Experiment with DeviantArt’s own digital drawing tools. The creators described him as being a "party animal with a heart of gold". The success of the series reboot will rely heavily on how the creators can work around changes out of their control, such as an updated animation style or the potential absence of Gandhi. However, Gandhi's desire is to be popular and constantly seeks acceptance by those around him. Fox.

Strangely, even though he is a robot, Mr. Butlertron is shown without his mustache in a photograph taken in the 80s in the opening to the show and he also has chest hair and armpit hair as shown when he took off his red cardigan sweater vest. Principal Cinnamon J. Scudworth, Ph.D. is a deluded, self-aggrandizing megalomaniac of a scientist who always wears rubber dish-gloves and is absolutely horrible at being a principal, he is always trying to betray the Secret Board of Shadowy Figures and use the clones for his own convoluted schemes, his favorite being a clone themed amusement park. Though he has the tendency to lie and betray them, he does change his ways afterwards and still remains a loyal and supportive friend to them.

Despite his apparent macho exterior he is very sensitive, emotional and easily offended. He is also very short for his age much to his own dismay (even having to use a booster seat when riding in a car). An example of this is the occasion of Mr B crying when Scudworth sent him to the kitchen. By the time he got there to tell her, Abe discovers to his dismay that Joan has moved on and is in a relationship with JFK. He is arrogant, competitive, lecherous, vain and at times dimwitted. HYPEBEAST® is a registered trademark of Hypebeast Hong Kong Ltd. Gain access to exclusive interviews with industry creatives, think pieces, trend forecasts, guides and more. He also wears a gold earring on his right ear. Miller had to study the speeches of John F. Kennedy in order to perfect the voice and the accent. It is safe to say that Clone High was ahead of its time and that Lord and Miller showed a reverence for the medium that captivated a generation.

Gandhi was making a speech to Abe about how sleep deprivation kept him from enjoying the movie, American Pie but he swiftly ditched the intervention, once he heard said movie was on DVD and that he could make up for lost time. Gandhi is an outcast at school. His favorite movie is American Pie and according to the 2003 MTV website, he is the associate editor of the school newspaper The Tatler in which he reviews movies. He also has a penchant for using dirty jokes and innuendo. Despite being accident-prone, a target of physical harm and losing his best friend Poncey to a freak accident: he does not believe in the Kennedy curse - "Nothing bad ever happens to the Kennedys" and "I'm a Kennedy, I'm not accustomed to tragedy". He often serves as the comic relief and is best friend of Abe and Joan.

Following the cancellation, the series’ main co-creators Phil Lord and Chris Miller went on to steadily prove their place as visionaries in the animated medium. ""G-Spot rocks the G-spot!"

In "Episode Two: Election Blu-Galoo", Gandhi insulted Joan for getting tongue tied with Abe, which was rather hypocritical, as he had just gone skinny dipping in a mote of pirannhas. Throughout season one Abe desperately pursued Cleopatra, his love interest; at first she used him but he had eventually won her love and becomes her boyfriend starting at the end of the episode Sleep of Faith in which she agreed to go out with him after he won a drag race (despite the fact Cleo ditched him to be with JFK), they did not start a real relationship until the episode Plane Crazy. Jewish The defiantly simplistic animation style introduced the duo’s comedic timing that stands at the forefront but never completely overshadows the underlying story.

Gandhi is the clone of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, the Indian activist of the Indian Revolution. It is revealed that he used to be Cleo's foster brother for 10 years until she told her parents that he was hurting her image so he was disowned and later placed in the care of new foster parents, a stereotypical Jewish couple (despite the fact that Gandhi donated his kidney to Cleo when she was in terrible pain, something she seems to ignore). Gandhi is a hyperactive, funny, talkative, immature and rather mischievous teenager who wants to be accepted by those around him. http://twitch.tv/panbugs One of the many songs from the much missed show Clone High.

None This character development carries over to other characters, who build on the theme of the clones failing to live up to their originals, further enhancing the overall relatable “high school” idea of fitting in. This is a list of all the characters that have appeared in the animated American-Canadian science-fiction/situation comedy series Clone High. All of this was explained in "Escape to Beer Mountain: A Rope of Sand". Joan has proven to appeal to the other male characters, notably JFK whom frequently harasses her. Even after Gandhi donated his kidney to Cleo when she was in terrible pain. This was exemplified decently in "Sleep of Faith: La Ru D'Awakening", when Gandhi and Joan held an intervention for Abe, trying to get him to seize his sleep deprivation streak. Despite its inventive premise and strong writing, Clone High was ultimately canceled after just eight episodes on MTV. He is captain of the basketball team because he is the tallest guy at school and on the cross country team though it is clear he lacks athleticism, and he is the president of the anti-drug club.

