Costco is a favorite among consumers to pick up a Wavestorm. Continuing reading our Costco Wavestorm surfboard review to learn everything you need to know about this amazing brand! AGIT says this year it will sell more than 100,000 Wavestorm surfboards through Costco, the only retailer that carries them. Square tails maintain your direction well in the wave, too. Still, Smith suggests there may be a silver lining if Wavestorm’s inexpensive boards lure more people into the sport. Unlike just about every other surfboard brand, Wavestorm wasn’t started by a revered “shaper” (board designer) or surfer. 14 Wavestorm 8ft Original New Modern $ 249.99 Wavestorm 7ft Classic Surfboard SOLD OUT. Traditional longboards are made with very hard fiberglass or epoxy resin. Both the Classic and New Model bottom decks are constructed with high density polyethylene which is extremely resistant to scratches, dings and holes. It still has a lot of volume, but is slightly smaller, which will be easier for smaller surfaces to control. The 8’ longboard comes in a striking royal blue with blue fins to match. The internal materials are different, as well. While Costco stocks several Wavestorm products, with some paddleboards costing more than $500, the $100 8-foot board accounts for 90 percent of sales. The don’t however, warrant against user damage. The tail is nice and wide as well. Both Wavestorm 7’ and 8’ boards are the traditional “longboard” shape. After three years on the job, he approached Yeh, the founder of AGIT Global, Boogie Board’s manufacturer, with the idea of starting their own brand of products and selling them through big-box retailers. Wavestorm is a durable, affordable and high quality brand of beginner longboards and soft top shortboards. “We know how to put a sandwich of foam together with different layers and substrates,” Zilinskas says, “so it has adequate flexibility for different functions.”. You’ve been wanting a foam surfboard for a while, and you rush home to do research on what you’ve just seen.

Many surfers bash on the Wavestorm like it’s a washed-up B-list celebrity, associating it with mediocrity — “No matter who you are, when you ride a Wavestorm, you’re a kook,” says big-wave surfer Shawn Dollar — though many cherish the board for its fun-loving, lighthearted spirit. Two Bad Election Scenarios Come Back to Haunt Global Markets, U.S. Stocks, Bonds Rally as Election Bets Retooled: Markets Wrap, China Halts Ant Group’s IPO, Throwing Ma Empire Into Turmoil, Inside the Chaotic Unraveling of Jack Ma’s $35 Billion IPO, Volatility Grips U.S. Stock Futures With Vote Outcome Uncertain. Unlike traditional styles of fiberglass shortboards, a soft top foam swallow tail board is more buoyant and easier to control, while still offering a challenge for progressing surfing skills. But because Wavestorm uses soft foam to make their boards, protective rubber pads on the deck are not really needed. All Wavestorm boards come with soft plastic fins that are easy to install pop throughs. fantastic story about the Wavestorm Classic. The theory that a rising tide will lift all surfboards seems to hold true. As for the real kooks, the Wavestorm is, as you might’ve guessed by the price tag, one of the best introductions to surfing. That's because most surfboards don't come with a leash. “Margins are slim at Costco, but we pump out volume and get paid on time.”, “We don’t want to mess around collecting money from little surf shops and sporting goods stores.