a little from that culture. Photos: Helga Paris, “Pauer” and “Gabi,” from the series “Berlin Youth,” 1982. Bowie has always famously contradicted and bent the truth of his life and thoughts to suit his feelings at the time, his current status and who he’s talking to. The boys are like baby-faced girls This is someone who should have known better; someone who was familiar with gay culture, and by extension with gay issues; someone who shouldn’t have seemed so defensive about the fact that he was attracted to women. Yes, the timing of his ‘renunciation’ was horrendous, and yes, much of his 70s persona (and therefore much of his success) had drawn on sexual ambiguity and a camp gay aesthetic. It’s a mistake, an insult, one of his least noble moments. girls That was just a lie. It's a criminal world, You move like a vampire 1outside 13 Apr 2012. If you, like you seem to, take the original comments with a pinch of salt, the kind of thing would-be pop stars say to attract attention, then it certainly was one of his biggest ever public mistakes. I think I see beneath your mink coat. Bowie merely extended the parameters and emphasized what had previously been underground. I suppose the homophobic point does make some sense if you take his initial ‘coming out’ seriously. This entry was posted on Thursday, November 10th, 2011 at 9:24 am and is filed under Let's Dance: 1983. The song was banned from BBC playlist due to its sexual content, which resulted in the record's commercial failure. A well-written description of his gay thing. The body had to be buried – but it is hard not to blame him for just dumping it in a ditch rather than giving it a nice eulogy.