Barrump!Barrump, Barrump, Barrump!Gandhi has A.D.D., Gandhi has A.D.D.You get it from toilet seats!Use a protective sheet!Attention Deficit Disorder!A.D.D. He and JFK had three episodes in which they interacted, JFK admitted that he liked Gandhi as a friend in the episode Makeover, Makeover, Makeover. Martin Luther King Jr. is seen most prominently in episode 8 where he participates in a conflict mediation exercise with Moses as they pass an egg from one person to another using spoons. She is also an overachiever who frequently covets success in order to fit into her "queen bee" status. He has tall, full brown hair and has a fit and muscular physique. "[1], "Clone High NEW Behind the Scenes Discussion", "Now MTV clones Gandhi, chips away at Mahatma", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=List_of_Clone_High_characters&oldid=985472373#Mahatma_Gandhi, Lists of characters in American television adult animation, Lists of characters in Canadian television animation, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 26 October 2020, at 04:06. All Rights Reserved.

He is the captain of the football team and soccer team. He appears as very healthy even though the real John F. Kennedy suffered a variety of sicknesses from birth (including Addison's disease). In the series finale, Gandhi realizes his feelings for Marie and they begin a platonic relationship. Voiced by Christopher Miller. Religion Gandhi knows about Joan's crush on Abe but never says anything about it to him. The Lego Movie references Clone High by casting Forte as the voice of Lego Abe Lincoln. I know why this show was cancelled and lasted the stereotypical television show season of only 13 episodes. http://twitch.tv/panbugsOne of the many songs from the much missed show Clone High.Featuring Zach Braff as Paul Revere.Did you hear, did you hear?Gandhi has A.D.D.Incurable disease.Did you hear, did you hear?Don't tell Paul Revere!Gandhi is contagious!Totally outrageous!A disease with initials, that's the worst kind.A.D.D. They all wear blue paramilitary uniforms complete with ribbon bars and in the Episode Two they are seen wearing Pumas sneakers.

Abe is usually seen wearing a white T-shirt with a blue collar and blue sleeves, long, baggy cargo jeans and sneakers. He finally decides to kill Scudworth and takes the clones away for experimentation after discovering his video tape of his plot to betray the Secret Board of Shadowy Figures and create "Cloney Island". He plays the school's mascot, DNA Dan. Sell custom creations to people who love your style. The greatest minds of the world have been cloned, and are now attending high … He is very tall, skinny and gangly. He is shown to have very little control over his emotions and is prone to violent outbursts. He is 16 years old. Gandhi's remaining kidney does not appear in any other episode Gandhi's remaining kidney was played by Michael J. : the Last D is for Disorder". The reason for his often-ridiculous behavior and underachieving in academics is because he thinks he cannot live up to the legacy of Mahatma Gandhi. He may be lactose intolerant. The organization consists primarily of aged white male agents. Though intelligent, he is very unaware when it comes to other people's feelings, as he regularly insulted his friend Joan without even realizing it. He is often seen to fall into peer pressure despite his moral values. Clone High was a standout from the late ’90s-early 2000s adult animated programming boom, when networks developed their own late-night animation series following the success of South Park. The cancellation of the series came after outrage in India over Clone High’s Gandhi character, leading to 150 protesters (including members of parliament gathering) in New Delhi and vowing to fast in response to the show’s depiction of him. It's there that she realizes her feelings for JFK and sees more to him than the arrogant jock he usually displays in front of others. At night she sleeps in sexy purple lingerie and is sometimes seen in her cheerleading uniform at school. It is shown that she acts the way she does out of intense insecurity, and because she has an abusive foster mother who openly harbors contempt towards Cleo.

Clone High Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Though for the most part, he has shown amnesty as he gave Scudworth numerous times to redeem himself. Mohandas "Mahatma" Karamchand Gandhi is the tritagonist of Clone High. His eyes are usually half-open but will get bigger whenever he is shocked, angered or upset. He is seen wearing glasses, a long white lab coat, yellow rubber gloves (which he never takes off), underneath his coat are black pants and shoes. He has a bitter rivalry with JFK, mostly involving his attempts to win over Cleopatra and a possible joke to one president being Republican and the other Democrat. Boasting the archetypal Primeknit upper and BOOST midsole. He also is school's mascot DNA Dan and the treasurer for the Solid Gandhi Dancers. Upload stories, poems, character descriptions & more. Cleo as her typical snobby self ignores that. Eventually, Abe realizes her true nature in driving away his friends and sees Cleo for the shallow person she is inside. Though he has a somewhat likable and friendly personality, his outrageous behavior tends to offend and annoy others. He stands very short, is very skinny (almost to the point of looking emaciated) and has dark, swarthy skin. ", a reference to Robert F. Kennedy. She is captain of the cheerleading team and is the Campus Life editor for The Tatler in which she interviews students and guest stars. Joan's appearance consists of a tight black long-sleeved shirt and tight green cargo pants with black boots. Cleo has always been aware that Joan harbors strong feelings for Abe, and will often warn Joan to stay away from him after she and Abe began dating.